7-Imp’s 7 Kicks #30: Featuring Boris Kulikov

h1 September 30th, 2007 by Eisha and Jules

Jules: Eisha and I are excited to be featuring Boris Kulikov this week. We are huge fans of his illustrations, and he has sent us one this week from his upcoming illustrated title, The Castle On Hester Street by Linda Heller (originally published in 1982, but re-illustrated by Kulikov and to be published by Simon & Schuster in late October 2007). We have yet to see the book but were really thrilled that Mr. Kulikov decided to share with us an illustration which cannot be seen on his site yet. Here’s a description of the book from its home on Simon & Schuster’s site:

“A flying goat, buttons the size of sleds, and a castle on Hester Street are some of the widely imaginative stories Julie’s grandpa tells her about his journey from Russia to New York many years ago. But Grandma’s no-nonsense memories are far different from Grandpa’s tall tales.

This classic story, which reveals the immigrant experience with wit and warmth, won the Sydney Taylor Book Award when it was originally published with Linda Heller’s own illustrations. Now, on its twenty-fifth anniversary, The Castle on Hester Street is given new life with Boris Kulikov’s vibrant paintings.”

We can’t wait to see the book, and here’s one more illustration from it off Kulikov’s web site, which he has given up permission to share . . .

Many thanks to Mr. Kulikov for these beautiful illustrations, which grace our site this week. We particularly love that opening illustration, as it sits at the very tip-top of 7-Imp’s world up there, seeming to float as those proud parents in the picture are.

* * * * * * *

By way of explanation for any new folks (who we hope will leave their lists), our weekly 7 Kicks list is the meeting ground for listing Seven(ish) Exceptionally Fabulous, Beautiful, Interesting, Hilarious, or Otherwise Positive Noteworthy Things from the past week (whether book-related or not) that happened to you.

***eisha’s list***

Birthday by Marc Chagall1* I love the Boris Kulikov illustrations, especially that first one. Doesn’t it remind you of Marc Chagall, with the dancing-on-air people and the donkey and the whole whimsical feel? I can’t wait to read the book.

2* Since I’ve been temping at a financial firm, I’ve realized that I don’t really have any grown-up clothes. Being a children’s librarian in Cambridge, MA meant I could wear almost anything I wanted – which for me usually meant corduroys and Docs. So I went to T.J. Maxx, hoping to find one or two pairs of decent pants. But I got so incredibly lucky – there were tons of cute pants in the petite section for once, and I came away with 6 pairs (and 2 skirts). It was a little extravagant of me, but they were so cheap and cute and actually fit me that I couldn’t help myself. But that’s it, no more new clothes until I get a real job. Pinky promise.

3* Saturday the husband and I checked out Ithaca’s Apple Harvest Festival, which was a blast. There was a zydeco band playing while we wandered from booth to booth, eating and drinking many fabulous things, such as…

4* Hard apple cider

5* Potato pancakes

6* and the most brilliant caramel apple ever – it was sliced up in a bowl, then covered with caramel sauce, nuts and whipped cream. Oh. My. God.

7* I am getting so excited about the 1st Annual Kidlitosphere Conference next weekend in Chicago I can’t stand it. I am so looking forward to meeting everyone who’s going, not to mention actually getting to be in the same state with my BFF Jules. Woo!

***Jules’ list***

1). This article about author/illustrator Kevin Henkes, “the Mick Jagger of children’s literature.” He describes books in this write-up as offering a home to a child, “a home where they can grow and be nourished.” Right on. And he has a new YA novel coming out. And a new picture book for Fall ’08. “He writes and draws by hand – no computers involved. He writes the first draft of his novels in spiral notebooks and types the final draft on a typewriter his wife purchased when she was in college.” Whoa. And his discussion of the details of his picture books? Kickin’. Just go read it if you like him. Great article, and thanks to scholarlybrio for the link.

2). Watching a library copy of this with my girls. My youngest has been walking around singing, “Milk in the batter! Milk in the batter!” from the animated In the Night Kitchen, which makes my Sendak-worshipping heart very happy.

3). Eisha and I will be guest-blogging at ForeWord Magazine’s Shelf Space in October. Woo hoo!

4). “Cowboy & Octopus Travel the World!” — a trailer for the new book. Hoo ha! (I love the “I didn’t do it” at Stonehenge and the floating croissants in Paris). Haven’t seen the book yet — but will soon. And they even have a blog!

5). This fabulous, wonderful, well-researched blog about deaf characters in children’s and YA lit, which I could have used so much when I was librarian at the Tennessee School for the Deaf. Thanks to Fuse for the link.

6). The tribute to librarians that is The Boy Who Was Raised by Librarians, written by Carla Morris with illustrations by Brad Sneed (Peachtree Publishers; March 2007). I love how School Library Journal wrote, “Sneed makes it possible for readers to smell the very bindings of the books and hear the shuffle of feet across the carpeted floor.” Go, Marge! Go, Leeola! Go, Betty!

7). Last but not least . . . The 1st Annual Kidlitosphere Conference will occur in less than a week! How exciting, huh? We won’t be here listing our kicks next weekend, but for anyone not conference-going who wants to stop by, we will have an illustration so kickin’ that I hate that lots of bloggers (who will be in Chicago) will miss it. (To be clear, the illustrator knows that lots of bloggers won’t be around; we have already featured his work before). This illustration will kick off the month of October, and it will be fitting in its spooky (yet somewhat tongue-in-cheek) Halloween-is-coming tone . . . Can’t wait to meet a lot of you next weekend!

What are your kicks this week?

28 comments to “7-Imp’s 7 Kicks #30: Featuring Boris Kulikov”

  1. Good Morning All! It’s been a good week, though some of my kicks are about great things on the horizon.
    1. John Green came to UR to speak and he was amazing.
    2. Nominations for Cybils open tomorrow! I can’t wait to see the titles folks will be recommending.
    3. Killing myself working on a self-study report, but I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.
    4. New shirts for William, including Driven to Read (with Mo’s pigeon) and Betsy Lewin’s group on Click, Clack Read. He loves them and can’t wait for school tomorrow.
    5. Appointed to the Board of an alternative high school in the city and very excited about the work I will be able to help support.
    6. Getting a late birthday present from my sister and it’s awesome! Click Here to see it!
    7. Chicago in less than a week! I can’t wait!
    Have a great week everyone!

  2. Jules and Eisha,

    I know I haven’t been stopping by much on Sundays recently…but I thought I’d leave a couple of kicks this week. First, let me say that I wish I could be in two places at one time. While all my favorite kidlit bloggers will be off in Chicago at their first conference, I’ll be at the artist Open House and exhibit of the Robert’s Snow 2007 snowflakes at the Child at Heart Gallery in Newburyport, Massachusetts on October 6th. I can’t wait to see all those wonderful works of art in person. The owner of the gallery isn’t sure how many children will be stopping by to purchase books by illustrators who will be speaking at the library–so she asked if I’d read aloud to them. I’ve got my bag of Grace Lin books at the ready!

    Super Kick #1: My husband and I spent several days on Westport Island in Maine. The waterfront house we rented was gorgeous. Two of our best friends–who’ve had some major medical problems in recent months–joined us for two days. They were both feeling well and really enjoyed themselves. We had glorious weather, cooked up some great food, imbibed some bubbly and other fine vinos. We even lit fires in the fireplace at night. A perfect vacation!!!

    Super Kick #2: I noted the following kick on my blog the other day–but I kept I had kept it a secret for so long that it’s just busting to come out again. One of my poems is going to be included in a children’s poetry anthology that will be published in Spring 2008. I can’t wait!!!

  3. By the way, Eisha, I make great potato pancakes. My mother taught me how. I now have the frying technique perfected. Love cooking the pancakes thin and crispy and serving them with sour cream–and sometimes my homemade plum sauce! My husband loves them–so does Janet Wong.

  4. Just one more thing–I promise! The good news: I got my computer hard drive back recently. The techs were able to retrieve all my files. The bad news: It cost a few thousand dollars!

  5. Tricia, NO WAY! That bag is gorgeous! Good luck with that self-study report, too.

    Elaine, hi! I am so behind on my blog-reading that I didn’t know about your great publication news. Congrats! I’ll have to go read that post. Can’t wait to hear about the Child at Heart Gallery snowflake opening, too. And sorry about the cost of getting your computer files back, but I’m glad you got them . . . Thanks for visiting and kickin’ with us. We’ve missed you.

  6. Jules and Eisha, as always you have provided some of the coolest illustrators and their work in the post. I keep adding titles to the list.
    Elaine, congrats on the poem in the anthology. I am sorry to miss meeting younext weekend. I wan th e potato pancake recipe.
    I absolutely love The Boy Who Was Raised by Librarians! Bought it this summer.
    My seven kicks:
    1. My granddaughter coming to “Read and Play” at school, a weekly event by the public library.
    2. Reading Evolution, Me, and Other Freaks of Nature.
    3. Haircut and color yeasterday.
    4. The rain.
    5. Finding out I was on the CYBILS poetry judge panel.
    6. Eating at the new wood oven pizza place. Delicious!
    7. Only five days until Chicago!!
    Have a great week. See you soon.

  7. Seven Kicks:
    1. The Fall Philly SCBWI Conference was great.
    2. Laurie Halse Anderson is amazing. And she knew who I was, oddly enough. I think I have a writer crush.
    3. Joyce Hostetter gave me valuable pointers on researching historical information.
    4. Dianne Ochiltree gave me valuable information on writing and revising picture books and more.
    5. I qualified for Social Security benefits, oddly enough, which saves me from having to go through an appeals process, which would’ve been stressful. So yay. And weird.
    6. S (14) is reading To Kill A Mockingbird for 9th grade honors English. She likes the book, although the assignment part is a bit odd.
    7. CYBILS nominations start tomorrow. I must ponder my picks.

  8. Tricia, you saw John Green in person! Jealous! And I love the purse too, and the t-shirts.

    Elaine, your vacation sounds so dreamy. And huge congrats on the publication of your poem! And please email me the potato pancake recipe!!!

    Jone, mmm, wood-oven pizza sounds very good right now. And isn’t Evolution, Me… great?

    Kelly, that conference does sound amazing. And ooh, I remember when I first read To Kill a Mockingbird for my 9th grade English class. Blew me away. And thanks for reminding me – I’ve been so deep in Cybils planning I haven’t even thought about what to nominate.

  9. It was a busy crazy week and for all it included I’m not sure how many were kicks and how many were wallops upside the head.

    1. my eldest turned 11 this week. she also got her first cell phone (like I said, a kick and a wallop)

    2. my wife started her first week as a high profile law clerk (kick) on the same day the girl’s school was shut down due to a chemical leak (wallop).

    3. kickin’ not-your-grandmother’s-ambrosia for a potluck. no marshmallows, no chemical jello, just all-natural fruit and yogurt goodness so no wallop here.

    4. finished a recent batch of reviews before deadline for a change.

    5. i think the cowboy and octopus trailer would have made the list if it weren’t already included above. why can’t all book trailers be this entertaining?

    I think that’s it, I’ve only got five in me this week. Maybe I’ll remember some more later.


  10. How great is that illustration??? I love how everyone’s so proud and happy, even the goat and his goat-ee)

    My kick this week is all about the National Book Festival:

    1. The weather was stunning, and thousands of people turned out, and OMG, you should have seen the lines for the book signings! People waited at least an hour for a minute with an author.

    2. The pavilions were packed with people all day long, so all the authors and poets got to speak to big, enthusiastic crowds. I found Jennie from BiblioFile and we hung out and listened to most of the presentations in the Children’s/Teen tent.

    4. Hearing Gene Luen Yang say that comic book writers weren’t sexy, and I accidentally yelled: “Yes, you are!” He was amazingly funny, and humble, and he had his wife and two kids there. I love American Born Chinese, so I was so happy for him.

    5. Also awesome: M.T. Anderson talking about his experiences working at McDonalds (led to his book, Burger Wuss) and his story about his parents popping him into a canoe when he was a toddler and paddling to a bridge outside of town to hear then President Ford speak. Apparently, his interest in history started then!

    6. Patricia McCormick talking about Sold. Wow. I need to read this book. And Sheila P. Moses’s voice: the most beautiful speaking voice I’ve heard in a very long time. She could be a preacher and I’d sit in a hard pew for six hours to listen to that voice.

    7. The kids! They were all so excited about books, and several of them were young writers, and asked the best questions about characters and voice and inspiration. I felt some of them would be future National Book Festival speakers, like in 2030.

  11. Mmm, david, that ambrosia sounds awesome. You need to email me that recipe, too.

    Sara, whoa, that is quite an impressive bunch of people you got to see. That is tres cool.

  12. Jone, the rain is a kick for me, too, though we haven’t had a lot around middle Tenn. this season.

    Kelly, To Kill a Mockingbird = Best Book Ever, and I’ll argue that ’til the day I die.

    David, I finally saw Cowboy & Octopus yesterday in a bookstore, and I should be getting a review copy soon. Such a funny book.

    Sara, I love Sold and couldn’t understand its underrated-ness for one second. So glad you got to experience the Festival. I lived near D.C. for a very short time but missed the one that year.

  13. 7 Kicks:

    1. I’m looking forward to the upcoming Kidlitosphere Conference in Chicago, where I’ll get to meet so many of my blog friends, and also see two high school friends that I hardly ever get to spend time with.
    2. A ludicrous number of cool blogosphere events are starting tomorrow: Readergirlz 31 Flavorites, Cybils nominations, J&E blogging for ForeWord magazine, and banned book week. And other cool stuff will be coming up a bit later in October.
    3. My love of stories in all formats is being satisfied by the start of the fall TV season.
    4. I got a fun “adultitis antidote” care package in the mail this week from Escape Adulthood.
    5. I got my hair cut and my car maintained this week, which together make me feel like my life is a little bit under control.
    6. The Red Sox won the AL East regular season championship, for the first time in much too long.
    7. My knee, which has been keeping me from walking very much for weeks, is gradually letting me get back out in the world. And just in time for cooler fall weather.

  14. Jen, congrats on the healing knee. And correction: We will not start guest-blogging at ForeWord ’til the following Monday. But we’re looking forward . . . and also looking forward to those Cybils noms tomorrow!

  15. It is cool blogging in a timezone closer to everyone else as there are more lists to read when I post mine! A great mix as usual. Here is my list (just in time):

    1. I’m really enjoying watching the seasons turn so clearly. Leaves are falling, birds are migrating and the day is getting shorter – I keep feeling like I’m living in a book
    2. We had a friend visit for the day, which was great fun as it was a good excuse to go wander around Cambridge again. It was nice entertaining again, although I shouldn’t say that as though it’s rare – we’ve had four sets of Australian visitors since we moved in around 6 weeks ago!
    3. Yummy chocolate tart and whipped cream for dessert
    4. Having books very efficiently delivered to my local library
    5. I got time to lay around reading in the sun coming in the window today, and even had a nap. Blissfully relaxing!
    6. We have just tested the heating system in preparation for colder weather, and it works! Given the shoddy construction in the rest of the house, this is a very cheering thing.
    7. I’m going to go and see Neil Gaiman! I’m working in London that day anyway so I can easily pop around afterwards – so cool! I’ve seen Neil talk before in Melbourne but don’t think you can really have too much of him.

    Have a good week everyone!

  16. Ooh, cool kicks, everyone. Here’s my list:

    1. John Green in Richmond! I loved hosting him for two days–such fun. Tricia did a great writeup here. ( think she was too humble to link.)
    2. My son voluntarily swept and mopped the bathroom floor yesterday. Truly.
    3. Started a fun knitting project.
    4. I’m getting excited about the Cybils, too!
    5. This awesome video.
    6. Fun dinner with a friend last night, followed by a viewing of Hairspray.
    7. Did I mention I got to hang out with John Green?

  17. Eisha, We are really freaking serious about our apples in NY. In this neck of the woods, people have lengthy discussions about their favorite varieties, hybrids, etc. Personally, I’m all about the Empires.

    Cords aren’t fancy pants?

    Jules, Lucas and I LOVE the Pierre cartoon on that Maurice Sendak DVD.

    We also frickin’ love Cowboy & Octopus. Thanks for pointing out the trailer; I immediately posted it to WPL’s children’s department blog for the public.

    Tricia, That purse is AWESOME.

    My kicks:
    1. I spent a good part of the afternoon pouring over my tour books for Chicago. This is kind of unprecedented for me. I usually save reading tour books for the plane, but my excitement about the trip completely overwhelmed me.
    2. I did about two crossword puzzles a day all week, which means it was an excellent good week.
    3. I ate lots of homemade ice cream from Corn Hill Creamery.
    4. I’m getting my house in order. That feels good.
    5. We got a Wii for the library this week. That was fun.
    6. I wrote lots of letters today.
    7. The season premiere of The Office featured Wegmans product placement. If you guys don’t live around here, you don’t know Wegmans grocery stores and can’t possibly understand (Tricia will if she checks back in), but we are absurdly proud of Wegmans here in Rochester, so it was kind of exciting to see it on my favorite show.

    Okay, so maybe it was a quiet week–still good, though.

  18. Emmaco, congrats on getting to see Neil!

    Tricia and Libby, thanks for telling us more about John Green. I forgot to say that earlier, Tricia!

    Libby, I’ve seen that video. It’s neat. Oh, and can you send your son to come clean up our bathrooms? That’s awesome that he did that.

    Adrienne, I wish you could give me a Chicago tour, since you’re all prepared, but my trip will be so whirlwind (getting there later in the morning on Saturday and leaving at the ass-crack of dawn on Sunday). Kudos on being prepared. Can’t wait to meet you!

  19. p.s. Kick #7 and 1/2 — my husband just made home-made pesto. Mmmmm.

  20. I don’t remember checking in last week, so I’ll put last Sunday’s visit to …
    1. The Land of Little Horses on the list. The kids and adults had a great time.
    2. Getting up a big list of best books of the year. I use it as my reading list for the next few months.
    3. Sending my daughter’s happy dance to Brotherhood 2.0. I hope it makes the video.
    4. Good weather for our Girl Scout camping trip.
    5. Good girls for our Girl Scout camping trip.
    6. Good food on our Girl Scout camping trip.
    7. And another go at archery, just for fun.

    Looking forward to next weekend and meeting everyone!

  21. Ooh, Jen, thanks for reminding me! Since I’m not working in a library I TOTALLY FORGOT ABOUT BANNED BOOKS WEEK! I am so ashamed! (And I’m glad your knee is better, too.)

    Emmaco, I totally agree – Neil Gaiman is awesome in person and you cannot see him too many times. And I can’t believe you’ve been there 6 weeks and are already entertaining. You are so far ahead of me in the getting-settled-in business.

    Libby, I can’t wait to hear more about you hanging out w/ John Green You MUST spill!

    adrienne, I’m starting to get that about New Yorkers and their apples. I’ve always been a Gala girl myself, but I think I just became a Honey Crisp convert. And I WISH cords counted as fancy pants, but no, these people wear heels and ties and stuff.

    MotherReader, I hope your daughter’s happy dance makes it onto B2.0 too. You’ll have to point her out to us.

  22. MotherReader, your Best Books list ROCKED and RAWKED, too. Hope you do it again next year . . . and again and again and again . . .

  23. Jules, I am also leaving at the ass crack of dawn on Sunday.

    Eisha, HEELS! Yikes! I can do heels for one (1) day, but then I have to rehab in clogs for a week. There are many reasons that I haven’t yet become independently wealthy. This is one.

    The Honey Crisps are very, very good. I also like the Jonamacs. I like my apples crisp, so I unlove Red Delicious and Golden Delicious. The Ginger Golds are a little less crisp than some others, but they’re pretty good.

    Have I ever mentioned that I grew up on an apple orchard? 😉

  24. Eisha, when I say “entertaining” I should have confessed that in one instance it involved sharing a towel on the floor to eat on and the floor to sleep on – the true test of friendship! Seriously, though, we’re starting to wonder if our fellow countrypeople ever stay at home!

  25. Yes, adrienne, YES, on all counts: crunchy apples and no heels at work. And no, I don’t believe you did mention the orchard, even when we interviewed you. That must have been awesome.

    And thanks, Emmaco, I feel much better.

  26. […] their YouTube video, should you have missed it earlier here at […]

  27. […] second spread below (of life at sea) is from The Castle on Hester Street written by Linda Heller and illustrated by Boris Kulikov (Simon and Schuster, Oct. […]

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