Photos from the 1st Annual Kidlitosphere Conference

h1 October 8th, 2007 by jules

It’s late, but here I am posting conference photos so that other conference-go’ers can see them on Monday morning. Now, people: Before anyone complains about how BIG they are, well . . . I can’t do tables in WordPress, and I don’t have time to figure out picture formatting/sizing right now, so here they all are, each at width 500. And absolutely NO ONE is allowed to email and say, but I look awful! Wah! . . . ’cause none of you do. You are all beautiful. So there.

We sure did have fun meeting everyone. Enjoy the pics. Wish I had a lot more, but I’m bad about runnin’ my mouth, talking to folks, and being a bit too much in the moment, only then realizing much too late that I haven’t taken a single photo. This is better than what I usually turn out, though, yes, I’m still kicking myself for not getting even more photos of bloggers we met.

(For the record, I got a big family photo, too, but it came out way too dark. Go see Mark and Andrea for a beautiful copy) . . .

Us with conference organizer extraordinaire and author/blogger Robin Brande
(slightly blurry photo . . . aaaah! My eyes!)

A big gang of bloggers. From left to right
(and behind us two imps at the bottom there):
Adrienne! Kelly! Anne! Fuse!

Andrea and Mark, in the flesh

Adrienne, Eisha, Sara Lewis Holmes, and Yours Truly

Me with Kelly Herold

Eisha with Gregory K. and Adrienne

Jone, a.k.a. MsMac, and her husband
(right after winning some great conference swag)

Us with the author of the fabulous When Giants Come to Play (and this year’s
Iggy Peck, Architect) and blogger at Three Silly Chicks, Andrea Beaty

Me with Jen Robinson

The two imps of 7-Imp,
fairly early in the evening and before the great fatigue started settling in

Tricia and Eisha and Camille!

Us with the one and only MotherReader

The conference was wonderful. Perhaps Eisha and I can even co-blab about it later. Thanks to Robin Brande for all the time and effort and devotion that went into organizing this huge undertaking.

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  1. Wow, a picture of myself that I actually like! I may steal it for my blog 😉

    Thanks for posting these. My only regret about the whole weekend is that I didn’t get to spend more time with you two.

    We’ll have to fix that next year in Portland.

  2. I look awful! Just kidding 🙂

    Anyway, it was great to meet you too. What a fun whirlwind trip. Off to work and real life now…

  3. The picture of you two is so cute — it was great to meet you guys, and I only wish we’d gotten more time to chat.

  4. Oh, it’s wonderful to see so many photos all at once of the conference, and put some faces to bloggers names. Thanks for sharing!

  5. I am envious. ENVIOUS, I say! I so wanted to come, only, well, my in-laws were having their 50th wedding anniversary. And really, it was more important to be there than to be with you guys. But still, your “party” looks like far more fun.

  6. I am so, so mad we didn’t get a chance to spend more time together talking. ARG. It was such a blur!

    And great photos. I think I remembered to take all of five or so.

  7. How fun. I wish I had done more photos as well. Next year. So fun to meet you both. I am off to post mine.

  8. I love seeing the pics, Jules. Now I’ll recognize all y’all if I bump into you in the street in Nashville, or Rochester, or D.C., or Portland, or…

  9. Thanks for getting these up so quickly. Some folks at the conference, and I’m not naming names, mighta forgotten their cameras and will have to rely on the kindness of others…. Great meeting you both!

  10. It was great to have a chance to hang-out with both of you over lunch. We had a great time.

    See you in Portland.


  11. Great photos! And the nearly-lifesize effect makes me feel like I’ve brought you all home with me!

    So many great people, so little time. Whirlwind is right. Can’t wait til Portland!

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  13. Next year in Portland! I missed you all this weekend as I stayed behind in Seattle. But hey, you all (especially Robin) get credit for being the pioneers.

    I’ve rounded up my 6 favorite posts of the past two months, as I know everyone’s swamped with blog reading. I’m encouraging others to do the same, if so inclined.

  14. Ooooh, I wish I could have been there!

    Thanks so much for posting the photos.

  15. hi jules and eisha!

    so THAT’S what you two really look like!! eek eek (just kidding)!

    what a treat seeing all these *celebrity bloggers* at last . . . thanks so much for the HUGE pictures. i think i’ll be dreaming about everybody tonight.

    why does eisha look so mischievous in all the shots? (the camera never lies . . . )

  16. It was great to meet you two — I wish I’d gotten a chance to talk to you more! Great photos. I love the way you two were twins in black, and so were Mark and Andrea!

  17. Thanks for posting these! Looks like a lot of fun.

  18. P.S. There’s a cute pic of you two sitting on the floor on my blog!

  19. Look at all of us…we’re grinning like maniacs. Happy maniacs.

    I’m SO glad you took pictures!

  20. Hey, Jules…you look GREAT! : )

  21. Oh, man.
    It was even BETTER than predicted, wasn’t it?????

  22. Envy. Envy over here.

    But next year? I’m SO there. I could hitchihike to Portland if I needed to!

  23. Thanks for sharing the photos! I’m going to bookmark this post, for when I get nostalgic for the conference. It was SO great meeting both of you. And I got to have a nice chat with Eisha at the bar – it was a true pleasure. Jules, I wish we’d had more time to hang out. But, as everyone else has noted, there’s always next year.

  24. Great pictures ladies! Next year in Portland we can compare notes on our duo-blogs!

  25. Nice photos! I didn’t take nearly enough. I’m the same way, getting too caught up in everything to remember to take them.

    Jama, I think Eisha looks mischievous because she was trying to figure out a way to steal my purse.

  26. Well, can you blame me? You guys, just look at it. So cute!

    Jen, I owe you and Mheir a drink in Portland!

    Laini, I didn’t even notice the black-clad twins thing until just now. Huh. Guess Jules and I really do share a single brain.

    I think my fave photo here, though, is the one of Jone and her husband Chuck. They’re going to be hosting one kick-ass conference, can’t you tell?

    My least fave has to be the one with Greg, just ’cause I look so drunk. But I wasn’t! I swear! I was in the coffee crowd, not the Target-bought wine crowd.

  27. Target sells wine?

    Love the pictures. You all look like you’re having too much fun. Thanks for sharing! I’m jealous.

  28. Great photos imps! Thanks for sharing them. I was so glad to meet you guys and only wish we had more time together to chat. It was so worth kicking Bill to another table to sit with you!

  29. Vivian, in Illinois they do! I wish you coulda been there. Start planning for Portland right this minute!

    MoReader, glad you got your priorities straight. We loved hanging with you, too.

  30. I’ve been gone for days and came back to lots of reports about this fun event. One thing that strikes me though in looking at the pictures is how YOUNG most of you kidlit bloggers are (or look, anyway). Not that I’m OLD…but I was surprised by the pictures.

    I think this is a valuable tidbit, because kids – those beings that we wish to encourage to read – are going to take a recommendation from a young hip blogger more to heart than they would from someone who is, um, less young. Interesting. Thanks for sharing the pix!

  31. Yay, bloggers! 🙂

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