Seven Favorite Things About Jules

h1 May 6th, 2009 by eisha

Can you believe it’s been a whole year since the last time I broke out the marquee tag? Let’s see if I still remember how this works…


Yup, there we go.

Jules, for this year’s celebration, I invited Fountains of Wayne to sing a song in your honor:

(Ya’ll should know, if you don’t already, that Jules is a nickname for Julie.) What I love about that song is that, not only does it have your name in it, but it describes EXACTLY the kind of friend you are. You’ve always got my back. Not that I’m special – you’ve pretty much got the entire blogosphere’s back, too.

Oh, and guess who else? Are you ready for this? It’s your boyfriend, Barry Manilow:

I know, right? I didn’t think he’d be available, what with his being 197 years old and his tickets costing about $1000 and all, but when he heard it was your birthday, he was all over it. He said, “Oh yeah, Julie! Wasn’t she that little girl I winked at in the audience of a concert that time? ANYTHING for her! She’s my only fan under 60!”

See, even Barry appreciates how you’ve got HIS back, too.

What I’m trying to say here, is: you’re the best friend and blog-partner a girl could ever ask for. I hope I don’t take you for granted, but I probably do. So for this birthday, to remind you and everyone else how awesome you are, I’m proclaiming…


top ten?

Letterman? NO WAY! What are you… Oh. Uh, thanks, Dave, but it’s my Top SEVEN Favorite Things About Jules. See, ’cause we’re SEVEN Impossible Things Before Breakfast. Get it? Thanks, though. Really. That was sweet.

Right, then… the list:

1* You get really worked up about Pictionary. Whenever we get teamed up for a game, if we get one right you always high-five me so hard I can’t make a fist for days.

2* You are the only person I know over 21 who is still excited about getting older. And damn it, you are aging so gracefully it’s sickening.

3* You’re a fabulous mom. Your girls are so smart and creative and sweet, and are more like you every time I see them.

4* Remember when I threw your wedding shower, and “hired” (i.e., bribed with alcohol, then threatened with all kinds of violence when they got stage fright) two guy friends of ours to strip for you? Complete with a sombrero, overalls, and Garfield underwear? Your face turned the brightest shade of red I’ve ever seen outside of a sunburn, and you were utterly immobilized with embarrassment. Best. Reaction. Ever. It’s one of my most treasured memories.

mmm…5* You have an impeccable work ethic, and never do anything half-assed.

6* You have more reason to complain about your life than a lot of people I know, but you don’t. Well, I mean, of course you complain, who doesn’t? But no matter what you go through, your enthusiasm and goodness and light always rise to the surface.

7* Surprisingly, though, you can trash-talk better than anyone I know, except maybe your husband. Thanks for being my fellow gutter-mouth friend.

And now, I’m gonna put on a pot of coffee for our guests. I’m hoping you’ll get a few visitors here to share their birthday love with you, and maybe even mention a favorite Jules-ism or two themselves…

(Psst. That’s your cue, people.)

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  1. w00t! Happy Birthday, my love!

  2. Happy Birthday, Jules!!!

  3. What a fantastic tribute to a nifty gal. Happy b-day Jules.

  4. Cue, huh? Okay, how about… the Sam Phillips thing? I love the way she keeps it under wraps, as though afraid she’s going to drive people away — yeah, right — and then when the pressure gets too great (new song release, album release, Facebook page) she just, can’t, HOLD it anymore. But still apologizes for each glancing reference.

    I never imagined handwringing enthusiasm could be so charming.

    Have a happy one, Jules!

    [This is so great, Eisha.]

  5. Oh how embarrassing. I messed up the date stamp on the post so it went public a few hours early. Whatever. I fixed it so it will reflect Jules’s true birthday, which is May 6.

    Anyhoo, thanks everyone for the Jules birthday love!

  6. Happy Birthday Jules!!! My favorite things about Jules include:

    Jules is always working for others – to promote writers, illustrators, other bloggers, to raise money for good causes,..

    How she reaches out through cyberspace to give hugs and encourage the rest of us to keep smiling…

    Her fabulous blogging. Really. She is my inspiration.

  7. YAY! I’ll say what I said on Facebook: A birthday is a day to mark a year of getting wiser, bolder and more free. I think you’re nailing it, Jules!

    One of my favorite things about Jules: She doesn’t hoard what she loves. She shares all that passion for great art, and music and writing—every jot of every kick*** bit of life she uncovers— and all of us get to sit here like cake-besotted, crazy-hatted lucky party guests and let the goodness pour over our lazy selves.

    Love that Garfield-undies stripper story. I think it should be re-enacted every year.

  8. Eisha,
    What a great job! I think you nailed everything that’s absolutely wonderful about our friend, Jules. I think I’ll have a BIG cup of steaming hot, extra strong coffee in her honor today. Happy birthday, Julie! I hope it’s a truly magical day for you!

  9. Happy B-day to one of my Favorite Blogosphere Friends!!

    What I love about Jules is how humble she is — as if not everyone in the blogosphere knows her name and blog. Just about EVERY TIME Jules emails me, she comes, hat in hand, as if I don’t adore hearing from her. She asks favors the same way, all, “So, if it’s not too much trouble…?” and she shares — she finds something good or sees an illustrator she knows I’ll like — she’s all over it, emailing. She’s one of those people who prefaces things with, “well, I know it’s probably really geeky, but…” and then she plows ahead, which is extremely endearing and very funny, since we’re basically all geeks here together.

    I appreciate Jules’ pride in her husband and kids – she talks about them as if they’re a brand new thing to her, the best thing since sliced bread, every single day. I envy the people who actually know her.

    I can maybe have one cup of coffee per week — and it cracks me up that someone as mellow as Jules could probably tap a vein and bleed black, but I’ll raise my big old herbal tea in her honor today — Happy Birthday, Bud! The best of everything to you!

  10. Happy Birthday Jules! You’re one amazing gal who deserves a perfect birthday. I second the stripper event to mark the occasion.

  11. Jules, many happy returns of the day!

  12. Happy Happy Happy Birthday, Jules!!

    Amen to all the good things everybody’s said so far about the most generous, supportive, enthusiastic, caring, compassionate blogger in the kidlit community.

    Plus, every day I am impressed by how SMART the girl is — her knowledge of children’s literature is vast and deep. She’s so passionate about books and art and artists and her family, and is not afraid to show it. She’s a tireless promoter of other people’s work, and her love for all things kids books is truly infectious.

    A big, big heart, and a beautiful soul!!
    A privilege to know her.

  13. What a fabulous birthday tribute. I can’t add anything else on to the heaping pile of praise. You’re that great!

    Have a happy day!

  14. Happy birthday, Jules! I’ll add some chocolate sauce and extra sprinkles to Tricia’s heapin’ pile of praise! Hope the love (and the Garfield underwear memories) make you smile for weeks.

  15. Happy birthday, my dear friend! I love you very much, and hope that you have a wonderful day! XOXOXO

  16. Happy day of birth! Wishing you cake and sunshine.

  17. My favorite thing about Julie… Hmm. Other than the fact that she just plain rocks? Well I guess she takes such great pleasure in sharing what she has, as if that were the sole purpose in getting it in the first place.

  18. YOU GUYS!EISHA! Thank you. You’re making me blush seriously hard. Thank you thank you all for the sweet comments.

    Oh sweet Jebus, if Darrien wouldn’t outright KILL me, I’d post a pic right here of him in his Garfield undies. Wait, one of them had on Winnie-the-Pooh undies, too, right?

    And I wish I could play Pictionary RIGHT FREAKIN’ NOW with you, Eisha. And I’d try not to break your arm, but…man, when you get an all-play there at the end and it’s something like “house” and it’s just an issue of whoever draws it the FASTEST and whoever yells “HOUSE” fastest after the synapses in your brain fire for a femtosecond and THAT determines the winner? Well, I can hardly stand it. There are pics of me from high school playing “Pictionary,” and in every one of them, I’m in the air. Seriously. Feet off the ground.

    Anyway, Eisha, did you hear me laughing from Tennessee when I read that bit about Barry? Poor Barry. He’s not really THAT old. And I cannot believe that someone has a YouTube recording of “Oh Julie.” When I was 11 and he released that, I just knew it was written for me.

    Should I turn in my BarryGrams if I hear it now as an adult and think it’s a pretty asstastic song?

    Thanks, everyone. I’m a lucky gal to know you all.

  19. I too love Jules’ excellent blog posts that fearlessly share her infectious passion for children’s literature!!!

    Happy Birthday, Jules!

    *HUGS* :o)

  20. Jules!!!! I think it’s only been a month or so since we started our email chats, and we’ve never even spoken or met face-to-face, so this probably sounds silly, but your friendship has already become dear to me. That says everything about YOU, because few people in this world take the time to get to know someone the way you do, with such care and genuine interest. You know what it means to be a friend, and that’s a gift you have given me, even on the day when I hope YOU are being showered with gifts.

    Happy, Happy Birthday, friend.


  21. Thanks for sharing so much. This site is a great place to be. Happy Birthday.

  22. Happy Birthday Jules!

    One of my favorite things about the birthday girl is that she is clearly absolutely nutso crazy in love with her family. Also she loves kids lit and isn’t afraid to shout that fact from the rooftops. ‘Nuff said.

    Enjoy your day!

  23. jules, my fellow taurean, i knew we were kindred spirits. today’s my bday, too, tho i’m, well, let’s just say slightly older than you are. happy day.

  24. JULES! I totally forgot Ross had Pooh boxers. I was so focused on watching you try to melt into your chair. Wow, that makes it even better.

    Thank you all for stepping up to the plate! Birthday cake and coffee all around!

  25. My Seven Favorite Things About Jules

    1. She does all these interviews with authors and illustrators I LOVE, so then I get to learn more about their work and how they work, which then makes me love them even more.
    2. She also introduces me to all these authors and illustrators who I don’t know, and then I love them.
    3. She’s always recommending books I wind up loving, too. For instance, right now I’m halfway through one of her recommendations, Lulu Atlantis and the Quest for True Blue Love by Patricia Martin, which is completely the thing I need to be reading right now.
    4. She understands, shares, and supports my fondness for speaking in hyperbole, which is the best thing ever.
    5. She plays around with fonts and is not afraid of the marquee tag.
    6. She sends me mail. I love mail!
    7. She knows about Eleanor, and being brave (for example, see: tag, marquee and hyperbole, speaking in).

    Happy birthday, Jules! Hope you’re taking TONS of pics with that swell birthday camera!

  26. Eisha – a P.S. to my previous post – so sorry for forgetting to mention that I think what you did for Jules today was really, REALLY nice. I thought I had great friends, but you are obviously a rare breed. Jules is blessed to have you, and vice versa. No wonder 7-imp is such a beautiful place to visit, with all that goodness behind it….

  27. Happy birthday Jules!


    Hope its been a fabulous day. I echo what everyone else has said – you are truly a smart, warm and incredibly enthusiastic and positive force in this world.

    And go Eisha for your birthday tribute to Jules. The two of you set the bar high as to how true friendship really works.

  29. Aw. Now, in the interest of full disclosure, I should maybe point out here that I emailed Jules today to tell her that her real actual physical present from me is going to be late, ’cause I’m in kind of a dither getting ready for the mother-in-law’s visit this weekend. This would never happen on Jules’s watch. So, you see… she’s very much the awesomer friend.

  30. JULES…

    I’m arriving a little late with my wishes for a happy birthday–but they are heartfelt. I certainly hope to meet one of my favorite kidlit bloggers one day. Next time you’re up in my neck of the woods…we will definitely have to make plans to get together.

    Hope your special day has been a great one.


  31. THANK YOU ALL! You’re so kind. You all made my day. And thanks again, e-dawg, for the post…

    Jules, stuffed from birthday cake and dinner

  32. I am often late but always sincere: Happy happy birthday!

  33. Belated birthday greetings here! I was going to write down seven of my favorite thing sabout Jules, but then I realized they could all be distilled into one sentence:

    She gets it.


  34. Happy birthday, Jules! I’m sorry that these wishes are belated; I’m a silly cat who didn’t have your birthday marked on my perpetual calendar, so now I feel horrible for having missed it. I hope you had a fabulous day!

  35. Thanks, Fuse and Farida (aw!) and Little Willow. DO NOT apologize, anyone, for belated wishes! It’s very kind of you to even stop by and send birthday greetings at all.

  36. Jules!!!!!
    I’ve been totally off my game for about ten days so I MISSED YOUR BIRTHDAY. Dang! I am just here having my own little party right now, though (thanks for all the vids, Eisha) and sending you big love for a big year!!!!

  37. Thanks, Liz!

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