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Poetry Friday and 7-Imp’s Blogiversary:
Well, you don’t look a DAY over 18 months!

h1 Friday, August 1st, 2008

Jules and Eisha: Here’s our Poetry Friday entry for today, an old classic, if you’ll allow us to sing it to ourselves:

Happy birthday to us!
Happy birthday to us!
Happy birthday, 7-Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimp!
Happy birthday to us!

eisha: Is it possible?! We’re TWO! Two years old! And hey, we just had a little tantrum not too long ago, so I guess we’re developing right on schedule. Walking around, feeding ourselves, yelling “NO!” at the slightest provocation… my, how the time flies. J, can you believe it’s been two years already? And we’re still here?

Jules: Yes, we did throw a tantrum, but at least we tried to use words (is that something only mamas-of-toddlers get? I dunno.) Really, it’s just growing pains, I guess.

And we can look back on the year and consider the things we’ve done: Mainly, that I annoyed everyone, I have no doubt, experimenting with font sizes and colors and by putting to use—entirely too often—the marquee tag. But see my restraint here? I didn’t put “marquee tag” in marquee tags!

What was your favorite post this year, E? I think my own question is too hard to answer, but I will include here one of my favorite illustrations we posted this year — from up-and-coming illustrator, James Hindle. ‘Cause who doesn’t want a cupcake belt buckle? I ask you. And do you know: As a result of that post about James, someone contacted us and shared this actual cupcake belt buckle; she found it while looking for something to match her cupcake tattoo. For serious. And that would be Alison Alexander, Australian jewelry-maker, who—incidentally—has this fabulous autograph at her site. (My fan-dom for John Burningham knows no bounds. If we ever got an interview with him, well…I don’t know that it would actually ever get posted, ’cause I’d pass right out and wouldn’t be able to pick myself up.)

Anyway, um, I know we should probably try harder to highlight all the things we did this year, but, shoot….people have the archives. And I’m excited that we re-discovered our roots and are gonna post more of Whatever the Hell We Want Whenever We Want To. Would you say that’s an apt description, E? Read the rest of this entry �