7-Imp’s 7 Kicks #463: Featuring
Andrea Dezsö, Jonas Lauströer, & Sybille Schenker

h1 December 27th, 2015 by jules

“All of the sudden an enormous whale came puffing up to him and cried out,
‘Who said you could catch the subjects of my realm and take them away with you?
This will cost you your life!'”
— Andrea Dezsö’s illustration for “The Three Sisters”


“Little Red Cap opened her eyes wide, and when she saw the sunbeams dancing back and forth as they shone through the trees, and all the lovely flowers growing in the forest, she thought: if I take Grandmother a bunch of fresh flowers
she’d like that, too.”
— From
Little Red Riding Hood, illustrated by Sybille Schenker
(Click to see spread in its entirety, including the text)


“The hedgehog shut the door behind him and took the path to the field. He had not gone very far from home, and was just rounding the blackthorn bush which stands at the edge of the field, when he spied the hare who had gone out on business
of the same kind—namely, to visit his cabbages.”
— From
The Hare & the Hedgehog, illustrated by Jonas Lauströer
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Good morning, dear kickers. Last week over at Kirkus, I had fairy tales on the mind (that is here, if you’re so inclined to read it), and so today I’m following up that column with art from the books I wrote about. This means I have illustrations from the following books:

  • The Brothers Grimm’s The Hare & the Hedgehog from German illustrator Jonas Lauströer (Minedition, October 2015);
  • The Original Folk and Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm: The Complete First Edition, translated and edited by Jack Zipes with illustrations from Andrea Dezsö (Princeton University Press, 2014);
  • Sybille Schenker’s Little Red Riding Hood, translated into English by Anthea Bell (Minedition, 2014).

In that column, I also mentioned Schenker’s Hansel and Gretel (2011), and I’ve got art from that here at 7-Imp.



From The Hare & the Hedgehog,
illustrated by Jonas Lauströer:


“The hedgehog stood before his door with his arms crossed, humming a little song to himself, which was neither better nor worse than the songs which hedgehogs
are in the habit of singing on a Sunday morning.”

(Click to enlarge spread)


“‘I haven’t eaten yet. I will go home and have a little breakfast first. …'”
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“That’s how the hedgehog made the hare run so many races that he expired,
and since then no hare has ever had a notion of running a race with a hedgehog. …”

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From The Original Folk and Fairy Tales
of the Brothers Grimm:
The Complete First Edition
illustrated by Andrea Dezsö:


“As she sat there grieving, a frog stuck its head out of the water
and said: ‘Why are you weeping so miserably?'”
— From “The Frog King”


“Now that the time was over, he went back to the meadow and sat down under the ring of trees. Once again there was a tremendous roar, and the devil arrived.”
— From “The Devil in the Green Coat”


“The huntsman took the wild man to the royal castle,
and they put him into a cage.”
— From “The Wild Man”



From Little Red Riding Hood,
illustrated by Sybille Schenker:


“‘I’ll do everything just as you say,’ Little Red Cap told her mother,
giving her hand to show she meant it.”

(Click to see spread in its entirety, including the text)


“‘But oh, Grandmother, what a terribly big mouth you have!'”


“And he was about to aim his gun when it occurred to him that the wolf might have swallowed Grandmother whole, and she could still be saved. So he didn’t fire a shot, but took a pair of scissors and began cutting the sleeping wolf’s belly open.”



THE HARE & THE HEDGEHOG. North American edition published 2015 by Michael Neugebauer Publishing Ltd. Hong Kong. Illustrations copyright © 2015 by Jonas Lauströer and used by permission of the publisher.

LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD. English edition/North American edition published 2014 by Michael Neugebauer Publishing Ltd., Hong Kong. Illustrations copyright © 2014 by Sybille Schenker and used by permission of the publisher.

THE ORIGINAL FOLK AND FAIRY TALES OF THE BROTHERS GRIMM: THE COMPLETE FIRST EDITION. Copyright © 2014 by Princeton University Press. Illustrations copyright © Andrea Dezsö 2014 and used by her permission.

* * *

Note for any new readers: 7-Imp’s 7 Kicks is a weekly meeting ground for taking some time to reflect on Seven(ish) Exceptionally Fabulous, Beautiful, Interesting, Hilarious, or Otherwise Positive Noteworthy Things from the past week, whether book-related or not, that happened to you. New kickers are always welcome.

* * * Jules’ Kicks * * *

1) Christmas Day. When you’re a freelance writer, you trade a tremendously flexible schedule during the entire year (for which I’m grateful) for still having to work some during the holidays. But on Christmas Day? I just don’t even bother to turn on my computer. It’s a beautiful thing.

2) Max Richter.

3) I mentioned previously how much my girls and I enjoyed Katherine Rundell’s The Wolf Wilder (which I ended up writing about here). Now we’re reading Cartwheeling in Thunderstorms (which received the 2015 Boston Globe-Horn Book Award in the category of Fiction), and DANG, it is just as good. It’s such a lovely thing to discover a new favorite writer.



4) Showing The Lord of the Rings trilogy (the films) to our daughters over Christmas break. There was much discussion about this, since the youngest hasn’t read the books yet—I guess, without realizing it till now, we all pretty much land on the side of reading-the-book-first—but we just went ahead. (Actually, I’ve never read those books, but I digress.)

4½) There’s a moment in the films I’d forgotten where Legolas SWINGS HIS WAY UP ONTO A HORSE, during battle. Here. I just found it online:



I mean, RIGHT??!

5) Really animated discussions about whom you’d be willing to carry into Mount Doom (as Samwise carried Frodo).

6) This was my daughter’s Christmas gift, because Ada Lovelace is her namesake (sort of — halfway), but I’m reading it too, and … well, where do I even begin? It’s thoroughly entertaining in many directions:



6½) I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned yet how wonderful Over the Garden Wall is. Weird, funny, dark, beautifully-animated, and all-around entertaining.

7) I was grateful to read this much-needed piece at the New York Times about finding the good in 2015.

What are YOUR kicks this week?

10 comments to “7-Imp’s 7 Kicks #463: Featuring
Andrea Dezsö, Jonas Lauströer, & Sybille Schenker”

  1. Good morning, Imps! Happy holidays!

    It is fun to say the names Andrea Dezsö, Jonas Lauströer, and Sybille Schenker all in a row. I especially like the well-dressed hare and hedgehog cover image, and the first image of Little Red. Thanks for sharing!

    Jules: I will have to track down that Ada Lovelace book!

    My kicks from the past week:
    1. Layers
    2. Well met
    3. Gloves
    4. Smiles
    5. Miles
    6. Turnstiles
    7. Words

  2. Hello, Kickers!

    As always, Jules, you show exquisite and wide-ranging taste in artwork. Ever grateful for finding that here.

    Oh, and we love Legolas’s epic DISmount moment, too — sliding down the trunk of the collapsing elephant (or Oliphaunt, or whatever they call them).

    Hey there, Miz Willow!

    I’ll do a (barely) LW-style kickslist myself, I think:
    1. Knowing smiles
    2. Uncertain smiles
    3. Near-smiles
    4. Split-seconds
    5. The right books at the right time
    6. Options
    7. Sleeping in

    Have a great week, all!

  3. Thanks for sharing such gorgeous art Jules! Love the Hedgehog and the Hare, and the darkness of The Frog King is beautiful and chilling.

    Jules – hooray for a computer free Christmas Day! Thanks for sharing the NYTimes piece & I cannot wait to get my copy of Rooftoppers from the library!

    LW – Well-met sounds like a great kick. Smiles, miles and turnstiles sound like a story.

    JES – love all the smiles, and really love the right books at the right time and sleeping in.

    My kicks:
    1) In this digital age, texts from friends near and far away meant so much on Christmas day.
    2) Endings – sometimes firmly closing doors is just what you need to get the next doors to open.
    3) Read Kerry Greenwood’s “Cocaine Blues” which is a Phryne Fisher mystery novel. Quick read and good fun.
    4) Delivering Christmas cookies.
    5) The New England Patriot’s lost – always a good day when that happens.
    6) 30 days of yoga, still getting on the mat every morning, day 27 today.
    7) It’s snowing (sort of) outside today. Be nice if it turns into a full scale snowstorm.
    7.5) I am grateful to have a roof overhead in such weather, and a warm cozy Daisy dog to snuggle with while it is so cold outside.

    Happy Holidays Imps! I’ll leave you with this fun Merry Christmas From The Family video from Robert Earl Keen:


  4. Back tomorrow! Promise. Today ran away from me. More soon.

  5. HI, EVERYONE! Did you give up on me? The holidays have been VERY busy.

    LW: Turnstiles. I love this. Are you actually chilly where you are? To say we are unseasonably warm in TN doesn’t even begin to cut it. It was probably near 80-degrees today. … Let me know if you like the Lovelace/Babbage book!

    John: Your kicks are tantalizingly cryptic and lovely. Also, YOU saying I have good taste in artwork means a lot.

    Rachel: SNOW! I’d like some of that right now. I like your second kick. Truth, that. Speaking of your third kick, I got some new books at the library today (adult fiction), and I’m excited to crack one open. My best friend recommended them, which is always very promising.

    Thanks for the video, which awaits me, post-dinner.

    Happy New Year, all!

  6. Enjoying this fresh feast of beauty and inspiration after a long time away! Thanks so much and happy New Year!

  7. Happy New Year to you too, Elisa!

  8. Jules – have fun with the new books! I love getting good book recommendations from friends whose opinions I trust.

  9. […] just can’t get over this artwork that Jules from Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast shared this past week; these picture books […]

  10. Che illustrazioni meravigliose!

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