Mmmm… chocolate…

h1 September 29th, 2006 by eisha

Woo-hoo! I am one of three winners in author Robin Brande’s monthly Free Chocolate givaway! How awesome is that? When you enter, she asks for an essay explaining exactly why you should win. I gave her 3 compelling reasons, which I think gave me an edge:

1. I like her blog. Really, I’m not just brown-nosing – she’s quite funny and smart, and apparently has a lot of willpower, since she keeps giving up things like chocolate and tortilla chips. I even put a handy link to it over in the “Seven Impossible Children’s Book Blogs and Sites” list, so you guys could check it out too.

2. I really need a bigger ass. I mean, doesn’t everybody?

3. She and I have a weird connection: on her “about” page, she describes her Broadway debut in The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee. See, my husband is a set designer who frequently works with Barrington Stage Company, where that show premiered before it moved to NY. Small world! See? Tenuous obscure connection = give me chocolate!

I wonder what reasons Brooke and Marci gave…

Go forth, chocolate lovers! Enter! Next month it could be you!

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  1. Yes, Eisha, I confess that your essay did play a role in your win–particularly reason #2 (although reasons #1 & 3 were awfully sweet!). I still claim the drawing is mostly random, but as with every contest, an exceptional essay will always give you an edge.

  2. I can’t exactly remember what I wrote for the essay, except that I parodied “The Iliad” and referred to Brande as a “chocolate muse.” And yes, I was very tired when I wrote it.

  3. ooh, parody of the classics… a good approach. and a bit more highbrow then mentioning your own ass. i’ll have to remember that technique.

  4. People:

    I got my chocolate. It’s really, seriously, fancy, good chocolate. It’s OH MY GOD chocolate.

    That Robin. I love her.

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