Because I Get Twitchy When I Don’t Share Art…
(Featuring Floyd Cooper and Mo Willems)

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“Now Satchel was up. … And when the pitch came in, he smacked it toward Bartell at short. He fumbled it, then fired to first. Satchel beat the throw and Brooks scored.
Or so Satch thought.”

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Last week at Kirkus, I chatted with author Robert Skead and illustrator Floyd Cooper about Something to Prove: The Great Satchel Paige vs. Rookie Joe DiMaggio, released by Carolrhoda Books in April.

I also reviewed Mo Willems’ new book at BookPage.

So, for both books (and given this post’s title), I’ve got some illustrations to share today.


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“Satch threw his ‘trouble ball,’ ‘bat dodger,’ and ‘wobbly ball,’ and the major leaguers went down without a hit. But things changed in the second inning
when Bud Hafey and Cookie Lavagetto both whacked doubles.
The major leauguers had a run on the scoreboard. …”

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“‘… DiMaggio beamed. ‘Now I know I can make it with the Yankees. I finally got a hit off Ol’ Satch,’ he said. Satch overheard Joe’s comment. He and DiMaggio locked eyes. Satch could tell that he had the rookie’s respect.”
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SOMETHING TO PROVE: THE GREAT SATCHEL PAIGE VS ROOKIE JOE DIMAGGIO. Copyright © 2013 by Robert Skead. Illustrations © 2013 by Floyd Cooper. Published by Carolrhoda Books, Minneapolis. Illustrations reproduced with permission of the publisher.

THAT IS NOT A GOOD IDEA! Copyright © 2013 by Mo Willems. Published by Balzer + Bray, New York. Illustrations reproduced with permission of the publisher.

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(Featuring Floyd Cooper and Mo Willems)”

  1. Have you ever read “The Mole and the Owl” by Charles Duffie? I did, years ago. First it was only available as an online book. Then he found a publisher. We used to correspond, and I was first in line for three copies. Re-opened it again this week while rummaging in my bookshelves. Unforgetable (or maybe you have to be in the mood?).

  2. Nope, never seen it, Andy, but I’ll look for it.

  3. Thrills! Drama! Dinner?

  4. Can he outfox her?
    Or will her goose be cooked?

  5. Fox: (evil laughter) “Would you care to look in my soup?
    A key ingredient is missing.”

    He was planning to make goose soup.

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