Summer Blog Blast Tour, comin’ atcha!

h1 June 14th, 2007 by Eisha and Jules


{Update: Colleen has posted the grand, master schedule for the Summer Blog Blast Tour over at Chasing Ray today. Go see!} . . .

Hello everyone! Just in case you haven’t heard, the amazing dynamo Colleen Mondor of Chasing Ray has organized the first ever Summer Blog Blast Tour, and it starts this Sunday!

The SBBT is a week-long barrage of interviews with YA authors on a massive scale: over 15 blogs, over 25 authors, for a total of over 50 interviews. Colleen will be posting the entire schedule on her blog, but we wanted to give you a heads-up on who we have the honor of interviewing here at 7-Imp:

Monday, June 18: Brent Hartinger
Tuesday, June 19: Sonya Hartnett (exclusive, as those journalists say)
Thursday, June 21: Mitali Perkins
Friday, June 22: Holly Black

We hope you’ll stop by and hear what these excellent authors had to say, and we look forward to reading the other 40-odd interviews in the tour. We also want to thank Colleen for coming up with such an amazing idea, recruiting bloggers, contacting authors and their agents/publishers, coming up with the timetable, and making sure we all worked together. At this point, we would follow Colleen into battle and trust her with our lives. Or, at the very least, eisha wishes she could pay Colleen to help her move.

4 comments to “Summer Blog Blast Tour, comin’ atcha!”

  1. Eisha might not want my help on moving – I’m very unlucky. When we left Alaska for Florida we shipped out six pallets in a container on a barge that ended up parked in Pudget Sound during the big work slowdown (not to be confused with a strike) of 2002.

    Long story short – when the stuff finally reached shore over three weeks later we were long gone to FL and so had it all stored at the in-laws. We picked it up again two years later after we moved from FL to the Pacific NW. (Don’t even ask about the AK-FL-WA moving.)

    My son was too small for clothes we packed away that he had now outgrown without ever wearing.

    I am bad mojo when it comes to moving…now the battle thing; that maybe we can do something about 🙂

  2. Hmm. Bad moving mojo indeed. Guess I’ll have to organize this mess on my own.

  3. Eisha & Jules, the fun starts on SUNDAY with our EXCLUSIVE with Gene Luen Yang of American Born Chinese fame!

    I’m sorry — in the emails flying back and forth, I see that’s one piece of the schedule that I missed. Boo to me! And yay to you for doing all the work!

  4. Congrats, TadMack! That’s quite the honor, and a very cool interview to start us off. I know almost nothing about Gene Luen Yang, but LOVED American Born Chinese, so I’m extra-excited to read your interview.

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