What I’m Doing at Kirkus This Week,
Plus What I Did Last Week, Featuring André François

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Today over at Kirkus, I write about a new picture book from Uri Shulevitz. It’s called Dusk.

That is here this morning.

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Last week, I wrote here about Isobel Harris’ Little Boy Brown (pictured left), illustrated by French graphic designer and illustrator André François and originally published in 1949.

I’m following up today with some art from the book, released by Enchanted Lion Books last month, which is below.


“We live in the City. It’s easy the way we live, because we live in a hotel that has a tunnel all the way to the station and the Subway trains: And the Subway trains go right into the building where my father works,
so he doesn’t ever have to go out of doors at all.”

(Click to enlarge and see text)

“My friends are all the elevator men and the doormen and the waiters and, most of all, Hilda, the chambermaid. She is my favorite friend. Everyone takes turns taking me out. They like it. Mostly they have to take dogs out but we haven’t a dog.
We only have me. Once when Hilda took me out
it was the nicest time in all my life. This is what happened …”

(Click to enlarge and see text)

“Hilda’s house is wonderful! It has upstairs for bedrooms and downstairs for the kitchen and the living-room. There is no elevator, only the stairs to walk up and down. I walked up and down eleven times.”
(Click to enlarge and see text)

“Mister Snow hadn’t been finished a minute when Hilda’s mother opened the door and called: ‘Tea is ready!’ We were certainly glad, because we knew there was the chocolate cake in the house. I had milk and bread and butter too. It was the first time I had ever had a Policeman with my tea. It made it better.”
(Click to enlarge and see text)

“Hilda had promised Mother she would undress me and put me to bed because Mother and Daddy were staying out late for dinner. Pretty soon she thought that I was asleep and tiptoed away. I was glad because I wanted to pretend I was still at Hilda’s house. It was such a wonderful day!”
(Click to enlarge and see text)

(Click to enlarge cover)

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LITTLE BOY BROWN. First American edition published in 2013 by Enchanted Lion Books. Copyright © 2013 by Enchanted Lion Books for this reprint edition. Illustrations reproduced by permission of the publisher.

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