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h1 May 3rd, 2007 by Eisha and Jules

Eisha is actually on her way to Tennessee to meet her brand-spankin’-new punkin head nephew, Miles, and will be making a visit to the Danielson household (that’s me) as well (woo hoo!), but I’m still speaking for the both of us here in this short note about blogger interviews.

We have had a lot of fun chatting with The Blue Rose Girls, and we’re still not done (did you see our interviews with Elaine, Alvina, Anna, Meghan, and Linda?). We’re excited to be bringing you an interview with Grace Lin this coming Monday, and two weeks after that, we’ll feature author Libby Koponen. I think we’ll be sad to say goodbye to our Blue Rose Girls series, but we’re glad they graced our site with interviews and we’ve enjoyed them all.

Two quick notes, then, about the blogger interviews: Since there will be a one-week lapse between Grace’s and Libby’s interviews, we will take a temporary break from the savagely smart Blue Rose Girls to bring you the savagely smart Colleen Mondor from Chasing Ray. She’s agreed to be highlighted in our ongoing blogger interview series, and we’re looking forward to her telling us all about the upcoming Summer Blog Blast Tour, a week-long series of interviews with YA authors and at multiple blogs. It’s gonna be swell, I tell ya.

Second quick note: When we interview bloggers such as The Blue Rose Girls who not only blog but also write and/or illustrate books, we always tack on a few extra questions about their work as authors and illustrators. We’re kicking ourselves that we didn’t ask Blue Rose blogger Alvina Ling more about her work as an editor, which is just as important as authoring and illustrating, of course (we had simply gotten into the habit of doing that for authors and illustrators only, and we weren’t thinking). Mitali Perkins also made a great comment at Alvina’s interview, stating that she, for one, would love to see a full list of books edited by Alvina. That would be the precise moment we smacked ourselves on our collective head and thought the same thing, as well as wondered why we didn’t tack on some extra questions for her. Shame on us. So, I have since that time asked Alvina if she actually could produce such a list, and she said she’d be happy to in the near future (she’s got quite a bit on her plate right now). Thanks, Alvina. We look forward to that.

And, as for extra questions for Alvina (she also said she’d be happy to do follow-up questions), what are some things you’d like to know about the work of editors — or, specifically, her work as an editor? Eisha and I can compose questions, but we thought we’d bounce it off you all, too. Perhaps in the near future, we can have a follow-up interview of sorts with the talented Ms. Ling . . . If you have any general editor and/or specific Alvina questions, drop them in the comment box. Cheers!

2 comments to “A Note about Blogger Interviews”

  1. Hey! If I ever become famous enough for a 7Imp interview, let me assure you that I will have a whole list of favorite creative curse-words and expletives. No modesty for me (even though my daemon keeps turning into a mouse).


  2. Oh I assure you that you’re on our list. So many people we want to talk to that we might finish the series by 2030. If we’re lucky.

    I’m still waiting for some really creative curses. Truly, not trying to be irritatingly provocative; I just appreciate a good one. My husband’s got some zingers that make me laugh. Folks, thus far, have been pretty traditional, but they’re all fun to read.

    And I’m still waiting for someone to say their favorite curse word is “*$#&^$%#!!” (Ruth White’s way to have one of her characters curse in her most recent novel — nothing new, of course, but it struck me as funny, the thought of someone responding to the Pivot question that way).

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