Poetry Friday and 7-Imp’s Blogiversary:
Well, you don’t look a DAY over 18 months!

h1 August 1st, 2008 by Eisha and Jules

Jules and Eisha: Here’s our Poetry Friday entry for today, an old classic, if you’ll allow us to sing it to ourselves:

Happy birthday to us!
Happy birthday to us!
Happy birthday, 7-Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimp!
Happy birthday to us!

eisha: Is it possible?! We’re TWO! Two years old! And hey, we just had a little tantrum not too long ago, so I guess we’re developing right on schedule. Walking around, feeding ourselves, yelling “NO!” at the slightest provocation… my, how the time flies. J, can you believe it’s been two years already? And we’re still here?

Jules: Yes, we did throw a tantrum, but at least we tried to use words (is that something only mamas-of-toddlers get? I dunno.) Really, it’s just growing pains, I guess.

And we can look back on the year and consider the things we’ve done: Mainly, that I annoyed everyone, I have no doubt, experimenting with font sizes and colors and by putting to use—entirely too often—the marquee tag. But see my restraint here? I didn’t put “marquee tag” in marquee tags!

What was your favorite post this year, E? I think my own question is too hard to answer, but I will include here one of my favorite illustrations we posted this year — from up-and-coming illustrator, James Hindle. ‘Cause who doesn’t want a cupcake belt buckle? I ask you. And do you know: As a result of that post about James, someone contacted us and shared this actual cupcake belt buckle; she found it while looking for something to match her cupcake tattoo. For serious. And that would be Alison Alexander, Australian jewelry-maker, who—incidentally—has this fabulous autograph at her site. (My fan-dom for John Burningham knows no bounds. If we ever got an interview with him, well…I don’t know that it would actually ever get posted, ’cause I’d pass right out and wouldn’t be able to pick myself up.)

Anyway, um, I know we should probably try harder to highlight all the things we did this year, but, shoot….people have the archives. And I’m excited that we re-discovered our roots and are gonna post more of Whatever the Hell We Want Whenever We Want To. Would you say that’s an apt description, E?

Maybe our goal for 2009 could be to ACTUALLY find a book we disagree on and have another exciting smackdown, but this time between us. Do you think it’ll ever happen?

eisha: I never thought you’d get burned out on posting about a quadrillion books a week, so I’d say anything is possible, J.

Geez, though, a single favorite post? I’m stumped. I’ve loved some of the previously-unknown-to-me illustrators you’ve snagged for us to feature, like Fernando Falcone (and I LOVE that we got to use his version of the Tea Party scene as one of our header images. Looks so nice with the Frank Dormer one too). Plus we talked to some of my all-time heroes, like Kadir Nelson. And we’ve interviewed some wicked funny authors, too, like Adam Rex, Jon Scieszka and Mo Willems, which was an honor as well as a hoot.

Also, we started bringing guests in for our co-reviews, resulting in some fabulously fun tri-reviews with peeps like Betsy Bird (Fuse #8) and Roger Sutton. I still can’t believe you asked him to do that, Ms. Ballsy McBravepants.

Nope. It’s been an incredible year. I can’t possibly pick a favorite post.

Thanks, Jules, for being my BFF and blog partner. Big-ups to all our guests who take time out of their busy lives to answer our goofy questions, send us pretty pictures, and gab about books with us. And mega-super-size thanks to our other BFFs, a.k.a. our readers and fellow bloggers, who have made this too fun to quit.

24 comments to “Poetry Friday and 7-Imp’s Blogiversary:
Well, you don’t look a DAY over 18 months!”

  1. So weird that it’s only been two years! You guys have done so much in such a short time! Happy Blogversary!

  2. Happy
    Seven Imp!

  3. Happy birthday, 7-Imp! Jules and Eisha, I’m glad your blog is around.

  4. Wow, only 2 years? I agree with TadMack. You guys have done SO much during that time. I couldn’t imagine the kidlit world without you.

    Happy Blogiversary!! I’m sending 7 million cupcakes 🙂 . . .

  5. Thanks, everyone! I second Eisha’s last paragraph in a big ‘ol way.

    I just realized Alison, the jewelry-maker, has a picture of her cupcake tattoo at her site. I’ll include it here.

    Obviously, I need one.

  6. Hey, congratulations on the anniversary!

    Somehow, I’d managed to completely miss 7 Imp until the last week or so. Which means that I’ve got a lot of enjoyment ahead of me, just browsing the stacks for the jewels which your long-time visitors have had to WAIT for, mwaaa-ha-ha!

  7. Congrats and happy birthday, guys!

  8. Happy happy to you. Here’s to more blogging, be it long or short, just so long as it’s in the usual 7-Imp style/joie de vivre. Cheers!

  9. Congratulations! I look forward to what’s still to come!

  10. Happy birthday! As a present, you get Breaking Dawn!

  11. Happy Anniversary, Jules and Eisha! Here’s to many more 🙂

  12. Happy blog birthday! Hugs and mugs of coffee all around!!!

  13. Happy bloggy-birthday! Maybe I can have a cupcake in your honor (despite the fact that I made teff brownies yesterday).

  14. Happy birthday!

    Viz using your words–I’ve tried this on my husband–“use your words, darling.” But he knows some very bad ones, so it’s risky….:)

  15. Thanks for celebrating with us, everybody. I’m passing out virtual cupcakes with little candles in them right now. Make a wish!

  16. Charlotte, I’m a particular fan of my husband’s own creative curses. They’re pretty good ones. He could write the book…

    Eisha, I’ll take the vanilla cupcake with dark chocolate frosting.

  17. “…post more of Whatever the Hell We Want Whenever We Want To.” Great mission statement. Very healthy. Guaranteed to help you survive another two years of blogging. Well, that and the cupcakes.

  18. A Very Happy Second Blogiversary to you, Jules and Eisha! I’m glad the Dynamic Duo is still hanging out in the kidlitosphere.

  19. Here’s to many more! Happy Blogiversary!

  20. Hap, hap, happy birthday, J & E!! Look–you have teeth!

  21. Happy birthday to you!
    Happy birthday, you two!
    Happy birthday, Seven-Imp!
    Happy birthday – YOU’RE TWO!

  22. great. both your blogiversary and my mom’s birthday on the same day… and i missed both. happy belated, and thanks for being there.

  23. Happy birthday, ladies. You make me feel old, what with pushing 3-1/2.

  24. Hey, I ate cupcakes TWICE this weekend, and I didn’t know why, ’cause I hardly ever have the opportunity. Now I know it was karma, baby, and you were sharing the love across the miles.

    Happy day, you two.

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