“[A]n emotional, yet hopeful, parable”

h1 April 16th, 2013 by jules

Sometimes here at 7-Imp I write about books well before their release date. In early January of this year, I chatted briefly at Kirkus (where this post’s title comes from) with author/illustrator Bob Staake about several things, including his new picture book, Bluebird, released just last week. After I chatted with him, he stopped by here to share a few sketches.

I don’t tend to post reminders that a book has come out, but I am today. Because Bluebird will go down, if all is right in the world, as one of this year’s best picture books. Below is the trailer. Here’s some great process info at his website.

4 comments to ““[A]n emotional, yet hopeful, parable””

  1. I completely agree, Jules. It’s a significant book in every respect. I am going to be sharing it with students repeatedly; all ages.

  2. Emotional, hopeful parables are good today, I think.

  3. Precisely.

  4. This looks wonderful. Can’t wait to get it. Was just sharing Staake’s “Donut” book the other day, and marveling at his color and wit.

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