Seven and a Half Tons of Steel

h1 August 2nd, 2016 by jules

“There is a ship, a navy ship. It is called the USS New York. It is big like other navy ships, and it sails like other navy ships, but there is something different,
something special about the USS
New York.”
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Today here at 7-Imp, I’ve got some art from Janet Nolan’s Seven and a Half Tons of Steel (Peachtree, August 2016), a compelling piece of nonfiction illustrated by Thomas Gonzalez.

This is in follow-up to my BookPage review. So, if you’d like to read all about the book, you can head here for the review, and more spreads are below.


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“Once a beam, but now a bow, it was taken to a shipyard in the city of New Orleans. …”
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“… Seven and a half tons of steel lead the way.”
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SEVEN AND A HALF TONS OF STEEL. Copyright © 2016 by Janet Nolan. Illustrations © 2016 by Thomas Gonzalez. Illustrations reproduced by permission of the publisher, Peachtree Books, Atlanta.

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