Blogging for a Cure, Day Six

h1 October 20th, 2007 by jules

Here is the Robert’s Snow illustrator-and-snowflake feature schedule for Saturday, October 20. And, hey, look! Thacher Hurd made a snowflake in 2005. It’s pictured here and is called — you guessed it — “Skating Alligator.” (And, having just seen his site for the first time, I see that he is very modest about his parentage at his bio: “Thacher grew up in a family of children’s book artists.” Well, that’s one way to put it — as the son of Clement Hurd and the person to whom Goodnight Moon is dedicated. Humble, indeed. But I digress).

In this below schedule, the illustrator’s name links to his/her website, but click on the blog to be taken to that blogger’s snowflake/illustrator feature:

* Linas Alsenas, featured by cloudscome at A Wrung Sponge

* Theresa Brandon, featured by Alyssa at The Shady Glade

* Karen Katz, featured by Emily Beeson at Whimsy Books

* Judy Schachner, featured by Kate Messner at Kate’s Book Blog

* Sally Vitsky, featured by Kerry at Shelf Elf: read, write, rave

Did you see yesterday’s features? Did you see Jeff Newman’s snowflake (!), as featured by Franki at A Year of Reading? Did you hear Blogging for the Cure’s first ever podcast? Do you know what Roald Dahl and his delightfully terrifying children’s poem, “The Pig,” has to do with Robert’s Snow? And what Renaissance paintings and pensive pigs have to do with it? Visit this feature from yesterday to find out. All the features were fun to read. Don’t miss ’em!

Don’t forget this new page here at 7-Imp, updated daily, which lists all the illustrator features thus far in one spot, and it’s turning into a handy-dandy, way-cool illustrator resource for us Picture Book Nerds.

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  1. Jules,

    Thanks for spreading the word about our first Blogging for the Cure podcast. We promise the next three will be much better!!

    And thanks for the wonderful alphabetized, comprehensive list!

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