Hasel, Rose, and Caroline

h1 June 16th, 2015 by jules

“Rose caught it up out of the water.”
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Good morning, all. I’ve got some artwork today from Caroline Magerl, born in Germany but raised (mostly) in Australia. Just last year, her book Hasel and Rose was published by Penguin-Viking Australia. I’ve got a copy of the book, and it’s beautifully, eloquently told, this story of starting over and friendship found. Magerl’s pen and ink and watercolor illustrations, with their relaxed lines and muted tones, contain ample charms. As I understand it, the book will be reprinted in 2016 by DoubleDay here in the U.S. — under the title Rose and the Wish Thing.

I’ve got some illustrations from Hasel and Rose today, and since I was so taken with her artwork, Caroline even shares some of her other pieces here. I thank her for sharing. You can see more illustrations from the book here. (Some of the artwork was shown at the Chris Beetles Gallery in St James, London, last November. Here’s my favorite moment in the book.)



From Hasel and Rose:


“But the wish thing had no name.”
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“But perhaps there was no such thing.”
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“It was a short ride for Hasel and Rose.”
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Other Artwork:





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HASEL AND ROSE. Copyright © 2014 by Caroline Magerl. Published by Penguin Viking, Australia. All artwork here is reproduced by permission of Caroline Magerl.

10 comments to “Hasel, Rose, and Caroline”

  1. Great stuff–“The Hare of the dog” Love it! There is a whole book right there.

  2. Because she doesn’t use straight lines, there is always movement in each piece — so much movement! The watercolors are something else. I really like this artist’s work. I wonder if she has prints…

  3. Ooh, really beautiful work . Love the colors and subtle magic in these glowing paintings.

    It’s been too long since I’ve treated myself to the feast that is Seven Imp; and looking at these and other recent posts is good for my spirit. Thanks!

  4. Thanks, all, and Elisa, I’m glad it brought you some joy.

    Great question about prints, Tanita. Caroline, are you around to answer?

  5. I love this!!

  6. Hi Julie and Tanita,
    Long story… I am in discussions with a licensing company at the moment. I have previously sold prints here in Australia however I decided to look into alternatives because of the high postage rates and long delivery times for overseas orders.

  7. Gorgeous illustrations. So imaginative; and humorous! I especially love the one of multi-tasking: listening, but also in the treehouse; and watering the plant of imagination. The voyage of the beagle and hare of the dog are quite comical. Thanks for sharing.

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  9. What an amazing talent of images and words! I am thrilled to be representing Caroline. Thank you Jules and Eisha for this wonderful blog. Keep up the terrific work.

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