7-Imp’s 7 Kicks #22: Featuring Taeeun Yoo

h1 August 5th, 2007 by Eisha and Jules

Many thanks to our featured illustrator for this week, Taeeun Yoo. She is sharing with us two illustrations from her picture book title from this year, The Little Red Fish. This book is beautiful and so well-designed, and if you haven’t read it and are interested, Jules’ review of it from this past May is here. In the illustration above, JeJe — who is visiting his grandfather’s strange, rather mysterious little library in the forest — has finally found his pet fish (after falling asleep in the darkness of the library). This illustration depicts what happens when he picks up an old, dusty book next to which he thought he saw his pet’s tail flicker.

And — joy! joy! — Taeeun sent us another one, too: JeJe and his grandfather closing up shop and heading home. If you want to find out what happens in the pages between those two illustrations, Jules can promise you that this is like no other book you’ve seen this year. Utterly captivating.

And, quickly, we’ll add that Yoo also has created the cover art for the new, re-designed edition of A Wrinkle in Time (published by Square Fish, May ’07), which was exciting to see. In fact, she’s created the cover art for the entire Wrinkle in Time Quintet, and you can see those illustrations here at her site (click on the thumbnails on the left to see each cover). Or you can see them here at L’Engle’s site. Loveliness. Yes, Square Fish Books — a “children’s book imprint representing the best of Farrar, Straus and Giroux, Henry Holt, and Roaring Brook backlists,” according to this link — has released this re-designed edition with “bonus material” — an opening “appreciation” by Anna Quindlen, a short interview with L’Engle, her Newbery Medal Acceptance Speech, and more. Check out this excerpt from the speech, given in 1963:

“Because of the very nature of the world as it is today, our children receive in school a heavy load of . . . analytic subjects, so it is in their reading for fun, for pleasure, that they must be guided into creativity. These are forces working in the world as never before in the history of mankind for standardization, for the regimentation of us all, or what I like to call making muffins of us, muffins all like every other muffin in the muffin tin. This is the limited universe, the drying, dissipating universe that we can hope our children avoid by providing them with ‘explosive material capable of stirring up fresh life endlessly.'”

That last part is L’Engle quoting Bertha Mahony Miller in her article “Frederic G. Melcher—A Twentieth Century John Newbery”; Miller is talking about the “bookstore’s stock trade” there. Anyway, that was 1963, but oh my does that still ring true today, no? The entire acceptance speech is in this new edition of the book, and L’Engle also talked a bit about the writing process in that speech. It’s interesting stuff.

Jules has a copy of this new edition, and it’s not bad. And she just found this site. They’re pulling out all the stops, huh? Nice site. If you’re a fan of the novel, this might just be for you. And Yoo’s cover art is enchanting. We thank her again for sharing some of her Little Fish illustrations with us this week.

For any new folks . . . welcome to our weekly 7 Kicks list, the meeting ground for listing Seven(ish) Exceptionally Fabulous, Beautiful, Interesting, Hilarious, or Otherwise Positive Noteworthy Things from the past week (whether book-related or not) that happened to you. If you’re new, please know that everyone is welcome to leave their lists . . .

As for our lists this week, we are handling it a bit differently today. We were tagged by Nancy (a.k.a. Journey Woman) on Friday. It was her birthday (on Thursday, we believe — happy birthday, Nancy!), and she asked us to list thirty-nine reasons we were happy that day, just as she did in honor of her 39th birthday. So, we did it on Friday afternoon and figured that was a very extended version of a 7-Kicks list. We’ll send you to that post if you want to read our kicks from this week (seven — plus some!) — especially if you haven’t seen the wonderful Mad Tea Party image that illustrator Frank Dormer made just for us! We included it in our 39-Reasons post. Go see!

Please do add your kicks here, as usual, in the comments box. We look forward to reading them!

28 comments to “7-Imp’s 7 Kicks #22: Featuring Taeeun Yoo”

  1. What beautiful artwork!

    1) Trying out (round one)
    2) Callback (round two)
    3) Part offered (phone call & squeals)
    4) Meeting bloggers face-to-face
    5) Speaking on the panel
    6) Performing AND stage managing
    7) Opening night (went really well!)

  2. CONGRATS again, Little Willow!

    I had a dream last night that you did the art work for Owlboy and that we featured it one Sunday. Jump back!

    Are any of you going to report about the panel? If not, that’s okay, but I’m curious to know what you all said about blogging in the kidlitosphere (just major points — not a detailed report) and how it was received. Inquiring minds wanna know!

    But no pressure and no rush (if anyone at all plans to report/blog about it). You all need to rest up, too. Just generally wishing I could have been there.

  3. My seven for this week:
    1. My fish at school made it through the summer but they needed a huge water change.
    2. Got handwritten cards in the mail to peoplet hat have been on my list to write.
    3. Signed up at goodreads.com and got my books that I have read in 2007 listed.
    4. Began reading A Year of Magical Thinking.
    5. Met with other librarians in my district for lunch.
    6. Queried the superintendent about his views of the library program and got a favorable response. Hope the actions will match the words.
    7. Watch three hummingbirds zoom around and argue over territory and I got very close to a juvenile towhee. Pictures at my personal blog.
    Have a great week.

  4. Jone, I really want to read A Year of Magical Thinking. Let us know if you like it.

    Glad your fish are alive, and even better that the superintendent listened to the librarian.

    And hand-written cards anymore are the best thing — in mailboxes full of credit card applications.

    It’s a slow morning. Everyone seems to out and about and on vacation or conferencing (I went off to read for a bit, and usually when I do that on Sunday mornings, I come back to tons of lists). And I think poor Eisha’s having Internet-connection woes again. Anyway, thanks to you and Little Willow for visiting.

  5. I love the illustrations! I’m going to look out for Taaeun Yoo’s work.

    1) I’m going with a friend to see “Becoming Jane” today.
    2) I got stood up by a friend at the last minute last night (that was bad!) but a good friend “filled in” and we had a great time anyway (that was good!)
    3) With the help of my aunt, it looks as if the playhouse for my daughter will happen after all.
    4) New reading lamps.
    5) My mom is coming to visit this week.
    6) I have some new ideas on how to present songs.
    7) Paul Kaplan, the composer for the song “I Had an Old Coat”, gave me permission to use his song in my performances.

  6. That is TOO funny. You should tell Eric Powell. 🙂

    Yes, I do plan to report on it at my blog, probably later this week. I’ve barely been home in the past three days, and I’ve tried to use those few hours for sleep. Mmm, sleep.

  7. 1. A whole trunk full of books for me, my kids, and my class arrived w/ my sis and her partner from Fresno.
    2. It’s my quiet time now, while husband and children worship
    3. My daughter can read Frog and Toad almost by herself.
    4. All house carpets were cleaned well on Friday
    5. Some of the ideas I’ve been reading around and dwelling w/ all summer have calmed my inner tempest and made me kinder and happier.
    6. summer heat broke a bit all week—cool nights and autumn just around the bend
    7. My writing notebooks keep filling

  8. 1 – Chatting online with a bunch of other Whovians – I may be distracted here…

    2 – My brain’s fizzing with so many fic ideas, I think it’ll explode, but everyone’s loving my stories and I keep getting asked for more…

    3 – Sunshine – we have SUNSHINE !! (Although it’s too hot – of course – in my tiny attic !)

    4 – There’s a meeting this week with someone from HR about online proofing wages – hopefully that’ll be productive !

    5 – I’m now re-watching Season 3 of Doctor Who – Yay ! Martha is awesome !

    6 – My Mum no longer has to go and see the Epilepsy specialist ! Double Yay ! (Though she does still have to go for annual MRI scans to make sure the brain tumor doesn’t return…)

    Think that’s it from me… Have a good week everyone !

  9. Hello All! I took off two weeks while home visiting my folks, and boy have I missed you and this amazing list. Here’s my list.
    1. Had an amazing visit with my parents.
    2. Met Adrienne from WATAT in person! We had ice cream and great conversation.
    3. Bought my ticket for Chicago! I can’t wait to meet all the great bloggers I’ve been reading.
    4. Son voraciously reading his way through High Rise Private Eyes on his own, and all the Flat Stanley books with me. What fun!
    5. Still managed to host Poetry Friday, even though our server went down.
    6. Also hosted the 5th edition of Learning in the Great Outdoors.
    7. Still wearing my Trust Snape shirt (acquired in January from Bookshevles of Doom) with great pride and just a tad bit of smugness.
    That’s all from here. Have a great week all!

  10. Alkelda, I hope you have a good time with your mom. And boy am I wanting to build a neat playhouse for the girls outside, too.

    Hi, there to Amy. Yay for quiet times. And you are making me want to re-read Frog and Toad!

    Good luck with the HR meeting, Michele. Keep us updated.

    Tricia, we’re about to interview G. Brian Karas, who illustrated those great High-Rise Private Eyes books! ….Glad you got to meet Adrienne. Can’t wait to meet you both in Chicago . . .

  11. Hi All! How I’ve missed you 🙂

    Here are my seven things:

    1) Being back at 7 Kicks.
    2) Reading everyone’s 7 Kicks.
    3) Seeing one of LW’s kicks come true.
    4) Making it home.
    5) No real travel until November (CHI doesn’t count, ’cause I can go by car.)
    6) Making it home
    7) On the final proof of the biggest Forest ever. Finally will be done in a few hours.

    Whew! I’ve felt like a hamster on a wheel the past 2 months–always working, but never getting anywhere. It’s good to be home where I can make some progress.

  12. Hi, Kelly! We missed you. Can’t wait to see the new Forest . . .

  13. Yoo’s art reminds me a bit of Edward Gorey. I put two copies of the A Wrinkle in Time with the swell new cover on order for the library as soon as I saw it. Nice.

    Little Willow, I’m so glad to hear so much good news for you!

    Alkelda, I want to see Becoming Jane real bad. You must report back on whether it is worth our $8 or not.

    I also did this the 39 things, so rather than repeat myself, I’ll just link.

  14. 1. going to the conference in L.A.
    2. meeting my new editor and illustrator in L.A.
    3. loving my new editor and illustrator
    4. getting called out by y’all because my book news made you happy??! how sweet is THAT?
    5. this little chunk of creamy gorgonzola that I’ve kept in my hotel room to help me make it through the weekend
    6. calling in to check in on my kids and being told, by my six-year-old, “I’m better than fine, Mama. I made two new ‘fwends’.”
    7. heading home. after more than 4 weeks on the road in various locales, heading home…

    OH, PS, Year of Magical Thinking is beautiful but really almost eerie in its slightly distant and contained tone. For me, at least…

  15. That artwork is so gorgeous!

    Love reading all of your lists. Such happy times here on Sundays at 7 Imp.

  16. Yeah, Adrienne, I hope Alkelda reports back, too. I just watched “Dodgeball.” Now, that’s some high culture.

    Liz, glad you’re heading home, and rest up.

    Hi, Robin!

  17. Jules, I’ll definitely let you know how the HR meeting goes…

    Kelly ! Great to see you back here – I’m itching to see the new Forest !

  18. I’m afraid that I love Dodgeball — great movie, so funny.

  19. Hi all! I would recommend “Becoming Jane” in either the movie theatres or as a rental. It was fun to watch, tended to meander in bits, but was gorgeously filmed (as you might expect). The actor who played Austen’s love interest was easy on the eyes, too, in a non-prettyboy way.

  20. I loved it, too, Adrienne. Ben Stiller did a good job, yes? And I think “that’s about as useful as a poopy-flavored lollipop” is my new favorite line. I’m going to try to work that into a conversation today — but I’ll have to have the right delivery, the obnoxious gym-owner delivery.

    Thanks for reporting, Alkelda . . .

  21. I’m late! So quickly:

    1. Hearing John Green speak and getting to yell “Good Morning, Hank! It’s Monday!” for his video camera.

    2. Kadir Nelson’s stunning artwork and his presentation on how he’s growing as an artist.

    3 Linda Sue Park’s talk on branching out to other genres (I went because of YOUR comment about picture books, jules!) She was so wise and well-spoken.

    4. People randomly inviting me to come to dinner with them and making new friends.

    5. Meeting the faces and warm people behind: Big A, Little A, Little Willow, TadMack, a. fortis, and cynsations

    6. Dancing at the Light of the Silvery Moon party

    7. Being surrounded by people who know how to laugh and cry

  22. Oh Sara, it does my heart good to know that you went to Park’s talk and might even just be thinking about writing a picture book! Your poetry is so good that I see a picture book in your future (and I’m linking the two things, since they both require a certain every-word-matters conciseness).

    Thanks for visiting and listing kicks, even though you’re so busy right now. It’s not the same without you.

  23. Many happy, healthy thoughts for your mom, Michele.

    Kelly: 🙂 says it all right now.

  24. The smiley face was meant to precede that phrase.

    *does a little dance*

  25. Argh! Our internet connection just came back today – after being down most of the weekend. So I missed out on everybody’s lists yesterday, but just wanted to say – YAY! So glad you all checked in and had such good things to report.

  26. Thanks for the report, Alkelda! I have a friend in from out of town this weekend, and this might be just the thing for us — a little quality girl time.

    Jules, Oh, I’d forgotten that line! My favorite was the whole “If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball” thing. I know they showed it in any preview, but, as far as I’m concerned, it didn’t get less funny.

  27. Hello people9e2d41

  28. […] but whose work I very much like. Every time she illustrates a new title, I’m all over it. (I featured two spreads from Yoo’s The Little Red Fish way back in ‘07, when 7-Imp’s 7 Kicks […]

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