7-Imp’s 7 Kicks #6

h1 April 15th, 2007 by Eisha and Jules

It’s time for another installment of 7-Imp’s 7 Kicks . . . For those new to our series, this is where we all stop in every Sunday to report seven (more or less is fine) Good Things that happened to you (or that you read or saw or experienced or . . . well, you get the picture) this week.

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1) Elaine Magliaro’s dedication of an original acrostic poem to me and Eisha. Thanks again, Elaine!

2) MotherReader’s lovely tribute to Kurt Vonnegut.

3) The opportunity to chat with authors and illustrators and editors and other bloggers because of this blog. Eisha and I really enjoyed chatting with Alvina Ling (how multi-faceted is she?) and John Green (who is just so stinkin’ nice) last week, and this week we will feature interviews with author/illustrator Anna Alter (who amazes me) of The Blue Rose Girls and Barbara Kerley of The Dinosaurs of Waterhouse Hawkins and Walt Whitman: Words for America (two very lovely, lovely books out of a handful of great books she’s written). Why can’t these people pass some of their talent over to me? If only it were that simple . . .

4) Just look at that picture. I’m sorry, there’s something so devastatingly cute about a small child signing. My youngest there is signing “wonderful” with a copy of Ashley Bryan’s illustrated What a Wonderful World in her lap. Not only does the library program we attend weekly use this book and play the Louis Armstrong song every week (how great is that? And, I’m sorry, no one should ever cover Satchmo’s version. Just leave that perfect little thing alone, but I digress), but my oldest also has been really interested in learning sign language lately — and, I’ve noticed, tends to utilize it when she’s feeling really shy. Seeing as how I’m fluent in American Sign Language, you’d think I’d have pushed it more, but I never did. My oldest suddenly wants to learn more and more signs, though — without my urging. Anyway, here the youngest is signing “wonderful.” The. cuteness. might. just. kill. me.

5) MO WILLEMS’ NEW BEGINNING READER ELEPHANT AND PIGGIE BOOKS!! — Yes, I’m yelling that in all my enthusiasm for them. I’ve read about them, read reviews of them, but it wasn’t ’til this week that I stumbled upon a copy of My Friend is Sad! at my local library. I sat down right there and read it to my daughters, and my 3-year old and I laughed ’til our sides hurt. And every day that we’ve read it this week, we’ve still laughed. Even though my three-year old can’t quite master the inferencing skills necessary in parts of the book (they are meant for older readers after all), she still hee-haw laughs every time. You can read Fuse’s detailed review of the two Elephant and Piggie books here. After reading her review, I’ll just direct you to that, since she pretty much covers every reason the books work and work oh-so well (not to mention, as she put it, “Comedy. You dissect it and it’s not funny anymore. So I can’t really say how it is that Willems found a way to make stories this straightforward as amusing as they are”). Oh thank you thank you, Mo, for such kickin’ beginning readers.

6) Speaking of John Green, my #6 is Looking for Alaska. Yes, Eisha handled the question and comments about Alaska in our interview with him, ’cause I’m just now reading it. And just exactly how did I live before this book? Wow. Just wow. It’s . . . it’s so important. It’s asking the only important questions we need to ask in life, and I’m NOT EVEN DONE READING IT. Yes, I’m screaming that, too, in all my enthusiasm. Sara mentioned in last week’s 7 Kicks list that she just finished it, too. And then I finished her book, Letters From Rapunzel, this week, too, which I enjoyed and plan to review soon. What a good book week!

7) Really good red wine after a wicked bad migraine (uh, that would have been last night) . . .

Not sure if Eisha’s going to be able to do her list in time. She’s had a fun day away from the computer. But if she doesn’t make it in time, she’ll be sure to add her list at some point in the comments.

Anyway, what are your 7 (more or less) Kicks? Do tell.

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  1. I spent the day working, and while it’s a good book, not my idea of a great Saturday. However, my cats still amused me greatly–little cat feet always makes me think of Carl Sandburg.

    Also on my list was getting to read about Alvina and John Green here, and all the different children’s lit blogs I discovered via A Chair, A Fireplace, and a Teacozy.

  2. Morning Ladies,
    Gosh, I do hate to be first. Let’s just say this was not a good week. While I went into it with positive thoughts, it was rough. Every time I am left to parent alone, I relish the time with my son, but in the midst of it am reminded how incredibly hard single parenting is. I have the utmost respect for the folks who do this. My week did end on a happy note, so I’ll share that. It’s my number 1 (and only) kick this week.
    1. Hubby returned home (finally!) and last night after dinner, I happily baked chocolate chip cookies while watching son and father gleefully dancing around the dining room to Elvis’ greatest hits. There were many of my favorite things, like giggling, belly laughs, a crazy barking dog, and smiles around. It was a GOOD night.

    Have a great week, all. I’m sure mine will be better. And if it isn’t, all I need to do is think about number 1 above.

  3. This week has been made up of the end of a great short break, then lots of hard work. So my list is made up of fairly small stuff. No cute photos of children!

    1. Our landlord finally got our dripping tap fixed (it needed the mains to our whole apartment complex turned off, which is why we didn’t do it!). Such a small thing that makes a difference every day!
    2. I bought some yummy cheese and crusty bread to take to my mum’s house for lunch today
    3. John Green wrote a long and thoughtful reply to a question on my blog!
    4. I think I’ve pulled together a conclusion for my thesis that makes sense and adequately represents the three years of work!
    5. I went out to lunch with past work colleagues and had a great time
    6. I learnt how to make a livejournal feed for blogs – a very simple process that I wasn’t aware of until Liz explained it!
    7. Because I was away over Easter I made a hypothetical happiness list before I went away for last Sunday. And nearly all of it came true! Some of it happened during this week, which is why it snuck its way onto this list. Not because I am lazy and couldn’t think up a seventh item…

  4. Sorry about your bad week, Tricia. How old is your son? He looks like a preschooler in your pic. That’s hard. I always say (though I lifted it from my friend): Early motherhood is a lot like boot camp. I love my girls with the burning intensity of 8,000 suns and am always-grateful, but I look forward to the day when I can drop whatever I’m doing again whenever I want to and, say, sit down and read or take a bubble bath or whatever — and no one will scream “MOMMY, COME BACK!!!!” if I do (except for my husband, who can just wait. Buh-dam-ching).

    Hope this week is better for you, Tricia.

    Stacy, I love that poem.

    Emma, dude, that’s great thesis news. What’s your topic?

  5. 1. The dog didn’t wake me up at 4:00 this morning.
    2. I still have some Easter candy left in my basket.
    3. Meeting Franki at Cover to Cover and buying kids’ books — enthusiasm loves company!
    4. Homemade orange-peel beef.
    5. We are going to plant a redbud — my favorite spring tree — if it ever warms up enough.
    6. Student 2 wants to borrow my copy of A TRUE AND FAITHFUL NARRATIVE based on the recommendations of Student 1 (and yes, she’s read AT THE SIGN OF THE STAR). Sigh…the joys of the end of 5th grade.
    7. Only 7 more Mondays left in the school year — YAY! (this is bittersweet…see #6 above)

  6. Good Morning,
    1. I had a poem dedicated to me by Elaine Magliaro. Thanks, Elaine.
    2. Fourteen days, fourteen poems (well, I had to write two yesterday).
    3. Laini Taylor came to lunch with some of my fourth and fifth graders to talk about Blackbringer.
    4. Took my friend’s daughter (who’s like a niece) to an orientation event at the college she will attend next fall.
    5. Saw “The Mikado” at the college my friend’s daughter andtwo of my former students. Great fun.
    6. Went to Powells bookstore.
    7. The weather wass much nicer than predicted.

  7. Hey Eisha and Jules:

    Here’s my list:

    1 – The fourth “Doctor Who” story (which I wrote in the space of the entire Easter weekend) is now completely typed up and just requires final proofing and editing before I can unleash on the unsuspecting world.

    2 – I posted the third Who story on my Who fiction Blog today – more than a week after I finished writing it, but then writing the fourth one came first !

    3 – “Doctor Who: The Shakespeare Code” (aired last weekend watched on Tuesday and on Wednesday) was FANTASTIC ! Badaboomba !

    4 – This week I got yet another out-of-the-blue email asking me to read and review a new book.

    5 – “Classic Who” goodies coming my way – for free (two short story anthologies and a 30th Anniversary documentary DVD) given away by an acquaintance…

    6 – I picked up three newest-in-a-series books from the library yesterday: “Nightrise” by Anthony Horowitz, “Mines of the Minoraur” by Julia Golding and “Troll Blood” by Katherine Langrish.

    7 – A young YA author whose book I reviewed yesterday dropped a comment on my Blog today to thank me for the review.

    8 – (Being greedy, sorry gals!) I just watched my Xmas present DVD of “Casanova” (featuring the delicious David Tennant) – it’s even funnier than I remembered from watching the library copy last year…

    Have a great week everyone !

  8. Jules, the signing child pic is SO CUTE!!! I love that you’re teaching your girls that. Not only is it great to increase communication with the deaf community, but it will totally help them in junior high and high school when they need to sign to their friends across the room without any boys knowing what they’re talking about.

    Emma, I like your idea of making up a “hypothetical happiness list” and then finding out a lot of the items came true. I think I’m going to secretly do that.

    My short list this week:

    1. Decided to read A LOT this week, and finished three books. That felt so good!

    2. Saw the movie Amazing Grace yesterday. Have any of you seen that? So inspiring! About the Englishman who spearheaded the movement to get England out of the slave-trading business. It took almost 20 years and a good chunk of his health, but he finally did it. And before the Americans figured out we should do the same.

    3. I’ve purposely not watched Grey’s Anatomy this season because I get so addicted to it, but the other night there was a one-hour special recapping some of the highlights, and I watched and fell in love all over again. So I think I should stop being so mean to myself, and go back to enjoying that hour of romance and comedy every week. Don’t you think?

    4. Speaking of addictions, Lost was finally back to its great writing. What a relief. I depend on that show to teach me how to tell a riveting story. When it’s good, it’s great, but lately there have been so many stinker episodes I’d lost a little faith. But all is well now.

    There are more, but I think I’ll stick with four (that rhymes!)

    Happy Sunday, everybody. Let’s all have a lovely week!

  9. Mary Lee, you all get out early, it seems. Woo hoo! What will you do with your freedom (besides miss your students)?

    MsMac, I loved your Poetry Friday entry for yesterday, too.

    Michele, 8 items is okay. It’s always 7 more-or-less Kicks. Your lists are always fun to read.

    Hi, Robin (who had all kinds of great discussions goin’ on over at her blog this week). I thought Lost redeemed itself this week, too. Creepy ending, what with Juliet’s look and tightening that rope, which brought to mind a, gulp, noose.

  10. Robin, I wanted to see Amazing Grace, but I am SO broke again this month, I’ll miss it and have to wait for the DVD. I’ve heard it’s a fantastic film…

    Jules, you’re very forgiving, since I always seem to be wittering on about “Doctor Who” ! ;-D (I just find it totally inspiring on so many levels, what can I say ?!) ‘Fraid I’ve never caught up with “Lost” though !

  11. jules, you can drink after a migrane? i’m lucky if i can hold down water the next day. onward.

    1. finally, a pleasent dental exam with a 3rd year student at the clinic i found last week. i may not like having to deal with my teeth, but i’m not afraid of letting pre- and post-doc students work on my mouth with state-of-the-art equipment. they’re so perkey and they really are nice.

    2. pasta. gave it up for lent and finally got around to making a chunky vegetable sauce to go with. yum.

    3. namechecked by fuse#8. i was almost certain (irrationally so) she hated me for some unknown reason. yeah, i’m insecure, wanna make something of it?

    4. finally got around to doing my taxes. some of that federal return is going to help pay for a trip to eruope this summer, the much-long-delayed honeymoon trip.

    5. found some old halloween poems i thought i’d lost. turns out some of them actually are pretty good. inspired to do something with them.

    6. the brain of the ipod. how does it know to when to play the perfect song when it’s on shuffle? i think they put in some kind of software that knows how to match up songs and make smooth trasnitions. don’t care, it rocked this week.

    7. my girls. each of them came to me with separate emotional issues that took a lot of courage for them to address and met them head on with a minimum of stress. i wished i could have been that open and communicative with my parents at their age. i hope we can keep it up through the teen years.

  12. 1. the Power of reading – one is never alone when there’s a world of books out there. Look at Ada, she is independent, she can “read” and sign the book to herself.

    2. the Power of ASL, understanding what’s said

    3. the Power of art — visuals, creating, relishing, writing, reading, acting, enjoying

    4. the Power of 007 – the new version of Casino Royale last night was fun to watch

    5. the Power of food and company – to nourish. Ate at King Tut’s last night. Mo always knows what to serve us.

    6. the Power of IRS, so there’ll be no number 7 as gotta run and do some figguring on the ‘puter.

  13. Uh, David, I have two girls. I’ll take any and all free, unsolicited advice on raising them, esp. when it comes to emotional issues (they’re 18 mos. and 3 yrs., so “emotional issues” right now are along the lines of “SHE TOOK MY TOY, EVEN WHEN I HADN’T NOTICED IT EXISTED AND DON’T EVEN REALLY WANT TO PLAY WITH IT BUT I’M GOING TO SCREAM ABOUT IT ANYWAY.” Aggle flaggle klabble, as Trixie would say. My three-year old has perfected the art of “going boneless,” speaking of that book.

    Ooh, Europe. Where ya going?

    Betty, I miss King Tuts! Yum. Good luck with your taxes. We got ours in last minute, too.

  14. Jules, glad that the migraine let you out of it’s grip. I had a garden-variety headache yesterday, and also had some red wine late in the day as it eased up (but in my case, I think that the wine triggered a relapse, sadly). Anyway, on to good things:

    1. I met the one-month old son of close friends. This was an achievement because they live 3000 miles away, but seeing him (and his parents) was well worth the trip!

    2. Continuing my travels with a business trip to Dallas, I took Thursday afternoon off and went to two bookstores, and for a nice walk on a sunny day. I scored seven books total (which was about all I could possibly fit in my luggage).

    3. In my bookstore wanderings I scored an ARC of Dana Reinhardt’s Harmless, and read it on the plane. (I know that there’s an issue with whether or not ARCs should be sold, and I did mull it over, but I figured better it should be bought by me, who will review it, than someone who wouldn’t review it. Perhaps I’m rationalizing because I WANTED it).

    4. I read 6 very different books during the course of the week, thanks to much airport/airplane time (The Road, The Dark Dreamweaver, Total Constant Order, Harmless, Godless, and Maximum Ride: School’s Out Forever). Reviews forthcoming, when I get a bit more caught up.

    5. I came home to find a lovely signed copy of The Fetch of Mardy Watt, inscribed to me by Charles Butler (and with thanks to Michele from Scholar’s Blog).

    6. There was also a copy of Mama’s Sari, by Pooja Makhijani.

    7. A new issue of The Edge of the Forest was published this week. Excellent stuff, especially the article about the Cybils.

  15. Hi Jules and Eisha, and all others above and below!

    I’ve been looking forward to doing this list for a few days now. What fun!

    1. I posted a new poem today. My poetry is like ketchup — either it sticks in the bottle for a long long time and annoys me while my fries get cold, or it flows fast and easy. Today was easy.

    2. I got a surprise phone call from an old friend on Friday. Who also sent me a surprise card a few weeks ago that I forgot to include in this list then. It’s so nice to hear from people out of the blue like that.

    3. My company hired a new guy to be my boss, and I like him a lot — only 5 weeks till he joins. (I’ve been without a boss since New Year’s, and it’s gotten old.)

    4. New sheets and a memory-foam pad added to the bed. Sleep should be wonderful tonight.

    5. Got my closet cleaned out, laundry done, bed made and bedroom generally picked up. So refreshing not to have to climb over things to get to bed.

    6. Got a lot of personal compliments this past week at work — people telling me how much they enjoy working with me for one reason or another. This was really gratifying.

    7. I found my new dining room set yesterday, though I haven’t bought it yet. It was a very good find, and long long overdue.

    Thanks for keeping this going! Have a great week all!

  16. Love those little ladies, Jules!

    Let’s see…

    1. Jules and Jone thought having one of my original poems dedicated to each of them was a 7-Imp’s 7 Kicks highlight of the week! Wow, I feel honored!

    2. I’ve posted 15 original poems at Wild Rose Reader so far. Whew! (I hope I have 15 more to post before the end of April.)

    3. Writing new poems and tweaking old ones to post at Wild Rose Reader during National Poetry Month has gotten my creative juices flowing again.

    4. My library/office is now exactly the way I want it…after many, many months.

    5. Despite the forecast of a big Nor’easter, Janet Wong drove up from New Jersey. She and her husband came to my house for Sunday brunch. We had a great time–along with my husband, my daughter, and my eldest niece. I was too busy enjoying myself to take any “foodie” pictures.

    6. I have nearly finished working on my interview with one of my favorite poets and will post it this week. Want to guess which poet I interviewed?(Not Janet–I already interviewed her for Blue Rose Girls.)

    7. I am really enjoying having a solo blog. Thanks to Grace Lin and Susan Thomsen for encouraging me to do it.

  17. Hey, y’all. Sorry I wasn’t in on the original post, but we’ve been entertaining an out-of-town guest this weekend. Anyhoo, nice to see so many lovely things happening to so many lovely people. Here’s mine:

    1* That pic of Miriam and Ada. LOVE IT!

    2* I second Jules’s thanks to Elaine. That was a lovely poem, and a very sweet thing to do.

    3* I also second Jules’s appreciation of MotherReader’s Vonnegut tribute, and would also like to mention how lovely David Elzey’s was. Go see it if you haven’t already.

    4* I’ve been reading Endymion Spring, and I dig it.

    5* My husband is designing the set for a play about a presidential election campaign, and for visual research he’s (we’ve) been watching a lot of West Wing on DVD. I hadn’t realized how much I’ve missed that show. (So, yes, Robin, by all means, do not deny yourself the pleasures of Grey’s Anatomy if it makes you happy. There’s no harm in that.)

    6* We took our guest to my favorite Thai restaurant last night.

    7* And we took him to my favorite funky diner for brunch this morning.

    Thanks again, all, for sharing your lists! I do look forward to this every week…

  18. Emmaco, I also learned how to make an LJ feed for blogs. It was a triumphal moment. 🙂

  19. Whew. I’m getting a grip after the Rock ‘n Roll party has finished up a mere hour ago. It takes spots 1-4

    1. Successfully planned and executed one 8yr old Rock ‘n Roll birthday party, complete with Guitar Hero, Dance Dance Revolution, CD suncatchers, Rockin In/Rockin Out door hangers, and a make-up session.

    2. Advil before the party. Wine, oh sweet wine, after the party. My recipe for all kid group events.

    3. The last two kids couldn’t make it to the party (boo) meaning I didn’t have to hunt down more inflatable guitars (yeah!).

    4. The simple masterpiece of a cake featuring Peeps with paper electric guitars.

    5. The 7-imp John Green post. i think i like like him.

    6. Getting back to work and getting back online has my energy back. My house is still a mess, but I’ve got my grove on. Really, which is more important?

    7. Some good books read, a dinner date planned, and a special MotherReader announcement coming up soon, soon, soon. I’ll give you 48 chances to guess…

  20. Holy moly. I get back from a long day on the road, and I’m #6 on Jules’ list! Not only that, but my book cover is TOUCHING Looking For Alaska.

    Oh yeah, that is big and bad enough to be my whole kick-ass list right there…

  21. I will try to think of 7!

    1. Reading Brotherhood 2.0 for the first time and getting addicted.
    2. Having coffe and good conversation with a friend on Tuesday morning.
    3. Making Post Secret trading cards with my teens at the library.
    4. Singing my heart out tonight at the teen worship band.
    5. Painting my toenails candy egg pink.
    6. Getting three responses to an ad I placed in Craig’s List when I expected none.
    7. Meeting a new friend in Second Life.

  22. Jen – I’m SO glad you got the book ! I hope you enjoy it!!

    Eisha – Endymion Spring’s fascinating from my point of view, because I’ve actually been down in the bookstcks of the Bodleian Library where some of the action takes place… Oh yes ! I am one of the privileged few (they don’t take just anybody down there, you know!) – and they let me back out again – bonus !

  23. Michele – I’m seething with jealousy. Some day I’m coming across the pond and you’re going to show me around the Bodleian. Deal?

    MotherReader – aren’t you afraid Mo will get jealous if he reads this? And congrats on what sounds like the most amazing 8-year-old party ever!

    Everyone else, love these lists. Thanks!

  24. Hey, Jules! I’ll play along:

    1. I’m reading A Girl Named Zippy, and it does make me smile and laugh out loud. You were right!
    2. I attended a really beautiful Quaker wedding ceremony yesterday, which was a celebration of love and long marriages. The bride and groom were adorably in love with each other.
    3. Said wedding was on the veranda of the National Wildlife Museum, overlooking the Elk Refuge. The view was gorgeous, and the predicted rains never came.
    4. I had some of the best stinkin’ blue cheese ever at the reception. Yay, stinky cheese & wine!
    5. BLADES OF GLORY. We laughed until we cried.
    6. We filed our income taxes before the deadline! (We’re normally not this late – moving put us behind.)
    7. I get a daily kick from the mountain views that surround us. It’s truly breathtaking!
    Can I have a runner-up? It would have to be Amy Winehouse’s CD…I’m obsessed with it right now. Highly recommened!

  25. TRACY!!! Wyoming? I’ve heard that you all moved. But I have no idea what took you there. Ahem, I guess this is a conversation we should have via email. Hee hee. I’ll email you!

    Hey, Eisha mentioned Amy Winehouse’s CD here last week. Whaddya know? And I trust both your musical tastes, so I might just have to take a listen.

    I WANNA SEE “BLADES OF GLORY” . . . wah! Movie-going is so hard with young ones; it’s true. But I’m hoping that for my birthday it will still be playing and that Blaine and I can see it sans kids after eating out at AMERIGO’S (YUM)….yes, I have this all planned out. Sweet bastard, Will Ferrell is so funny.

    Okay, so I’m going to go email you and find out why you moved so far away. “Love you, miss you, proud of you” (just where did that orginate anyway?).

    jules (p.s. I second the stinky-cheese and wine cheer)

  26. Jules, I just realised I never replied (I am writing this week’s list which reminded me)! It’s an environmental economics topic looking at better ways to fund natural resource management on private land. I love it but it is SO time to finish.

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