That is NOT a Good Idea!

h1 May 6th, 2013 by jules

I’m not really yelling at you, dear Imp readers. You don’t have to put that liquor-filled chocolate down. That post title is really the name of a new picture book.

I don’t have an interview for you all today. (I tend to post “breakfast” interviews on Mondays or Tuesdays, don’t I? This just occurred to me. If I were blog-organized, I would have noticed this sooner.) Nor do I have any super special, behind-the-scenes sketches or such — or any authors or illustrators visiting. Instead, I’ve been busy the last few weeks prepping for a grad picture book course I’ll be teaching this summer (though I do have several interviews, squirming and wiggling and waiting to be posted).

But for today I do have a straight-up review, which I wrote for BookPage. It’s a review of Mo Willems’ new book, That is NOT a Good Idea! It is a good idea to read this book, though, because I enjoyed it. My thoughts are here, if you’re so inclined to read them.

I hope to have spreads from the book to show you later here at 7-Imp.

See you soon. …

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  1. That wolf looks like he is up to NO GOOD!

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