What I’m Up To at Kirkus This Week,
Plus What I Did Last Week, Featuring Don Brown

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“Covering forty miles a day for a week of hard riding on horseback, he was rain soaked, windblown, and frozen. The trip was nothing like selling books.
It would be the easiest part of his adventure.”

(Click to enlarge this early sketch from Henry and the Cannons)

This week in my Kirkus column? Tricia Springstubb’s Phoebe & Digger, illustrated by Jeff Newman. That link is here.

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Last week I wrote here about Don Brown’s Henry and the Cannons: An Extraordinary True Story of the American Revolution (Roaring Brook, January 2013). Today Don is sharing some early sketches (one is above) and final art from the book.


“It was the winter of 1775. The American Revolution had begun,
and things weren’t going well for the Patriots of Boston, Massachusetts.”

(Click to enlarge this early sketch)

“They had to be rowed hard for hours. Muscles and breath burned.”
(Early sketch and final spread — Click each to enlarge)

“Certain the snow would return, Henry decided to scout the route ahead.
He was alone and off the beaten path when a heavy storm blew in. …
‘I had almost perished with the cold,’ he said.”

(Final spread — Click to enlarge)

“In Westfield, Massachusetts, Henry fired a big gun and thrilled everyone.”
(Final spread — Click to enlarge)

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HENRY AND THE CANNONS: AN EXTRAORDINARY TRUE STORY OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION. Copyright © 2013 by Don Brown. Published by Roaring Brook Press, New York. All images here used with permission of Don Brown and the publisher.

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Plus What I Did Last Week, Featuring Don Brown”

  1. Oooh, this looks great!

  2. Love seeing the pencil sketches, as you really see the beauty of his page compositions. Lovely work–thank you for posting!

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