7-Imp’s 7 Kicks #23: Featuring G. Brian Karas

h1 August 12th, 2007 by Eisha and Jules

Jules: Can someone just pick me up off the floor please, because I love our image for this Sunday, sent to us by G. Brian Karas, who just so happens to be one of our favorite illustrators here at 7-Imp. Doesn’t that illustration just make your day? I’m telling you what . . . we love it, and we thank Brian for sending it. This image comes from Today and Today, the anthology of haiku by Kobayashi Issa, which Karas illustrated (released this March by Scholastic, and reviewed here by Yours Truly). In fact, this illustration is, hands down, my favorite from the book (which is a bold statement, as the entire book is beautiful), so extra big thanks to Brian for sending it just for our 7 Kicks lists today. And, really, if you haven’t experienced Today and Today yet, well . . . go treat yourself. Karas divided the haiku — and the story that those verses and his illustrations tell — into seasons, and this illustration is from the summer spread. I wish I could make it even bigger for you, but that’s probably the best we can do here with our blog’s template. Just look at that yellow and the texture to that image . . . it’s even more beautiful up close, so don’t miss the book, one of the best poetry anthologies I’ve seen this year. (And, P.S., Elaine — this pic’s for you!).

Brian also sent this cover image from his next illustrated book, Big Bad Bunny (a Richard Jackson book for Atheneum Books), written by Franny Billingsley, author of The Folk Keeper (which I have always wanted to read; I’m just eight years behind). Big Bad Bunny will be published in ’08. Now, that’s a funny cover. We’re looking forward to this book, ’cause did I mention that Eisha and I love G. Brian Karas’ illustrations? (And — as I said in my reviews of Today and Today and Tippy-Tippy-Tippy, Hide! — we think the “G” must stand for “ginormously talented”).

Many thanks to Brian!

Now, on to our kicks . . . For any new folks: Welcome to our weekly 7 Kicks list, the meeting ground for listing Seven(ish) Exceptionally Fabulous, Beautiful, Interesting, Hilarious, or Otherwise Positive Noteworthy Things from the past week (whether book-related or not) that happened to you. If you’re new, please know that everyone is welcome to leave their lists.

* * * * * * * eisha’s list * * * * * * *

eisha: Love, love, love the illustration this week. Thanks, Mr. Karas!

I just love the child-friendly, cartoonish quality of the illustrations - they really integrate well with the whimsical text.

1* New nephew pics! Miles is 4 months old. His new activities include trying to sit up, falling over, and giggling about it. He also enjoys reading (see above), and eating rice cereal (which aparently makes him sleepy. Or maybe drunk. See below).

Dude… for serious. What is IN that stuff?

2* Speaking of The Ramones… the interview that (ahem) Cluck Roosterman of Bottom Shelf Books did with Punk Farm (parts one and two) made my week. Utterly hilarious. It’s going to be a tough act to follow when PF goes on blog tour this fall. “There was just so much ROCK…”

Balkan Beat Box3* Speaking of music – I heard a song on the radio Saturday afternoon that made me car dance to the point of reckless endangerment. After a bit of research, I found out it was “Gross” by Balkan Beat Box (featuring Boom Pam). I am now full-on in love. Their music is the most amazing smash-up of gypsy, klezmer, middle eastern, trance-dance, whatever – I can’t even describe it. But it’s music that makes me want to have the kind of life that, if someone made a movie about it, Balkan Beat Box could do the score.

4* And adrienne of What Adrienne Thinks About That (not to be confused with Adrienne of Martinimade) pointed me toward another band that I am loving so far: Born Ruffians. Thanks, adrienne!

5* B. and I checked out the Ithaca Farmers Market, which is awesome! We got some yummy bread, and some amazing hard cider from Bellwether, and ate fried corn fritters and peanut lime noodles from Macro Mama. Clearly, we’re not afraid of a few carbs.

6* We got invited to hang out with two of B.’s new fellow faculty peeps. One of those invites was for brunch at the Aurora Inn, which is lovely, and is apparently co-owned by Pleasant T. Rowland – you know, of Pleasant Company? The American Girls books/dolls?

The Mysteries of Harris Burdick7* The bad news: B.’s out of town for the next week-and-a-half. The good news: it’s because he’s designing* the first ever production** of The Mysteries of Harris Burdick, a musical*** based on the brilliant, amazing book by Chris Van Allsburg. Which I’m totally going to go see on opening night (the 21st) if anyone else happens to be in the Berkshires that day and wants to come along.

* Well, it’s a workshop production, which means he has no actual budget for a set, so it’s fairly minimal. But whatever set there will be – he’s designing it.

** There was a staged reading of an earlier version of the show last year, but that’s it.

*** Okay, I’m not really a musical fan, usually, but this same team created The Burnt Part Boys last year, and I really loved it. B. says this show is very adult (as in sophisticated, not nudity – I think), and very good.

* * * * * * * Jules’ list * * * * * * *

1). The illustration this week.

2). The first interview (parts one and two) with the Punk Farm gang over at Bottom Shelf Books (as Eisha mentioned).

3). Seeing “The Prestige” — not only was it good, but my husband and I are just now really getting back into the swing of watching movies again and trying to catch up on the Dark Period in which our children were the wee-est and it was so difficult to watch movies. There’s a two- or three-year span there where we missed everything good that came out . . .

4). Eisha sent me one of those folding book holder thingies that she also got for herself last week; it’s just like this one. Now, it’ll be much easier to type in excerpts when I’m blabbing about books here at 7-Imp. Thanks, E!

5). All the folks who kept us informed about the SCBWI conference — posts like this and this and this and this and this . . . and more too numerous to mention.

It’s not that I can’t find joy in this past week and couldn’t add two more things, but I’m still recovering from a day with two — count them, two — migraines one. after. the. other. The funky bright, snake-shaped water spot that obstructed my vision most of the day is gone, but the headache still lingers. So, I’ll stop here (suffice it to say that I’m reading lots of great books, too, but will report on them later, as usual) and look forward to reading everyone else’s lists . . .

eisha: Oh, geez, Jules, two migraines? That’s just evil. I hope you feel better soon, sugar-britches.

Jules: Eisha, thanks. And OMIGOD! You better report back on that Harris Burdick show. I love that book (and, hey, I think you and B. way back forever ago gave me the copy I have today). Plus, I’m thinking: Musical? Hubba-Wha? (in the words of Mo) . . . So, please do report later.

How about everyone else? What was kickin’ in your week?

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  1. I love Today and Today with all my heart. It’s still my favorite book of 2007 thus far. (Cowboy and Octopus by Scieszka and Smith is a close second.)

    Eisha, And now I have another new band to check out. I think I get just as many good music and film recommendations from this blog as I do books, which is excellent.

    Oh, Jules, I’ve never had a migraine, but pain sucks. I hope that nonsense stops.

    The Prestige is a seriously good movie.

    My seven kicks:

    1. I am, at long last, caught up on my blog reading. I’ve disastrously behind for most of the summer, and it’s always nice to catch up.

    2. I’ve been doing some more serious work in my yard over the last couple weeks, and the plants are going all crazy acting extra-happy and blooming. I love that plants are alive things you can totally screw up and still usually fix.

    3. I bought a new dress this week and almost everyone I saw the day I wore it complimented it. That felt awesome.

    4. Tam and I snuck out to see Becoming Jane, which, with a couple minor reservations, I enjoyed. (As an aside, I’d recommend the book Cassandra’s Sister by Veronica Bennett before or after seeing this film, which fictively covers the same time period in Austen’s life.) (Is “fictively” a word? I’m rolling with it.)

    5. I got to play Barbies with a friend’s daughter at a birthday party. It was surprisingly fun.

    6. I bought a plane ticket to go visit my aunt this January. (She lives in Vegas, so, you know, it’s rough.)

    7. I only managed to drag my butt to the Y once this week, but I’m going to focus on managing to drag it once. This was not my banner week.

  2. Eisha and Jules,

    Thanks for the illustration by G. Brian Karas! He is definitely one of my favorite picture book illustrators. I love his concept and his art in Today & Today. It’s a special kind of poetry book. Don’t you think it’s great?

    In addition to the Karas illustration, my other BIG kick is that my husband completed the Pan-Massachusetts Challenge last weekend…at the age of sixty-one. He plans to do it again next year. His team, Team Daisy, has already raised over $55,000 for the Jimmy Fund and the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston.

  3. adrienne, since this blog is supposed to be strictly about books, I think Jules and I both use the 7-Kicks lists as an excuse/outlet to talk about our other big passions – namely, music and movies. So glad you dig it. And The Prestige was a pretty good movie – in some ways better than the book, which left me with a “Hubba-WHA?” feeling at the end.

    Elaine – that is so awesome about your husband and Team Daisy. YAY!!!

  4. Oh, and adrienne – tell us about the dress!

  5. Jules: I hope you feel better! It’s probably the heat and humidity. I always found a triple espresso and a shot of vodka helps with a migraine. (I don’t drink anymore, but I also don’t get migraines anymore either. Age is good for something!!)

    Adrienne: Will you come work in my yard now? It really needs it. I live with two Russians (it’s a huge duplex–single Russian/coworker lives in other side) who believe grass should be “natural.”

    Elaine: Your husband rocks! Congrats to him.

    Here are my seven kicks:

    1) Finally feel on top of my blogging and blogging-related e-mail. Yay! I’ve been behind the eight ball since June 5th or so and I hated it. Work e-mail is the only one suffering now, ironically, but I’ll get it together by the time the students come back. And they’re the only ones who really matter. The Dean has something to say? Oh well, I can just catch up mid-August 🙂

    2. “If a Tree Falls During Lunch Period,” by Gennifer Chodlenko. I’m going to put up a review this evening, but I loved it.

    3. The weather is going to break this week, they claim. According to forcasts, we’ll finally be out of the 90s (with 90 percent humidity, no less) on Wednesday. Yay!

    4. Kids go back to school in 10 days and not even the little one is dreading it. I’m certainly not dreading it 🙂 We’ve been very together since 6/1. No summer programs this year.

    5. My little one has been a total sweetheart this week. Just pure joy.

    6. My nephew is beautiful 🙂 Sister not allowing blog photos, alas.

    7. Life is generally good.

  6. Adrienne, just got a copy of Cassandra’s Sister and looking forward to reading it. I wanna see your dress, too. I love a good dress.

    Elaine, that’s great about your husband! What an achievement!

    Kelly, congrats on getting caught up. The latest issue of The Edge of the Forest is great. And I hear ya on the weather. It’s been over 100 here this week.

  7. My 7 Kicks this week:

    1. When Jr. said, “When I’m a grown-up, I’m going to hang out at the drugstore and eat candy.”

    2. A fun afternoon at the town pool with friends. When I was growing up in Miss., all the city pools were closed because of integration fears. ARGH.

    3. Hairspray. Oh, man. I loved it. I’m gonna have to watch High School Musical 2 tonight to see Zac again.

    4. Sushi after the movie!

    5. A new Dunkin Donuts opened here in town, and we sampled the wares.(Hazelnut coffee for me, choc. glazed doughnut for Jr.)

    6. Our own chickens, right here in the yard.

    7. Chickens.

  8. Jules, love the illustrations.
    Eisha, glad you’re enjoying Ithaca and congrats to your husband. Wonderful picture of Miles. Elaine, that’s so awesome for your husband. We watched the bikers leave Babson College and cheered them on!
    Kelly, I second The Edge of the Forest is wonderful.

    1. I resigned myself to signing up all three kids up for a week long adventure classes starting tomorrow. I felt so bad about it since I wanted to spend every possible moment with them this summer, but finally realized, which is a good thing, we all needed a break from each other. So I’m jumping for joy over the two and a half hour break.

    2. Eggplant parmesan. Love, love, love it.

    3. School starts in three weeks. The countdown begins.

    4. An Amazon.com box with great goodies.

    5. My revisions are finally making sense.

    6. Great black high heeled sandals.

    7. Three nights of great sleeping temperatures! We’re talking 67 degrees!

  9. Thanks, Everyone…on behalf of me AND my husband. Since last December, a number of people who are very dear to us have been diagnosed with cancer. We keep hoping a cure will be found.


    My husband makes the best eggplant lasagna in the world. It never lasts long in our house. My daughter and I can polish off a pan in no time. We LOVE it!

  10. Vivian, I swear, your lists always make me hungriest. And do tell about the sandals!

    Susan, I like Junior’s ambition. Is that really a job? Sign me up, too. And YAY! for your chickens!

    Kelly, maybe if you show your sister our blog, and how embarrassingly crowded it is with pictures of my nephew, she’ll get jealous and let you post pics too. Just an idea.

  11. It almost feels like cheating to chime in this week because, well, I was still out of the country for most of it and I could post 7 kicks per day. Still…

    1. Amsterdam

    2. Choc-au-lait in Amsterdam

    3. Eating the best Thai food in Amsterdam. Twice.

    4. European beer (non-pasteurized, thus no hangovers!)

    5. Actually just sitting in a coffeeshop and doing nothing for hours and not feeling the least bit bad about it. Because that’s what vacations are about, right?

    6. Coming home to find that the cats not only survived without us but seemed to remember who we were and didn’t resent us too much for being gone so long.

    7. Having the girls come home from their extended away-camp to find that they not only survived without us but seemed to remember who we were and didn’t resent us too much for being apart for so long.

    And now, lets see how long it takes to get back into the old routines. Or to make new routines to replace the old ones.

  12. Well, hello there, prodigal! Welcome back, David. And we’re not the least bit, you know, jealous, or resentful, or anything like that. Nosiree. Not one little bit.

  13. Hi Jules and Eisha:

    What a great idea! Here are my 7 kicks:

    1. The G. Brian Karas illustrations (drool, sigh, admire, applaud). I do love his work (I was honored to have him illustrate my second PB, TRUMAN’S AUNT FARM.

    2. Eisha introducing me to McSweeneys (I really needed to laugh this week)!!

    3. Finally launching my personal blog, which I had been debating about for awhile.

    4. Seeing “Pride and Prejudice” (Keira Knightly version) for the first time. SOOO romantic!

    5. Receiving a “good” rejection letter from an editor I admire.

    6. Seeing two adorable fawns and their mother in the back yard.

    7. Seven Imp, of course!!

  14. jules: go read The Folk Keeper right now! It’s one of my favorite books. And so sorry about your migraines…I’m wincing just thinking of two in one day. I’m glad you can still read…

    eisha: that is so cool about your husband. I keep hoping one of my kids goes into theater, so I can have some connection to that glorious world, but I doubt it. I guess I’ll have to usher or something. Oh, and I love your description of “having the kind of life” that certain music would be the soundtrack for—that really makes me want to find that music!

    My list:

    1. Finishing The White Darkness by Geraldine McCaughrean. This was like one of those extended gourmet meals in which you savor each bite and think the next course can’t possibly be as delicious, but it is, and you wind up feeling all yummy and satisfied at the end. My god, what gorgeous writing! And despite all the darkness, it made me laugh, too. Read it!

    2. Jama (jay-mah) Rattigan started blogging, and she said I helped inspire her to! She giving away a free picture book this week, so go see her: http://jamarattigan.livejournal.com/

    3. Hearing Lee Bennett Hopkins give the closing address about poetry at the SCBWI conference, which was wonderful in itself, but then, he read—with great passion and grace—a poem by a dear friend of mine, Beverly McLoughland. (Some of you know I featured her on my blog on Poetry Friday a few weeks ago.) I was so thrilled I was crying.

    4. Eating out with my kids, and watching my son discover how good really fresh fish can be. Eating out with an 18 and 16 year old is such a joy, and makes all those mad dinners when they were 3 and 5 worthwhile. Ha!

    5. Holding hands with my husband. Uh-huh, I still love him, and we’re coming up on an anniversary. I’ll save that for next week’s list.

    6. Having time to finally digest the conference, and feeling the overwhelming need to WRITE SOMETHING, which I did, for Poetry Friday.

    7. Triple-flavored shaved ice. Pineapple upside-down cake with fresh pineapple. Eating outside.

  15. The ridiculously cute baby in the Ramones bib totally made my day. Rock!

  16. Sorry I’ve been absent for a few of these and for some your great posts. Nothing personal, you understand, just mini-vacations and a summer laziness that have taken over my brain. Somewhat pleasant, in ways, but I’ve been a bit neglectful.

    Anyway, back on track with this week’s kicks:

    1. All day on the beach with the girls and seeing dolphins like three yards away from us. Magical moment.

    2. Spending time with my 14 month old niece – who I just adore. We even got to keep her overnight for extra special time with her.

    3. Easy traffic going and coming. These Sunday to Tuesday weekends are so working out for me.

    4. Lovely times floating in the pool or reading by the pool and then floating in the pool. Or reading by the pool, visiting with mommy friends and then floating in the pool. It’s all good.

    5. New books appearing in my mailbox that I neither requested nor heard off, but they’re right on target for me so someone must know something. Bonus: they’re adult books.

    6. Writing poetry and it not sucking. Honestly, I’d rather tell my readers about stealing a roll of toilet paper from the community pool instead of making a stop at the grocery store than try out poetry in public, but whoop, there it is.

    7. I started my three week – oh, blissful three week – vacation from work! Only five days is planned with a family vacation. I’ll probably squeeze in another three-day beach trip. Otherwise, it’s just not working time. Biggest kick of all, for sure.

  17. Susan, I still say yay for those chickens. And tell your son I’ll be his Assistant Manager in that drugstory/candy gig.

    Vivian, enjoy your kid-free time during their adventure course. A rested mama is a better mama. I don’t always take that advice myself when I should, but I can tell others that with ease!

    David, WELCOME BACK! I’m glad you had fun but missed your posts. How did I miss that chocolate in Amsterdam? I’m not trying to be all I’ve-been-to-Amsterdam-too; I’m just seriously wondering how I missed that.

    Jama, welcome! Your blog is great. Congrats on launching it.

    Sara, what a great list — that’s particularly awesome that Hopkins read Beverly’s poem. Happy early anniversary, too. I look forward to this enjoying-meals again thing of which you speak when the girls are 17 and 18! Right now, my youngest is still occasionally throwing food, and I’m getting payback from my oldest for having been such a dreadfully picky eater myself, growing up.

    MotherReader, your mini-vacation sound like the place(s) to be. Congrats on the poetry. We’re supposed to have a Mo image from his new book next week here at the kicks list, so that one’s for you. Come back!

  18. Jama – howdy! Welcome to the kidlitosphere.

    Sara – I don’t know if I’d wish the theatre bug on anyone I love – it takes long hours, a lot of energy and patience, and provides very little monetary reward. Oh, wait, I guess that’s kind of like writing, too.

    redheadedali – I KNOW! I’m sure I’m wearing everyone’s patience thin, constantly posting pics of my nephew. But LOOK AT HIM! How am I supposed to keep that cuteness to myself?

    Welcome back, MotherReader. Of all your cool kicks, I’m most jealous you got that close to dolphins! Awesome.

  19. Sorry to hear about the migraines, Jules. I don’t get migraines, but today is my first day in two weeks without a headache, so I can empathize a bit (I always get headaches every day when I go to Boston in the summer – I think it’s the humidity, but it could be stress from running around trying to see a lot people). And Eisha, I love the photo of your nephew reading. So perfect!

    I missed the past couple of weeks, because of the aforementioned trip to Boston, so I have plenty of things to celebrate:

    1. I spent time with many friends and family members, including my beautiful nieces.
    2. Mheir’s parents had a birthday party for us (our birthday are about a month apart), complete with surprise guests, and the best chocolate cake ever.
    3. I went to a Red Sox game, with 6th row field box seats. We didn’t get a win, but we did see two Big Papi home runs.
    4. In the past two weeks (including 10 days of vacation) I was able to read 13 books, including 4 interesting ARCs. I finished John Mardsen’s Tomorrow series, which I’ve been fascinated by.
    5.I just started re-reading Zilpha Keatley Snyder’s Green Sky trilogy, and am reminded of why I loved it so much as a kid.
    6. Like Adrienne and Kelly, I managed to get caught up with the blogs and email this weekend, something I was really wanting to do. I still don’t feel completely caught up, because I want to do a bunch of reviews, but at least there isn’t that feeling of having 1000 unread blog posts, and 100 unread emails.
    7. It is SO nice to get back to Northern California weather after being on the East Coast. I am walking and listening to The Historian.

    Happy week to all!

  20. You can see my new favorite dress here. It’s just a summer/work dress, but it fits me like someone tailored it. I do not normally shop at Eddie Bauer, on account of the fact that I’m poor and their clothes are both expensive and a little, um, conservative? But this particular detour on my shopping path was very rewarding. You never know until you try some stuff on, I guess.

    Kelly, Oh, my. You should maybe start leaving articles about ticks and Lyme disease lying about. One nice closeup of a tick will drive anyone cut the grass. Or maybe that’s just me.

    Elaine, Anyone who’s out there doing something about cancer is a friend of mine. A big RAH! to your husband’s team.

    Ooo, Jen! You finished the Marsdens! Aren’t they addictive? I wish more people would read them, but they remain strangely slightly obscure.

  21. Hi, Jen! Glad you visited. I need to get caught up on blogs, too. Glad you got some vacation time and book-reading done.

    Adrienne, lovely dress.

  22. Evening all – just before I crawl away to bed, I thought I’d stop by and say Hi…

    Adrienne – there is, of course, that perfectly good word “fictionally” rather than “fictively”, but what the hey, I’ve been proofing other people’s fiction, besides writing, typing up and editing my own and I don’t care any more !

    Jules, empathies about the migraine – two in one day is NASTY !

    Oh and I agree about how fab “The White Darkness” is – seriously, READ IT !!

    Kicks ? Um…

    1 – I’m continuing to make new friends via the Doctor Who fiction communities – and seem to be picking up lots of requests to “beta-read” stories for people… Actually, is that a Kick, given that eats into my writing time ? Oh well !

    2 – My DW fiction continues to be popular – one person said they were going to make an electronic badge saying they “heart” me ! Too funny for words !

    3 – I got an Amazon parcel this week thanks to my Associate fees coming through – three NON-David Tennant films (the universe will probably implode!) and a Doctor Who book !

    4 – I managed to watch one of the films today – “Happy Feet” makes me happy !

    5 – I finally finished re-watching all three seasons of New Doctor Who – next weekend I’ll start on the David Tennant films that arrived this week from two fellow fans…

    6 – I’ve been invited to the launch party for Linda Buckley Archer’s “The Tar Man” – yay ! I’m just hoping I can get there now (it’s probably in London and there are reasonably cheap coaches up there)…

    Think that’s it for me for this week – too tired to think any longer…


  23. Jen – mmm, chocolate cake. And I keep hearing good things about the Marsden books – guess I’ll have to read ’em too, along with White Darkness.

    adrienne – cute! Very cute! And on sale, I see…

    Michele, ooh, that launch party should be awesome. And congrats on all your accolades.

  24. Jules and Eisha, the illustration this week is fabulous. Thanks for sharing it! And Jules I hope your headaches are gone now.

    Here’s my 7 Kicks List:

    1. I must have turned some kind of corner with my diet, or with my clothes, because this past week I got bunches of unsolicited “You look great…. Is it okay if I ask how you’ve done it?” comments.

    2. I got back to my pre-vacation weight despite a Dairy Queen ice-cream dinner last night. The DQ sundae (peanut butter and fudge sauce) was an excellent decision.

    3. I went to a minor league baseball game Friday night, and as I was trotting up the steps to get food, an elderly man with an Army cap looked at me and said, “You’re in good shape, Miss.” I love random compliments from strangers!

    4. I got into a slight bidding war on eBay for a dresser I really really wanted, and I won and because it was only a slight war, I didn’t have to pay even half of what I was willing to.

    5. I’m finally starting to get my bedrooms in order, after a lot of painting and furniture purchases.

    6. Also at the baseball game, I had an incredibly “DUH” kind of moment, and got to laugh (at myself) till I cried.

    7. I got a free book in the mail this week. Actually it’s a book and an electronic learning game I think. Must take a closer look and see if it’s good to review, but I’m always happy to get free stuff.

    That’s my list. Happy week everyone!

  25. What greeat illustrations this week. I will look for the book. always need great poetry books. Everyone’s kicks were a blast to read. Jules, I am sorry that you are having migraines.
    My seven for the week:
    1. Our over night trip to Seattle. Missed the hairy I-5 closure for road improvement and got around the city easily.
    2. The Olympic Sculpture Art Park in Seattle. Fabulous!
    3. The wedding of my college friend’s daughter. There was a point when the music changed and the 50 soemethings had no clue about it. LOL. Was somewhat techno…
    4. Being with the mother and father of the bride as it was their wedding 29 years ago today that we were involved with.
    5. Blowing bubbles as the bride and groom walked out. Blowing bubbles on the way to the reception.
    6. Listening to HP 5 on the way to SEattle.
    7.Re-reading Nancy Drew’s The Secret of the Old Clock.
    Have a great week.

  26. Well, Nancy, from now on I guess we’ll refer to you as “Smokin’ Hot Babelicious Nancy, The Blogger Who Is – Did We Mention? – Seriously Hot.”

    Aw, sounds like a fun wedding, Jone. Bubbles are truly the best way to go for the bride & groom send-off, IMO.

  27. Michele, sweet dreams.

    Nancy, we already knew you were a babe.

    Jone, something techno in a wedding? Do explain! And how is your summer reading list going?

  28. Hi again. The techno funkish music was at the reception not the wedding. The groom and the best man got out on the dance floor and did some dance sequence I think I heard someone say it was from some cult movie. Then more got out on the dance floor in a circle and individuals went in the middle and danced. I love music and listen to just about anything but I could not even begin to tell you the name of the group or the song. It was kind of wild. Later, even, the father of the bride joined in because the bride made him. They were having a great time. And thankfully there was some music I could dance to and di recognize.
    Summer reading list. I posted about it last Monday at “Check It Out”. I should really not make lists…some that were not on the list got read and others didn’t. But I am working on it!!:)

  29. Break a leg, B! What a fantastic opportunity! I hope the workshop goes very well, and the production is both a personal and critical success.

    Seven great things that happened between last Sunday and this Sunday:
    * Show H: Three good performances!
    * Show SA: One wonderful read-through and two blocking rehearsals!

    Hmmm, that’s six. Oh, getting a good ensemble review for Show H! Seven. Complete.

  30. Bravo, Little Willow!

  31. Thanks, LW! I’ll pass the break-a-legness on. And right back at you, superstar!

  32. […] you iwill, featuring the illustrators who have graced our site each Sunday thus far, is here). In mid-August, one of those illustrators who agreed to send us some art work was none other than […]

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