What I Did at Kirkus Last Week, Featuring Everett Aison

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“A white blanket lay humped and piled over everything in sight.
Could this be the New York he had known in the green of summer?”


Last week here at Kirkus, I wrote in part about Rhoda Levine’s Arthur, illustrated by Everett Aison. Arthur was originally released in 1962 but re-released in October by the New York Review Children’s Collection. I’ve got a bit of art from the book here today.

(I also wrote last week about John Burningham’s Harvey Slumfenburger’s Christmas Present. You can see a spread from it in this previous 7-Imp post.)


“The next day the races occurred just as before, one in the morning and one in the evening. Arthur flew to a traffic light before they began.”
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“Suddenly he heard a most unbirdlike whistle. Arthur cocked his head. As he did so, a spray of soft white crumbs fell all around him. The spray had come from the hand of an old man who stood nearby. …”


“… Arthur saw a group of New Yorkers gather to sing ‘Gloria’ on a terribly cold night. ‘Surely, the world wants to be a bird,’ Arthur said as he sat on his statue’s finger.
The world might make a very good bird, indeed, he reflected.”

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ARTHUR. Copyright © 1962 by Everett Aison and Rhoda Levine. Illustrations used by permission of the publisher, New York Review of Books.

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  1. This book is just so lovely.

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