Ooo! Ooo! We have a new Mad Tea Party image!

h1 July 15th, 2008 by Eisha and Jules

Hey, guess what? Anyone else remember when illustrator Frank Dormer created a Mad Tea Party image specifically for us and how ga-ga we were over it? We promptly put it on this page of our site, the one that lists our illustrator interviews and lists all the artists and illustrators we’ve featured in one way or another here at 7-Imp. If you’re like us and haven’t had your coffee yet and are too tired to click and look, let us show you here what the top of that page looks like:


Well, every Sunday we feature the art work of different illustrators/artists, and a couple weeks ago, we featured Argentinian illustrator Fernando Falcone. We opened that feature with his Mad Tea Party image, created in ’06, posted here at his site in all its terrifying and arresting beauty. (That makes us sound a bit like a bad Calvin Klein ad, but…well, just look at it.) We boldly asked him, despite not speaking Spanish ourselves, if we could include that image in the header of another one of our blog’s pages, and he said YES, dear friends! So, we have one more kickin’ Mad Tea Party image to add to our collection — with a brunette Alice, nonetheless.

We decided to include it on our Author Interviews page. Isn’t it just perfect? Oh, still no coffee yet? Here’s what it looks like:

We extend precisely one kerjillion thanks to Mr. Falcone for the use of that illustration.

Many thanks to Jules’ husband, our personal tech support, for manuevering these images into those headers and making ’em look so great there.

AND…a whole heapin’ bunch of thanks to Little Willow, who pointed Falcone out to us in the first place. She’s got our back and is all the time pointing us in the direction of great Alice images.

We hope to eventually have a Mad Tea Party image we’re absolutely in love with for each page of our blog (though we’ll always leave the classic Tenniel on the very front page). And no rush. We’ll get there one day. These things of beauty take time.

P.S. For fun: Jules re-discovered an old email the other day in which someone pointed out another Mad Tea Party image — one by illustrator Tony DiTerlizzi, created when he was in high school, complete with Elton John as the Mad Hatter. Wanna see? Go here, and scroll down.

4 comments to “Ooo! Ooo! We have a new Mad Tea Party image!”

  1. Hurrah for both images and illustrators.
    Bonus points to Tony DiTerlizzi.

  2. WOW. That is sooooo cool!

  3. What gorgeous images! Aren’t you just in awe of people who can make art like that?

  4. You already know I’m in love with Falcone’s work!

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