Bright Skies with Aimée Sicuro

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“With the city suddenly darkened,
Phoebe and Dad sat in the store, listening to the rain. …”


Since I chatted last week (here) with author Uma Krishnaswami about her newest picture book, Bright Sky, Starry City (Groundwood, May 2015), I’m following up here today with some spreads from the book, which was illustrated by Aimée Sicuro.

Enjoy the art.

(Note: Some of the text in the spreads featured below varies slightly from the text in the final copy of the book.)


“Phoebe helped Dad set up the telescopes outside his store. …”
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“Two of the planets—Saturn and Mars—would be up in the sky later, between those buildings. They’d be up, but Phoebe worried she wouldn’t be able to see them. …”
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“… Rain blurred the lights. Clouds blotted out the sky.
Dad hurried Phoebe back into the shop.”
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“Crash! Boom! The echoes faded. But something had changed.
Where were all the lights?”
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“Above the newly washed city, with the power still out,
glowing, sparkling, gleaming lights painted the night …”
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“… How deep the night was and how endless!”
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“Phoebe breathed in the night, with all its stars and planets.
‘What a bright, bright sky,’ she whispered.”
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BRIGHT SKY, STARRY CITY. Copyright © 2015 by Uma Krishnaswami. Illustrations © 2015 by Aimée Sicuro. Published by Groundwood Books, Toronto. Spreads reproduced by permission of the publisher.

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