Monday’s Radar-Books Schedule
(and 7-Imp’s Picture Book Week)

h1 August 27th, 2007 by Eisha and Jules

Don’t forget that the multi-blog “Recommendations from Under the Radar” event — explained here at this post of ours from Saturday — starts today. Each day this week, we will be posting the Radar-Books schedule for you so that you can easily find others’ posts, and we’ll be contributing our own Radar posts this Thursday and Friday.

We know that’s not a radar image. It’s a hypno-spiral, urging you to be sure not to miss this week’s wonderful posts at over fifteen different blogs.

And, in the name of coming attractions and looking ahead, guess what next week is? 7-Imp has declared its own unofficial . . .

Picture Book Week (woo hoo!)

(Maybe later we’ll come up with an altogether more creative name for that) . . . We will be bringing you little picture book treats left, right, and center for an entire week — reviews and interviews, including cyber-visits from Mo Willems and Adam Rex, and more. So, if you love picture books, it’ll be the week for you. If you aren’t sure, get in line behind TadMack and let us convert you. Just say yes to picture books. Come on, all the cool kids are doin’ it.

{Sorry for the annoying marquee announcement there, but we couldn’t resist. Okay, uh, now this entire post — between that and the hypno-spiral — is giving us a headache} . . .

On to today’s Radar schedule then. Go, read, and enjoy!

Monday, August 26, 2007:

4 comments to “Monday’s Radar-Books Schedule
(and 7-Imp’s Picture Book Week)”

  1. Picture Book Week sounds great!

  2. You two.

    And, for the record, I like the marquee.

  3. I like the marquee, too.

  4. Oh, OH, so, NOW I see.
    The cute little mice were all a set-up, eh???

    Picture books: so cute. So addictive. So terribly, terribly …not YA.

    Oh… all right. Fine. I’m semi-converted.

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