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From Chris Raschka’s Lamby Lamb (April 2014)
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Last week at Kirkus, I chatted with publishing director Cecily Kaiser, who works with Appleseed, a fairly new imprint of Abrams Books for Young Readers. We chatted about board books and what makes a good one. All of that chit-chattin’ is here, and today I’m following up with art from some of the books she mentioned, including the re-boot (coming in 2014) of Chris Raschka’s Thingy Thing series, pictured above.

Enjoy the art.

From Chris Raschka’s Crabby Crab (April 2014)
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* * *


From Christopher Franceschelli’s Alphablock,
illustrated by Peskimo (August 2013)

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* * *


From Eric Barclay’s I Can See Just Fine (August 2013)
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* * *


From Barney Saltzberg’s Andrew Drew and Drew (2012)
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* * *


From Pantone: Colors (2012)
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* * * * * * *

All art here used with permission of Abrams Appleseed.

4 comments to “Arty Art”

  1. I am ALL OVER that Pantone book. ALL OVER it. The nephew – four now – is still drawing like a crazy man. When he’s all hyped up, that is the ONE thing that will get him to sit down and chill out: a box of crayons and blank paper. Not even for an iPhone will he be that calm. And I can see him really laughing at the glasses book, and the Alphablocks! Woot! This looks like fun stuff.

  2. The Chris Raschka illustrations are absolutely wonderful! So happy to learn these books are being reissued.

  3. There are a few here I haven’t checked out yet, but I want to see the ALPHA BLOCK book in PERSON! I’m seeing it all over online! lol

    And I’ve read ANDREW DREW AND DREW and loved the way it was executed 🙂

  4. I’m over the moon about the Chris Raschka books – his work is amazing! Thanks for writing another great and thought provoking piece. Writing for the littler set is a whole different ball of wax.

    Donna Marie- Powell’s books has the Alpha Block book for 30% off and free shipping til Dec. 15 (I do work for them – but it’s a great deal and they are a great indie bookstore!)

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