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h1 March 13th, 2013 by jules

“Stars, / Stars, / A necklace of stars …”
— Sean’s sample piece for the Estate of Langston Hughes,
before he began work on the book, followed by the book’s final spread

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Last week, I chatted briefly with Sean Qualls about his latest book, Lullaby (For a Black Mother), to be released by Harcourt next week. It’s a picture book adaptation of a Langston Hughes poem, originally published in 1932.

The Q&A was here. Today, I follow up with some art. Enjoy.

“My little dark baby, / My little earth-thing, / My little love-one …”
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“Kissing the night.”
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“Oh, little dark baby, / Night black baby …”
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* * * * * * *

LULLABY (FOR A BLACK MOTHER). Copyright © 1994 by the Estate of Langston Hughes. Illustrations copyright © 2013 by Sean Qualls. Published by Harcourt Children’s Books, Boston. All images here used with permission of Sean Qualls.

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  1. Oooo, the art is gorgeous (as usual)! Cannot wait to get a copy of this. Thanks for sharing, Sean and Jules!

  2. This reminds me, in some ways, of Yuyi’s Little Night, which I love, but this is so much fun, too. I love how both books just dance the baby through the world. Cute little round punkin’ head!! ☺ Love that Sean Qualls.

  3. Dreamlike beauty..gorgeous

  4. Lovely

  5. Beautiful! And I love Langston Hughes.

  6. Gorgeous.

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