Last night I dreamed of a children’s poet laureate . . .

h1 September 28th, 2006 by jules

prelutsky.gifcathedral.gif . . . oh, and some chickens, too.

Devoted blog reader, if you will allow us to wander from a book review one more time this week, we just must announce that The Poetry Foundation made their decision yesterday and chose Jack Prelutsky as the country’s first ever Children’s Poet Laureate. Yes, first ever. This is right up there with the day that The New York Times finally created the bestseller list in children’s books. (Arguably, this is much bigger news; but it’s pretty rad that children’s lit is gettin’ the attention it deserves).

And while we’re announcing momentous events in the realm of children’s literature, read here that David Macaulay, children’s book author/illustrator, has been named a 2006 MacArthur Fellow, the so-called genius awards. He’s in good company, it seems, and he’s ever-so worthy.

Now back to our regularly-scheduled book reviewing, I promise . . .

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  1. oh, and eisha was right on target: — yay, eisha! — jules

  2. yeah, i called it. i totally rule. who da man? i’m da man.

    not literally, of course. figuratively. i’m da figurative man.

    forget it.

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