7-Imp’s 7 Kicks #24: Featuring Mo Willems

h1 August 19th, 2007 by Eisha and Jules

Art copyright © 2007 by Mo Willems from Knuffle Bunny Too

Art copyright © 2007 by Mo Willems from Knuffle Bunny Too.

Welcome to our weekly 7 Kicks list, the meeting ground for listing Seven(ish) Exceptionally Fabulous, Beautiful, Interesting, Hilarious, or Otherwise Positive Noteworthy Things from the past week (whether book-related or not) that happened to you. (If you’re new, please know that everyone is welcome to leave their lists).

This week we have Mo Willems to thank for our illustration: It’s Trixie and her daddy! They’re back in Knuffle Bunny Too: A Case of Mistaken Identity, which we co-reviewed here at 7-Imp this week. If you didn’t read that review or don’t have time now, here’s our official analysis: It completely delivers in every way, and we pretty much thought it was flawless. I believe it has a September release date (Hyperion), so people won’t have much longer to wait to find out what the pre-school-aged Trixie and her beloved bunny are up to this time.

In this image, Trixie and her daddy — who was initially reluctant to head out and retrieve Trixie’s rightful bunny (“Trixie’s daddy tried to explain what ‘2:30 a.m.’ means”) — are on a mission to right a wrong. Our review has much more info if you’re interested in hearing more about this great book. We thank Mo Willems most kindly for sharing an ilustration with us and our readers this week.

* * * * * * * eisha’s list * * * * * * *

Woo-hoo! Thanks, Mo Willems, for the image from KB2. Love that book!

1* Well, obviously, the incredible birthday cento that Jules created for me was a fabulous gift. Thank you again! And thanks to everyone who chimed in on the birthdayness.

Let It Shine!2* Jules also sent me a book that her daughters made for me, based on Ashley Bryan’s Let It Shine, which has apparently become a huge hit in the Jules household. It has construction paper collage art, and my name spelled perfectly in blue crayon. There’s even an original poem that, while it looks like a bunch of scribbles over a construction paper tree, I am certain is eloquent, brilliant, and lovely. (According to Jules’s margin notes, when she asked for a translation, Miriam said “I already DID write it down!”)

3* Various cards, emails, phone calls, presents, and love from far-flung family and friends – including studio portraits of my nephew. Oh. My. God. Be glad the husband took the scanner with him, ’cause you’d be getting yet-another-eyeful of beautiful bald baby right now.

4* I drove out to the Berks on Friday (where my husband’s current theatre gig is), and he treated me to a yummy sushi birthday dinner.

Rats Saw God5* I got my new library card! And I used it to check out Rats Saw God by Rob Thomas, which a friend of mine has been telling me to read for years. Guess what? It’s really good.

6* My sister just went back to college, and is taking a required course in Logic and Critical Thinking (which I’m nerdy enough to think sounds awesome). She called me the day after her first class and told me how the professor told them that they’re new best friend is going to be their librarian (!!!), and spent most of the class period talking about research methods and evaluating information sources. YEAH!!! ROCK ON!!! That’s what I’m talkin’ about!

7* This week over at Brotherhood 2.0, John took his punishment like a man. A man eating a blenderized girl’s Happy Meal* and waxing his leg, that is:

Duuuuude. If I weren’t already a vegetarian, I think this would have turned me. But the best part: “That was NOT A FIVE!!!”

* A blenderized Happy Meal, which was originally meant for a girl – not a Happy Meal belonging to a blenderized girl. Ew.

* * * * * * * Jules’ list * * * * * * *

Aw, man, Eisha. Your actual gift (not just a card and not just a blog post), which is very book-related, hasn’t even made it yet. Shoot. I hope that punkin’ head sugar britches thing didn’t get lost in the mail. Confused? You’ll just have to wait and see.

And, yeah, my girls’ admiration for Bryan’s book of classic spirituals is awesome, but it’s been an awful lot like living with Rod and Todd Flanders all week (and I say that with great respect to that beautiful picture book and the songs — I did give it a glowing review — but if the girls start singing “Bringing in the Sheaves” or some such thing very loudly in restaurants, I’m going to have to put a stop to this). Best of all, my three-year-old’s been a collage-makin’ fool!


I’m going to keep things simple this week. My seven kicks are:

1). I’m
2). the
3). Biggest
4). Thing
5). in
6). the
7). Ocean

by Kevin Sherry. Maybe it’s because I live with a three-year-old who thinks she is the center of the universe (like the protagonist in the book does and as three-year-olds generally do), but this book (Dial; May 2007) makes me laugh so hard. And I didn’t see it ’til this week (I know Kelly and others have raved about it, but I’ve been on a library waiting list forever). If you haven’t seen it, quick run-down: A very over-sized and googly-eyed and decidely-unarrogant-just-confident and very bright blue squid announces with great assurance and a very innocent, child-like swagger that he is bigger than most of the other animals he meets in the ocean (“I’m bigger than these shrimp.” Clams? Bigger! Crab? Bigger! Jellyfish? Bigger! . . . and “I’m bigger than that shark. Shhhh!”). (And not only is this so pre-school, but Sherry’s lovable squid and his cohorts are painted in bold, simple shapes with watercolor and collage, making it even more of a preschooler-magnet). Then, after determining he’s bigger than anything else in the ocean, he is swallowed by a huge whale and sees all the animals he’s bigger than inside the whale, too. There is a wordless, two-spread pause of him taking this all in, looking at all the other doomed animals (as you see a smile creep across his face), and then he declares from the inside of the whale, “I’M THE BIGGEST THING IN THIS WHALE!”

When my three-year-old and I first read this, we paused at the end — for about a femtosecond — and then we burst out laughing. And it’s been fun walking around all week yelling, “I’M THE BIGGEST THING AT THIS TABLE!” or “HEY, MY NOSE IS BIGGER THAN MY BIG TOE!” or “HEY, I’M BIGGER THAN THE CAT!” . . . and she’s been just randomly exclaiming sometimes during dinner, “I’M THE BIGGEST THING IN THIS WHALE!”, making me almost snort my beverage through my nose, laughing.

This entire book reminds me of one of my favorite Far Side cartoons, hanging on my fridge, that has this guy in hell who is cartin’ off coal in a wheelbarrow, amidst a host of flames, stoking the furnaces of hell. And he’s whistling happily, while these two devils stand over him, and one says to the other, “You know, we’re just not reaching that guy.” Really, go here and see. (Ah . . . I’ve always said the best Far Side cartoons include nerds and/or hell. The. Best. Far. Side. Ever, “Nerds in hell,” includes both. But I digress. Hey, I need that mug!).

Best of all, Adrienne and Eisha and I have decided to create our list of Slightly or Mostly Demented Picture Books That We Love, and we’re putting this one on there. Of course, after we create it, we’ll share at our blawgs.

That was supposed to be short. Sorry. What are your kicks this week?

33 comments to “7-Imp’s 7 Kicks #24: Featuring Mo Willems”

  1. Morning Ladies!
    Great lists today. Eisha, I hope the birthday was fab. Jules, thanks again for tackling the poetry stretch. Your cento was terrific.
    Here’s my list for the week.
    1. My writing group met this week and gave me very positive feedback on the poetry collection I’m working on.
    2. I had breakfast with a former student headed off to Yale. She’s going to divinity school and then hopes to get a in English literature, with the ultimate goal of examining theology in children’s lit. Pretty cool, huh?
    3. Campus is coming back to life as faculty slowly begin to return.
    4. I finally finished my syllabi for fall. Phew!
    5. William and I have now officially read every Henry and Mudge, Mr. Putter and Tabby, High Rise Private Eyes, and Poppleton books published. Thank you Cynthia Rylant for some fun summer reading.
    6. My son has turned into a fish. It’s amazing what one summer of swimming regularly will do.
    7. My brother actually called me for once, and managed to laugh when I picked up the phone and said “What’s wrong?”
    Best wishes to all for a lovely week.

  2. Here’s my list!
    1. My boyfriend, roommate and I re-arranged my house so that it is much more pleasing.
    2. In doing this, we eliminated three pieces of furniture from my bedroom, so now my room is much prettier.
    3. Because of the new space, I was able to put my beautiful guitar (a Fender Starcaster – it’s black and red) on display in my room.
    4. When my sister helped me move one of those pieces of furniture (a chair constructed from ORANGE CRATES) to the dump, I got to be with her for a day and treat her to lunch and stuff.
    5. I bought a glass head at Pier 1 imports. It is much nicer for displaying hats than a styrofoam head is, and also much more adult head sized.
    6. Upon seeing a hat I made on said glass head, and then trying it on, a friend commissioned a similar hat in a different color from me.
    7. I went swimming.

  3. Tricia, since your blog states that you once worked as a boat hand on a private yacht, I thought of you when I read a wonderful chapter book this week called Mokie & Bik — about two kids who live on a houseboat with their nanny and mother while their father’s away at his ship at sea. It’s definitely for children who already feel confident about reading, ’cause the children make up their own language, but I digress and, besides, Eisha and I might co-review it soon. Anyway, I thought of you.

    Examining theology in children’s lit. will be very interesting. Maybe that student will keep you updated on her progress!

    Kimberly, congrats on the new and improved feng shui!

  4. My family is just about waiting in the car, but I had to stop by today – today of all days – when the Mo illustration is up. Oh Mo.

    Anyway, my kicks are contained in one last trip to Virginia Beach with my whole family – husband included for a change – plus a friend of my daughter’s. Can’t wait. We also had a great time at a water park yesterday, and I’m so glad that we got over our exhaustion and went! Tons of fun. No more time, so I’ll wish you all a great week!

  5. Good Morning. I cann’t wait for the new Knuffle Bunny book. And the I’m the biggest thing book looks fabulous. Of course, I love Far side cartoons so anything that has a quirky sense of humor is my kind of book. Will look for it.
    My list:
    1. My overnight trip to the coast with members of my book club to decide on books for the year.
    2. Apple rhubarb crisp made with succinat sugar.
    3. Picking out “new to me” tables and chairs for the library at the district warehouse. Everything will match.
    4. Getting beading supplies and books to read ready to take to the coast for four days. (going back with family today).
    5. Eating yellow pear tomatoes from the garden.
    6. Eating dinner in our “summer dining/living room” (the patio).
    7. Watching the baby towhees, now fledglings get their adult color.
    Have a fabulous week.

  6. ah, good to see that squid get some more ink. that mid-point whale spread totally caught me off guard and when a picture book can do that, i’m all in. i’ve seen many a split decision from parents about this book and my most superficial explanation is, if they don’t like “i’m the biggest thing in the ocean” then they’ve probably lost touch with their inner child and my be lacking a sense of humor as well.

    yeah, that’s how i feel.

    kind of a weird transition week, back from vacation and the the entire fam reunited after weeks apart. even with a threatening cold all week waiting to trounce on my while camping…

    1. people saying “yes”
    2. people saying “yes” to “no”
    3. lasagna made from raviolis
    4. penguin’s new Great Journey’s series
    5. introducing my youngest to chocolate covered eclairs
    6. fall-like evening low temperatures (yea, fall!)
    7. google

    i used the google on the internets like a fiend this week and was greatly rewarded. not unlike a productive day in the research library where time flies and you walk away feeling like the smartest person in the world.


  7. Good morning, all!

    Tricia, I have one of those brothers, too. And congrats on the poetry kudos and syllabi finishing.

    Kimberly, I love those glass heads but I haven’t been able to come up with a good excuse to buy one. I’ll just live vicariously through you. And I’m a wee bit jealous of your guitar.

    MotherReader, we had a feeling you’d like today’s illustration. Just a hunch. Have fun at the beach!

    Jone, mmm, apple rhubarb crisp. And tomoatoes. Nice.

    david, I’m intrigued by the ravioli lasagna. When you have a moment, please explain. Have fun camping in this truly glorious fall-like weather.

  8. Hi all. Running out the door for some Sunday fun, but wanted to drop in with my list first….

    1. After spending most of the week battling and losing against a horde of spyware that attacked my poor little computer, I think I finally got over the hill last night and have subdued the would-be invaders. Yay Spyware Doctor! (I hope)

    2. I finally bit the bullet and decided to get rid of an armoire and a cedar chest that I bought only a year ago. I put them on the porch with signs to sell them really cheap, and 20 minutes later they were gone and I had a little more money in my pocket. What a relief!

    3. I’m struggling through a minor personal dilemma, feeling very conflicted about what to do, but as of last night finally feel like I’m getting closer to solving it.

    4. I took a 3 hour walk yesterday in town, saw the canal and the river, shopped, bought myself chocolate and a bracelet and two tables, and came back feeling completely rejuvenated.

    5. Fall is coming! Thanks for reminding me David E!

    6. I’m still getting thinner, even though I’ve taken several vacations from my diet this summer.

    7. Good things are happening for me and, even better, for my team at work.

    Have a great week everyone!

  9. 1. Roses from my husband on our 23rd anniversary…and a sweet note that I will (ahem) not share here.

    2. Secret advance info that my book may be selected for a middle-school reading club. I’ll let you know!

    3. My daughter only forgot a few things on her move into the dorm, and they’re all mailable. So far. And she rather tactfully mentioned during the car ride that she was known amongst her friends as the one who often said, “Um, guys? Is this what we should be doing?” I know that was a calculated sop to her mother, but still, I savored it.

    4. My husband finished reading Looking For Alaska, and now understands my affection for John Green is literary, not personal.

    5. I found a great post on Why Writing is Like Golf, over at The Longstockings.

    6. My dog was ill, but now she’s better.

    7. There are three boys sleeping in my basement. And they played guitars all last night. This makes me happy.

  10. Healthy thoughts for your dog, Sara.

    Mo Willems books and illustrations = good times.

    I’m a vegetarian too! Yay!

    John didn’t show the toy. I bet that was the genderized item. Gender bias upsets me.

    I think I may be quoting, “That was NOT a FIVE!” as often as J and J-munchkin are quoting, “I’m the Biggest Thing in the Ocean!”

    Jules, that is too cute. Have you shared The Big Hungry Bear or Quick as a Cricket by Audrey and Don Wood yet?

    My favorite Far Side cartoon: The dog thinking, “Oh, please…Oh, please” while watching the cat follow the marks and signs like “Cat Fud.”

    BRING ON the Slightly or Mostly Demented Picture Books That We Love! Tell me that you’ll have The Tooth Fairy by Don and Audrey Wood on there!

    My kicks this week:
    1) Rehearsals. We ran through the ENTIRE show a week after getting the scripts and, oh my goodness, it was AMAZING. People are already getting into their roles, memorizing their lines, and bringing in their props and shoes.

    2) Search engines. Discovering your name online in a press release leads to much joy.

    3) Work. The new co-workers are working out, and we all laughed so much this week. Even though we were drowning in work, we kept our heads above water, and Friday’s event went well. That was merely a pre-cursor for this week’s two-day event, and then the craziness to come after Labor Day.

    4) Songwriting. When transportation was late and the temperature was high, I proceeded to write a handful of new songs and sing them into my cell phone. (I don’t have any type of tape recorder/MP3 player/podcasting device.)

    5) Picture-taking. I acquired a digital camera from a friend who was going to recycle the item once she purchased a new camera.

    6) Enthusiasm. Being appreciated for it, rather than scolded for it. Sharing it with others. Knowing others who are similarly enthused and hopeful.

    7) Gratitude. Being thanked, rather taken for granted.

  11. Happy Sunday Everyone!! J and E, love the Mo illustration, especially the glowing eyes matching the glowing street lights.
    Jules, thanks for the heads up on the big blue squid book. I know some little rugrats who would love it!

    Now for the kicks:

    1. We finally got our tickets to go to Hawaii next month! Yay! It’ll be my first trip home in 3 years. This will mean mom’s home cooking and spending time with my niece (8) and nephew (10). Both are avid readers so it’ll be great to see what they’re excited about.

    2. My husband got me some pink roses (my favorite) the other day — not my birthday, not our anniversary. Ever since I read May Sarton’s Journal of a Solitude, I’m big on having fresh cut flowers in the house as often as possible. But aside from that, he’s been bringing me flowers for no special occasion ever since I met him 30 years ago! I am so blessed!

    3. Jules’ cento for Eisha’s birthday. I marveled at the ingenuity and patience involved in creating it, and felt the love!
    It was a fine tribute to enduring friendship that renewed my faith in people. Very touching and inspiring.

    4. Saw “My Best Friend’s Wedding” again for the 6th or 7th time. I LOVE Dermot Mulroney in that movie. Could be that greyish suit he wears, or that scar above the right side of his lip — no, it’s definitely when he sings “The Way You Look Tonight” to Julia Roberts. Yes, that does it for me every time!

    5. I’m trying to train my teddy bears (over 300) to dust themselves. So far, it’s not working. But I still like them.

    6. Paul Newman’s Fig Newmans (wheat free).

    7. Participating in Poetry Friday for the first time. Was a blast reading all the poems and visiting such cool blogs.

    Peace and happiness to all :)!

  12. Bon jour, 7 Kicksters.

    I am looking forward to meeting all of you in Chicago. I FINALLY made my reservations. Yay. I am flying in via a crop duster from White Plains, NY, but other than the itsy bitsy airplane, I can’t wait.

    Freecycle–through which I got raspberry bushes.

    I got a good start on cleaning up the garden.

    There was much chicken drama over a grape–dashing around, snatching, hiding from the others–that made me laugh. Grapes are big treats in the chicken world, needless to say.

    This afternoon I’m looking forward to finding a book as good as Channeling Mark Twain at the library.

  13. MoReader, have fun at the beach.

    Jone, I hope your book club picks some kickin’ titles for this year.

    David, low temps. What’s that like? Enjoy.

    Nancy, good luck with the personal dilemma. When it doubt, use a magic 8-ball. 😉 Seriously, good luck.

    Sara, happy anniversary again!

    Little Willow, who would scold you for being enthusiastic? Shame on them. I’m gonna have to come beat someone up, ’cause no one messes with our Little Willow. And guess what? My husband and I totally write “kat fud” on the grocery list whenever we have to buy it, ’cause of that Far Side cartoon, which we also love.

    Jama, thanks for visiting again! Are you enjoying blog-writing? Thanks for liking my cento. Wow, I really thought it was a stretch but am glad a) people liked it and b) you actually found it inspiring.

    My new kick: I just read the first three chapters of Gantos’ new Joey Pigza book and laughed so hard at one point that I thought I’d bust a gut. Not surprised at this.

  14. Susan, are they still eating watermelon, too?

  15. One more thing I forgot: Yes, Little Willow, thanks for the Slightly or Mostly Demented Books feedback! We will add! Let’s make it collaborative . . . Numero Uno HAS — just HAS — to be the king/queen of all demented books, The Stinky Cheese Man . . .


  16. Gosh, I love everyone’s kicks. They make me so happy 🙂

    And, Jules. “I’m the Biggest Thing in the Ocean” is so worth a week’s worth of Kicks. I just love and adore that book. Like David e says, it’s got the child humor down perfectly.

    MR: I wish I could have dinner in Virginia Beach again!!

    Like Tricia, I’m headed back into the trenches of college teaching next week. Unlike Tricia, my syllabi are not yet complete 🙂 But, I have some good news on that front:

    1) I am teaching a first year tutorial. The first year tutorial is, imo, the best thing about our college. We get 12 incoming students in a seminar. The focus of the seminar can be anything (this year I’m doing Literature, Intertextuality, and Philip Pullman’s “His Dark Materials.”) But, we are also responsible for improving academic writing and speaking, being the students’ academic advisor until they choose a major, and helping them deal with the weird stuff of the first year of college (Don’t say “Hey, Dude!” to that professor, etc.) Whew! This is a long windup, but just let me say that last time I taught a tutorial (topic that time was Utopia and Revolution) I got 1/2 a baseball team in my class. It was SOOOO painful. So, I went as academic as possible this time, hoping for the best. And it worked! I got geniuses!! I am so impressed by their files, their diversity, and their interest in the topic. Since I will be with these students for nearly 2 years, I am so, so happy.
    2) Robin Brande is not just a genius on her blog. Her first novel (out 8/28) kept me up all night. It’s wonderful, thought-provoking, etc, etc, etc
    3) Kids go back to school on Wednesday.

    These 3 kicks are enough to keep me happy for weeks! Have a great Sunday, All.

  17. Happy Sunday, Eisha and Jules!

    1. The hot, humid weather has left town and cooler, drier air has arrived.

    2. I bought a new Italian cookbook the other day and tried one of the recipes yesterday. I had to substitue a couple of ingredients. No matter–it was still a delicious dish made with pasta, spicy sausage meet, broccolini, garlic, and Romano cheese. (And there are plenty of leftovers!) My husband and I enjoyed our dinner last night with a fine bottle of Pinot Gris from the Willamette Valley of Oregon.

    3. A friend who recently had to have emergency surgery–and just in the nick of time–is recuperating well.

    4. After reading a post at A Year of Reading about a goal-setting meme, I checked back on my stated goals. Then I went and cleaned a closet. That was a day’s labor!!!

    5. My husband returned home from Canada on Friday with a nasty cold–but at least he doesn’t have a business trip scheduled this week. Finally, I’ll have more than the weekend to spend with him.

    6. My friend who owns a children’s book store let me look through her picture book F&G’s and her ARC’s and take what I wanted.

    7. Inspired by Tricia’s Monday Poetry Stretch at The Miss Rumphius Effect, I thought I’d try my hand at a cento about going to school. It’s about half done. I hope the finished poem will make sense.

  18. Kelly, I wanna take that seminar. May I pretend to be a first-year student?

    Elaine, I’m so glad you visited. Great kicks. I’m looking forward to reading your cento.

  19. I love the mental image of a three-year-old just randomly exclaiming sometimes during dinner, “I’M THE BIGGEST THING IN THIS WHALE!”. And I haven’t even read the book. I don’t have 7 kicks this week, but the ones that I do have are quite dense.

    1. Mheir took me on a “day of fun” yesterday, in honor of a recent milestone birthday. We had a picnic at a winery, saw the new Harry Potter movie, had massages at a spa, and then had a romantic dinner at a fondue place. He planned out everything, as a series of surprises. I think he’s a keeper, wouldn’t you say?

    2. I also took a day off during the week, in honor of said birthday, and spent the day reading and talking on the phone to family members. It was very restful.

    3. I read the ARC of Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac (with thanks to Jules) and enjoyed it. I also started reading Eclipse, and although I’ve heard some so-so reviews, I’m enjoying it.

    I’ll be missing the 7 Kicks next weekend, because I’m going on a weekend trip to Sonoma county with my three closest friends from college – the first time we’ve all four been together in about 10 years. But I’ll be thinking of you all! Have a great week!

  20. Ooh, look at all the lists.

    Nancy, way to kick evil spyware ass. You deserve lots of chocolate.

    Sara, that’s pretty cool that you keep a band in your basement, but be sure they have plenty of fresh air, food, and exercise – otherwise they might turn into the Smiths.

    Little Willow, I’m in love with the image of you standing on a sidewalk or something singing into your phone. And yay for enthusiasm, and gratitude.

    Jama, must be rough visiting family when they live in Hawaii. Try to muddle through it.

    Yay, Susan! Can’t wait to meet you in person!

    Elaine, friends who own book stores are good friends to have, I’m thinking. And I’m glad your friend is doing well, and your husband gets to hang out with you for a spell.

    Kelly, seriously, that class sounds like da bomb. I want to enroll too.

  21. Ooh, Jen, that trip sounds awesome. And so does your husband. Hey, we have almost-the-same-birthday! Go Leos! (Although I think maybe I was born a little early – I have strong Virgo tendencies mixed in with the Leo-ness).

  22. eisha, food is not an issue, believe me. They don’t hold back. One friend, in particular, ate a turkey sandwich, Good and Plenty, AND ice cream, all while waiting for the pizza to be delivered.

    And speaking of musicians, I’m still impressed by your love of the Drive-by Truckers. Is there any music that you don’t love or haven’t found already???

  23. Happy Birthday, Eisha!

    Jama, Any chance you’ll land on the Big Island? If so, look me up.

    Jen, If you get about halfway between Sebastopol and Forestville on Hwy 116 during your Sonoma County trip, stop by my folks’ winery – Graton Ridge – and tell them I sent you!

    Now for mine:

    1. My book, Team Challenges, just went off to the printer for its second print run!!

    2. We splurged on tickets to see Jimmy Buffet at the Waikiki Shell in October. We’ve seen him before, but in Hawaii? How cool is that?

    3. Three pounds lost and I’ve been walking regularly.

    4. I did some thrift store scavenging to find materials for a new project I want to try.

    5. I heard “neat idea!” from an editor, which will hopefully turn into a neat little paycheck.

    6. I attended a new writer’s group with the most diverse bunch of people that could possibly be crammed into a room together.

    7. A long telephone chat with a wonderful friend.

  24. Sara, there’s plenty I don’t like – I’m not much of a pop girl, for example. I definitely have a big thing for southern alt-rock; hence, the DBTs. But stuff I haven’t found? How would I know? Please, feel free to send me ideas for bands I might like!

    Kris – how cool would it be if two bloggers are brought together through our kicks lists? Or if you hook another one up with free wine… Good luck with the new projects!


    Jules, I loved that new Joey Pigza. I sat on my front porch reading it and laughed out loud so much that one of my neighbors finally came over to see what was up. I shooed him away as quickly as possible so I could get back to reading, naturally.

    The last couple weeks have been a little rough in my world, but let’s try:

    1. I am off work for the next two weeks. I love the library, but I need a break. Badly.
    2. My younger cat, Benny, sat with me for a couple hours yesterday while I read, which was nice. It’s usually Ella sitting with me, and sometimes I worry poor Benny feels left out. (I’m looking at that thinking that I’m starting to sound like Crazy Cat Lady.)
    3. I pruned a couple more bushes in my yard. That felt good.
    4. I purchased a bag I’ve really, really been wanting, and I love it.
    5. The new LCD Soundsystem CD. I don’t even care: I love it.
    6. Superbad was pretty fun, too.
    7. I had breakfast out with Tam and the boys a couple days this week, which were treats that really helped get me through until Friday. That Tam is seriously my BFF&E.

  26. Jen, happy belated b’day!

    Kris, good writing news all around.

    Adrienne, have a good vacation from work. I hope things look up for you. Thanks for visiting and listin’ kicks, even though you didn’t have the best week.

  27. Hey, adrienne. Thanks for stopping by, and I hope things get better soon too. Not working is good. And so are tomatoes… remember tomatoes?

    And don’t you apologize for LCD Soundsystem. I loved that “daft punk” song. Haven’t heard the new stuff, though.

  28. Adrienne: Enjoy your break from work. Hug those cats for me. May this new week be so much better than last week was for you.

    eisha: Thanks! That’s me. After the song blitz, I was reciting lines. Of course, any passersby would be rather disturbed by those lines, but that’s okay. I do that – both of those things, the singing and the talking – all of the time. Also, if you don’t listen to Duncan Sheik or Jonatha Brooke already, DO.

    Jen: Happy birthday! How sweet! I too enjoyed Amnesiac.

    Jules: I’ve had managers, co-workers, and customers who disliked my personality and spared no words telling me as much.

    Kelly: YAY for you! Yay for smart students! I want to hear about all of it. Are you all going to take a fieldtrip to the movie theatre in December? 😉

  29. My cousins finished the playhouse/shed today. Yay! I’ll have photos up in September. It’s 6 X 9, has two windows, and a porch. Um, it’s more than a playhouse now. Bede and I are going to use it for retreats from the house. Lucia will just have to learn to share.

  30. Belatedly stopping by – it’s Monday here but I figure it’s still yesterday there (!) so here I am (better late than never, I hope!)

    I don’t have 7 Kicks this week – two job applications I put in were ignored (so I assume from the fact the interview dates have passed) so I’m a bit fed up again with the job situation…

    However, I wrote FIVE stories this week – and got them all typed up and posted in the space of four days… THIS makes me happy enough to almost make up for the job situation… (Oh and the stories proved very popular with my readers, so yay !)

  31. Oh Alkelda, I’m jealous. I want to build one of those for my girls. I think they would squeal.

    Michele, so sorry about the job applications. Bummer. But good on the stories. Good to have some kicks.

    LW, I lurv Jonatha Brooke.

  32. Thanks for the birthday wishes, guys.

    And Kris, I will certainly stop by at your parents’ winery. I’m actually not staying too far from there, and I printed out the information. Thanks! Glad to hear about the good writing news, too.

  33. Good vibes to Michele!

    Jules, Jonatha rules!

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