How to Get to Zimbabwe in Your Station Wagon

h1 July 3rd, 2008 by jules

I was going to talk and talk about some killer new picture books today, but I simply didn’t have time yesterday to formulate a halfway-coherent post.

Instead, I’ll direct you over to The Morning News (which is always wonderful) where recently, as in two days ago, severely talented writer and illustrator Elisha Cooper—and, most recently, author of ridiculous/hilarious/terrible/cool: A Year in an American High School, which I’m currently reading—published an essay on the dream vacation for him and his family. And it’s not what you might think. The Bahamas? The shore? Nah, they flew all over the world without leaving their neighborhood, something to which I can relate this summer. If you’d like to read the essay, a short read, it’s here.


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