Maya’s Blanket / La manta de maya

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” … under her own special, magical manta. /
… bajo su propia manta especial y mágica.”

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Here’s a quick post, featuring the artwork of David Díaz. The illustrations are from author Monica Brown’s Maya’s Blanket/la manta de Maya (Lee & Low, August 2015). Last week Monica and I chatted over here at Kirkus, so here are a few spreads from the book.



” … She wore the skirt to the park, and it bounced
as she hopped and skipped rope with her friends. /
… Se la puso para ir al parque, donde se balanceaba mientras
Maya brincaba a la cuerda con sus amigos.”

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” … But after a couple of winters, Maya’s bufanda was old and worn.
It was falling apart before her eyes. /
… Pero después de un par de inviernos, la bufanda de Maya estaba vieja y gastada.
Maya notó que se comenzaba a hacer pedazos.”

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MAYA’S BLANKET/LA MANTA DE MAYA. Copyright © 2015 by Monica Brown. Illustrations copyright © 2015 by David Díaz. Spreads used by permission of the publisher, Lee & Low Books, New York.

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  1. The illustrations are incredible!

  2. David’s illustrations are beautiful!

  3. The illustrator’s work exudes sweetness. I can’t wait to get the book.

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