7-Imp’s 7 Kicks #11

h1 May 20th, 2007 by Eisha and Jules

It’s time for another installment of 7-Imp’s 7 Kicks . . . For those new to our series, this is where we all stop in every Sunday to report seven (more or less is fine) Good Things that happened to you (or that you read or saw or experienced or . . . well, you get the picture) this week. Absolutely anyone is welcome to contribute.

* * * * * * * eisha’s list * * * * * * *

Whew! It’s been a crazy busy weekend, and it’s still going on, so let me just give you the highlights.

1*  Friday night I saw an excellent event sponsored by my fave independent bookstore: Daniel Handler in conversation with Gregory Maguire. The idea was that they would talk about DH’s most recent adult novel, Daniel HandlerGregory MaguireAdverbs. But of course, when you have two guys that funny and smart and literate up on a stage… well, they talked about Adverbs, and about how tall Meryl Streep really is, and about the drinking game DH made up based on Leonard Maltin’s Movie Guide… Dudes. It was hilarious.

2*  And while they were signing books afterwards, we were treated to a performance by a really good local band, Chop! Chop! I’d never heard them before, but I enjoyed it a lot – I was sad there weren’t any CDs to buy. I thought it was an excellent idea to provide entertainment while we stood around in line. Hey, book signing event organizers, take note!

3*  And I attended the event in the company of two lovely friends, Jamie and Sarah.

4*  Saturday morning was my graduation ceremony. My friend Alison and I were moaning about it Friday night (we had to be there at 8:45 a.m., people – for no good reason since it didn’t start until 10:00. We just stood around, herded like cattle into our little degree groups, for 75 minutes.) and trying to remember why we had decided to go in the first place. But it was actually good to see everyone one last time, especially since I’ll be moving soon. And I got another black cardboard square hat to add to my collection. You can’t have too many.

5*  My husband came in from Barrington Stage Co., where he’s been designing his most recent show, just to watch me walk across the stage in said black cardboard hat. It was terribly sweet of him, especially right now when he’s so busy.

Lissy6*  After the ceremony, I went to Grace Lin’s birthday party, which was utterly sublime. It was at a very cute craft store/studio, and there were yummy cupcakes that Grace and Alvina made themselves. And I finally met, in person, all the other Blue Rose Girls, who were all wearing fetching blue tissue paper roses. I also met Vivian (a.k.a. HipWriterMama), and Leo Landry, and Lolly Robinson and Kitty Flynn of the Horn Book (they made a point of telling me “You Rock!” when we were introduced – ha, ha), and Grace’s sister Kiki (and learned how to pronounce her name, and Lissy’s – it’s not how it looks)… There were raffle prizes, with ticket sales benefitting Robert’s Snow. It was a very lovely event, and very moving too, because of Grace and Robert’s recent news. Everyone keep Robert in your thoughts…

7*  And now (it’s Sat. afternoon as I’m writing) the husband and I are about to drive back to BSC to see his show. If it’s Kick-worthy, I’ll tell you about it next Sunday.

* * * * * * * Jules’ list * * * * * * *

That’s a tough act to follow. Besides, my week — though good — wasn’t half as eventful. I’m going to say: Happy graduation to Eisha; happy belated birthday, Grace Lin; and here’s hoping for really great news for Grace’s Robert. And, instead of a list of seven things, I’m going to include the entirety of the E.E. Cummings poem from which I shared an excerpt this past Poetry Friday. It’s a fabulous poem, has always been one of my favorites, and the second verse is perfect, not to mention it includes a Sunday in it. If someone nabs me for copyright infringement for including the whole poem, someone promise to visit me in the big house.

may my heart always be open to little
birds who are the secrets of living
whatever they sing is better than to know
and if men should not hear them men are old

may my mind stroll about hungry
and fearless and thirsty and supple
and even if it’s sunday may i be wrong
for whenever men are right they are not young

and may myself do nothing usefully
and love yourself so more than truly
there’s never been quite such a fool who could fail
pulling all the sky over him with one smile

{from Collected Poems, 1938}

29 comments to “7-Imp’s 7 Kicks #11”

  1. I should really be in bed, asleep. But I’m not. Hah! I love E.E. Cummings. But then, you knew that.

    Seven good things:
    1) Trillium plants
    2) Triangular 41 cent stamps
    3) Mom and aunt bought their plane tickets to Seattle
    4) Ten pounds of rhubarb
    5) I helped a friend dig dandelions today
    6) Gluten-free French toast
    7) I restrung my guitar and now it sounds shiny again!

  2. You’ve managed to fit a lot of fun stuff into a short time, Eisha! I’m also an e. e. cummings fan, so thanks for the poem, Jules.

    I had to go google trillium plants, Alkelda – they sounded like a science fiction plant to me (maybe I was thinking of triffids). But they’re very pretty!

    My list from this hectic week:

    1. I went to a concert Friday night, which was different for me but great fun! It was Missy Higgins, who is a talented young Aussie songwriter/singer who also accompanies herself on guitar and piano. She and her backup musicians were great performers.
    2. And adding to the fun was the fact that, although it was a standing concert, we managed to get a bench and drag it over to the edge of a balcony, thus giving us comfort and a great view!
    3. Our preparations for moving out of our current home within a couple of months (hopefully to go to the UK soon after) are underway. This is scary but also exciting!
    4. We did some important paperwork stuff this week.
    5. I realised that if I’m getting paid by work they probably wouldn’t mind seeing me decently dressed occasionally and bought a very cute dress on the weekend.
    6. We’re having frozen margaritas tonight. Sometimes you just decide you deserve a frozen margarita. And they have lemon juice in them, which makes them healthy, right?
    7. My close friend came down to visit and we spent the afternoon at a local winery, lazing around on the lawn with a fruit and cheese platter. Very relaxing. And even better was the news she’s considering moving to Ireland next year, which would mean we aren’t so far apart!

    Have a great week, everyone!

  3. “…may my mind stroll about hungry…” I think the 7-Imps lists encourage this, don’t you all agree??

    What my hungry mind found this week:

    1. Lloyd Alexander. Not his death, but the discovery that so many readers loved him and his work as passionately as I do. He’s the reason I believed, that I, a true Assistant Pig-Keeper, could follow my dreams.

    2. The pink “Crew Mom” t-shirt my son brought back for me from the Stotesbury Regatta. He got to run up the “Rocky steps” while he was in Philly!

    3. Weekend away with my husband at a B&B in Pennsylvania. There was much escargot, wine, kissing al fresco, and sleeping in. I’d tell you more, but you’ll just have to be married for 23 years and find out for yourself.

    4. A girls’ book group at a Michigan library chose my book to be their July discussion topic.

    5. I received a lovely letter from a friend, thanking me for a birthday gift.

    6. An interview about my experience as a “First Time Author” appeared in the SCBWI Carolinas newsletter. http://www.scbwicarolinas.org/newsletter/PenPaletteSpring07.pdf

    7. My niece’s CAT scan came back clean. And she gets to go to Paul Newman’s Hole in the Wall Gang camp this summer!

  4. Congrats on graduating, Eisha. and the degree is is in…may I ask? Jules, I love that e.e.cummings poem. I am adding to my poetry collection. Frozen magaritas might be healthy. And how great that your niece’s cat scan came back clean, Sara.
    My list:
    1. Three students bought and gave me books for the library this week, just because.
    2. Two studnets said they were organizing a garage sale to buy books and items for PE.
    3.I started the week in a funk but my granddaughters probided love medicine and the week ended in great fashion.
    4. I ate a dark chocoalate truffle while watching the season fnale of Grey’s Anatomy. The chocolate is from the box I won from Robin Brande.
    5. I think the school play I am directing is finally coming together. They perform on Tuesday.
    6. My niece is visiting me this summerin July.
    7. Being on the trampoline last night with my granddaughters, holding her, and letting others bounce us. Then I got to jump on the trampoline. Too much fun and a work out!

  5. Jules, that’s one of my fave E.E. poems, too! Well-chosen. And thanks for the congrats, to you and everyone.

    Akelda – triangular stamps??? I haven’t seen these…

    Emmaco – I like your new dress reasoning. Very sound. And I agree about moving – scary AND exciting. Are you moving TO the U.K., or just visiting after your move?

    Sara – I’m so glad about your niece. And yes, thanks for bringing up my buddy Lloyd. The Prydain Chronicles were one of my first and truest literary loves. R.I.P.

    Jone – you certainly may ask. I received a M.S. in Library and Information Science. So now I’m a Library Scientist?

    And I need to make a correction – I didn’t meet ALL of the Blue Rose Girls, because Meghan wasn’t there. But 6 out of 7 isn’t bad…

  6. Eisha: Whenever I see “BSC, I think of The Baby-Sitters Club. 🙂 I’m glad that you had such a good week, and that you and the BRG had a Mutual Admiration Society. Rock on.

    Jules: I will visit you!

    Various people I’m acquainted with suffered this week in different ways, so I was and still am sad and worried for them. However, 7 Kicks celebrates good things, so let’s be positive:

    1) She’s alive. She’s awake. She’s getting medical attention.

    2) I got three more fillings yesterday, including the reparation of a broken tooth.

    3) I completed work on Kristen Tracy’s website, and it is now live and online.

    4) I am working on some new author websites.

    5) I have people coming to me for interviews.

    6) I have hooked someone on Brotherhood 2.0, and she has hooked her friends, and so on and so on. Now I wait until she comes into the store to watch the newest Brotherhood 2.0 entry.

    7) My friend’s newest book is now available!

  7. Alkelda, I am also loving the new triangular stamps. I also got a book of the new forever stamps, but I would like them so much better if instead of “forever,” they said, “4-evah.” Maybe that will be the next issue. And, remember: Friday’s the day for the new Star Wars stamps — joy! 🙂

    Eisha, Congrats! And a party!

    Jules, Excellent poem!

    My life feels so good today that I can’t make it into a list of seven, probably because it’s all variations on my friends have been taking good care of me and my book is almost done. These things are just so extraordinarily good.

  8. Little Willow, I always use BSC for the Baby-Sitters Club at work, and for Barrington at home, and until you pointed it out I had not noticed it’s the same acronym. Der! Well done with the Brotherhood 2.0 evangelism, and I hope your teeth are healing nicely.

  9. I am glad to be done with the dentistry – for now. More to come.

    Go read a BSC book while at the BSC and see what happens when you are BSC^2!

  10. Hey everyone, Happy Sunday !

    You know, my mind is *always* strolling about hungry, despite the fact that I keep feeding it ! I swear there’s alligators in there ! ;D

    My Kicks:

    1 – Reading Percy Jackson and the Titan’s Curse was good fun !

    2 – Receiving a loaned copy of Catherine Fisher’s Incarceron was nice; but receiving a signed, advanced copy of Linda Buckley-Archer’s The Tar Man was even better – and it’s a good story, even better than the first one (I didn’t think that’d be possible, glad Linda’s proving me wrong!).

    3 – I’m interviewing Linda for next month’s The Edge and having a whale of time coming up with questions !

    4 – Fellow Whovians continue to astonish me with their amazing generosity. Someone saw my ravings about the Eighth Doctor following my viewing of “The Doctor Who Movie” last weekend and has promised to send me some of his audio adventures. (I don’t do audiobooks as a rule as I tend to tune them out, but I’ve been told they’re in 20 minute episodes, so I’m going to SIT down and LISTEN – even I can manage to sit still and listen attentively for 20 minutes, surely ?!)

    5 – I finally picked up a copy of Julia Golding’s The Den of Thieves yesterday so I’m looking forward to reading that some time very soon.

    6 – I heard back from one of my Doctor Who fiction readers who was completely gob-smacked by the surprising ending of the fifth story and mentioned it contained much pathos… (Cue much blushing relief that she didn’t say it contained much bathos !)

    7 – I had a niggling headache for three days at the start of the week and it was so bad I missed going to the “Write Fantastic” event on Tuesday night that I’d been so looking forward to attending – but the headache didn’t turn into a migraine as I feared it might, which is definitely Kick-worthy as they last longer and make me feel even sicker than a regular headache !

    Jules, if you get banged up, I’ll definitely come and visit you – but it may take me a little while to paddle my raft across the ocean blue ! ;D

  11. Hi Ladies!
    I bet you didn’t think you’d hear from me, but how could I not share 7 great things with you this week?! It’s 11 pm here, so I’m just getting in under the wire.
    1. Great little send off at work from my colleagues with lots of small and thoughtful items for me to take on my trip.
    2. Wonderful goodbye hugs (many of them) from my son as I boarded the shuttle for the airport. There were only tears from Mommy. He waved and smiled and was thrilled to be seeing me off. (Hmmmm… now that I think about it, I’m not sure that’s a good thing!)
    3. Long flight to the east made bearable by a rereading of Pride and Prejudice, watching The Painted Veil on the teeny tiny movie screen, colleagues for company and an aisle seat.
    4. Safe arrival in Taipei, a comfortable bed and terrific roommate.
    5. Time in Taipei chock full of great lectures, food, and sights.
    6. Bonding with a group of colleagues I never would have known this well. They are all funny, smart, entertaining and fun!
    7. Using Skype to call home for only 3¢ a minute! Boy was it great to hear the voices of my both my boys.
    I hope you are all well.

  12. Can I make it 7 this week?

    1. My eldest did great in her play this weekend, an adaptation of 12th Night that is cute if far from reverent.

    2. Managed to find coverage at work this week so I can attend my wife’s graduation because…

    3. My wife handed in her last exam on Friday and is walking through her ceremony this coming week.

    4. Rain. It came pretty wild on Wednesday and I enjoy a good bout of rain. I am predicting my love of rain will be tested as I suspect this is the year New England gets hit with a hurricane.

    5. I made the World’s Best Omlettes this morning,

    6. And killer black bean soup on the rainy day.

    7. Uh… something that I think is personally AWESOME but might be out of place here.

    I can’t believe it’s almost June!

  13. Hi, everybody (for fun, say that like Dr. Nick Riviera on The Simpsons) . . . (I might get sent to the big house twice for just taking that Simpsons image. Ah well, I take my chances) . . .

    Alkelda, TEN POUNDS of rhubarb? My, I’m impressed. When our sunflowers start blooming, I’m totally going to take a picture for you.

    Emmaco, your comment about getting important paperwork done (congrats, by the way) reminded me of a Kick from this week for me: My husband and I paid off a HUGE chunk of our one credit card bill. Now, that felt really good.

    Sara, CONGRATS on the Michigan book group picking your book. Excellent. And I’m looking forward to reading the interview with you when I’m done typing this. (And I’m going to go bold that link in your comment so that EVERYone will see it).

    Jone, sorry about your beginning-of-the-week funk, but I’m glad that your grand daughters made it better. My girls do that for my mom and my mother-in-law for sure.

    Little Willow, aw man, thanks for being willing to visit me in the jailhouse. And I hope the very best for your friends who happen to be suffering in one form or another right now.

    Adrienne, do tell us more about the book.

    Michele, thanks also for being willing to visit me in prison. And I have a pic of my youngest reading Monkey and Me, which I’ll have to put in next week’s list.

    Tricia, WOO HOO! We are flat-out honored that you came to visit with all you have going on. I’m glad you made it there safely. Must go check your blog for updates.

    David, #7 sure is cryptic. Congrats to your wife!

  14. Read it, Sara! Love your answer to daily habits that keep you writing . . .

    Coffee with chocolate milk, too? Huh. Never tried that.

  15. Emmaco: When I think of trillium, I also think of Trillian from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. In Washington State, it’s illegal to pick trillium because the three leaves below the flowers are the only nourishment the plants get. (I felt bad when I brought home my plants and one of the stems broke off immediately. I buried the root and am hoping for the best). While it’s illegal to pick trillium it’s not illegal to plant it, especially if the plants come from sites where the flowers have been rescued from developers. I think I might put up a wee sign on the west side of the house. I wonder if that will just tempt tresspassers, though. Argh!

    Jules: How could I resist 10 pounds of rhubarb when it was selling for 1.99 a pound? I am freezing rhubarb compote for the long winter months. I also like to give it away, too. Hey! If you want to sound like a murmuring crowd, get a few people together and have them say, “Rhubarb, rhubarb, rhubarb” a few times.

    Eisha: Yeah, the triangular stamps are the new Jamestown commemorative stamps. Now, I’m holding out for the hexagonal stamp. Never satisfied am I– always pushing the envelope! I couldn’t resist that last bit…

  16. 1. I met Eisha at Grace Lin’s party. Eisha — you are just too sweet. And congrats on your graduation!
    2. My new sofa arrived and it is extremely comfy.
    3. My eldest did great in her talent show rehearsals. I never thought she’d even try something like this, so it’s nice to see her spread her wings.
    4. I joined an on-line critique group which is so awesome!
    5. My 3 year old drew the most amazing picture for me.
    6. I finished Twilight and New Moon and am Stephenie Meyer’s newest fan. In desperate need of Eclipse.
    7. Had the best talk with my best friend from college for over 1 1/2 hours on the phone.

    Thanks for doing this!

  17. Congratulations on your graduation, Eisha. A librarian scientist, no less. Jules, I love e. e. Cummings, and I’ll visit you in the big house. Let’s see….

    1. I didn’t have to get on a single airplane this week (for me this is very exciting).

    2. We had a delicious cheese fondue dinner on Friday night.

    3. My blogging time may have suffered, but I finally took time out to clean my house very thoroughly this week, and I feel better for it.

    4. I bought new sunglasses. Two pairs, so that I can keep one in the house and one in the car.

    5. This morning I spent an hour reading first thing, before eating or showering or any of that. It felt very decadent. I read until I had finished my current book.

    6. I received excellent responses to two sets of author interview questions (both for publication in June).

    And that’s all I can think of …. Happy Sunday to all!

  18. Alkelda, I’m going to get a group of people together to try that “rhubarb, rhubarb” murmuring some time. I love that little fun fact you shared with us.

    Vivian, I just visited you at your blog. I’m jealous (in a good way) that you saw Grace’s art work up close.

    Jen, cheese fondue. Mmmmmm. And I wish I could get inspired to clean my house that well.

  19. I always like the challenge of thinking of exactly seven things to list, because it forces me to reflect on the good parts of the week just past.

    But oh, people, I’m too tired today. I’m back from my overnight camping trip with my Girl Scouts and my brain is just not working.

    I will say that the GS camping trip was lots of fun for me and the girls. It stayed sunny and cool – which is always better than hot. Our cabin was cute with wooden shelf beds and basic mattresses – better than being on the floor. The girls loved the archery lesson – and so did I. The drive was shorter than we thought, so we got there in plenty of time for the first activity. Checking out was easier than I expected, so we also got home sooner than I had planned. And the trip is DONE, which means it is off my list of big things to do.

    Actually, there were probably seven things in that mix.

    Also, today is my daughter’s eleventh birthday, so Chinese food and chocolate cake for dinner tonight. Yeah, baby.

  20. Again this week, I got some sad news about a young man who is dear to my heart. I guess that’s how life is sometimes. I think it helps me to appreciate the happy news all the more.

    1. Grace Lin’s husband was excepted into a clinical trial in San Antonio. Yay!

    2. Grace party yesterday was a smash hit! I was so happy for her.

    3. I got to see most of the other Blue Rose Girls at the party and later at Grace’s.

    4. Ooh, ooh! I finally met and got to chat with Eisha…we even sipped a little sparkly libation together.

    5. I got together with ten old friends today for brunch and a birthday celebration for two of our group.

    6. I started a new collection of animal mask poems. Sometimes I have real writer’s block–but earlier this week I felt inspired!

    7. My daughter looked so lovely dressed up for a friend’s wedding today. I took a couple of pictures of her–but she made me promise not to post them on my blog!

  21. HURRAH for Grace’s husband!

    Happy birthday to MotherReader’s daughter!

    For Jules:

  22. Jules, it wouldn’t post this picture for you.

  23. Congrats, Eisha.

    My seven:
    1. Going to Nori’s graduation.
    2. Seeing Mark Hamrick’s gift to Nori — a framed drawing of every role she has played in Interact.
    3. Going to the house after graduation to snack and talk with friends.
    4. Re-meeting a couple that I went on a tour to England with back in 1989. Their daughter is one of Nori’s first friends.
    5. Reading about Nori in today’s paper (you want to go there, Jules)
    6. Enjoying the book club’s next book NINETEEN MINUTES. Didn’t like, didn’t finish the last few books.
    7. Our Seniors graduate this week, then they leave. Bye to them. Yahooo!

  24. mcbetty: My husband graduated from West High School. Small world. Congratulations to Nori!

  25. Here you go, Little Willow. How’s that?

    I actually linked to that photo of E.E. back in October on our very first Poetry Friday post ever, which was the day before E.E. Cummings’ birthday, which my youngest daughter shares with him (I LOVE THAT).

    MoReader, congrats on the successful camping trip. Sounds like fun.

    Elaine, sorry to hear about your friend, but I’m glad you got to go to Grace’s party.

    Betty, THANKS for the article on Nori. How great! And congrats to the TSD graduating seniors . . .

  26. Hi all. Scrambling to post my good things while it’s still Sunday and I’m still awake!

    1. I have to say the single best thing for me this week was that I got to be adored. New, rather uncomfortable, but totally fun feeling.

    2. I fixed a little mess of my own making at work.

    3. My boss gave me an informal review, and told me basically that I’m perfect. She’s nuts. But what the heck, I’m content with “perfect.”

    4. Quality time with two very polite and funny and smart teenagers who I’m just getting to know.

    5. My garden was planted (by someone other than me) this past week and it’s beautiful.

    6. Someone made me a music cd, and just happened to include one of my favorite songs on it (bonus!)

    7. A delicious night of heavy sleep bordering on unconsciousness after way too little sleep all week.

    So happy to see Grace’s news above though. I think that trumps all the other good things we have to share this week.

    Blessings. Peace. Love. Joy. Laughter.

  27. Nancy, yay for well-deserved adoration!

  28. Eisha – I am moving TO the UK! For a couple of years, probably. Which makes it even more scary and exciting!

  29. Woo, you aren’t kidding, Emmaco! A whole change of continent! I’m impressed, and scared/excited for you.

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