Katherine Applegate: My Kirkus Q&A

h1 August 20th, 2015 by jules

I don’t think there are many middle-grade children’s books that talk about the ‘working poor’ — about the stresses that come when parents juggle multiple low-paying jobs and there still isn’t enough food on the table or maybe even a place to call home. Children may not know what being ‘food insecure’ means, but they understand much more than we give them credit for, especially when it comes to money.”

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Over at Kirkus today, I talk to author Katherine Applegate about her new middle-grade novel, Crenshaw (Feiwel and Friends), coming to shelves next month.

That conversation is here.

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Photo of Katherine used by her permission.

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  1. Is it possible to subscribe to your blog via email? I couldn’t find that option. Thanks.

    Nancy Dorman-Hickson
    P.S. Love the title of your blog!

  2. Nancy, I reeeeeally need to fix that at the blog. I’m so sorry! I’ll ask my husband, my personal tech support, about that, promise.

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