Going Nowhere Fast

h1 December 3rd, 2013 by jules

Early sketch and final art
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Hi, all.

You’re really gonna click on the image above and see that cardboard up close, right?

I recently reviewed Sam Zuppardi’s The Nowhere Box (Candlewick, November 2013) for the fine folks at BookPage. This is Sam’s debut picture book.

And, since you all know I get kind of twitchy when I don’t share art from the books about which I write, I’m following up here today at 7-Imp with some art from Zuppardi himself (pictured right). He has also sent along some early sketches and dummies from the book.

My book review is here at BookPage’s site (I give them seven points for the name they gave my review, “He’s a Real Nowhere Man”), and below are some more images from Sam.

I thank him for sharing.


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Early jacket sample
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Title page sketch
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Title page (close to final version)
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Early sketch and final art
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Early sketch and final art
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THE NOWHERE BOX. Copyright © 2013 by Sam Zuppardi. Illustrations reproduced by permission of the publisher, Candlewick Press, Somerville, MA. Other images used with permission of Sam Zuppardi.

11 comments to “Going Nowhere Fast”

  1. Brilliant! Love the colors, the textures, those half-moon grins.

  2. Congratulations, Sam! This is wonderful!

  3. Love it. Looking for more from you.

  4. Sam, this is fab. I love the storyboard, and we all love the book.

  5. I love this book.
    My wife loves this book.
    My son is obsessed with this book.

    In fact, we have built several nowhere boxes over the past couple months and go nowhere on a regular basis.

  6. jules, I’m so glad you said to click on the image. There was no other way to see all the details and textures. How WONderful!

    I haven’t seen this book on the shelves—yet. But you can be sure, I’ll be looking 🙂 I LOVE the distinctive style, Sam. It’s not easy to be distinctive (at least not for me!) and you’ve carried this off superbly. Can’t wait to read it! I mean, who doesn’t love the amazing world of an empty box? 😀

    P.S. Minh, you cracked me up! Next time you go nowhere, would you mind a tag-along? 😉

  7. I’ve read it and I LOVE it.

  8. This is a terrific book. And I’ve seen Sam’s portfolio. I want MORE. (Especially the one about what is really behind the wallpaper.)

  9. I’ve long admired Sam’s work from afar and I think this looks like a fabulous book.
    Also love the sharing about post-it thumbnails, what a great idea!

  10. Wonderful. These are so lovely!

  11. […] that goes double for illustrations, because I can’t really do them myself. So I enjoyed the behind-the-scenes look at Sam Zuppardi’s new picture book The Nowhere Box at the Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast blog (great […]

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