My Kirkus Chat with Brian Biggs

h1 November 10th, 2016 by jules

Well, author-illustrator Brian Biggs and I chatted before election results about his new series, and I thought the election would turn out very differently. But right about now I’m all for his vision of communities working together to make good things.

We talk about the series, Tinyville Town, at Kirkus today. That is here. Next week, I’ll follow up with some art here at 7-Imp.

* * *

Photo of Brian Biggs by Sacha Adorno and used by his permission.

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  1. Hi Julie, I’m order Tinyville Town for a couple of tiny people in my life, love what the author/illustrator says. Wish things were different this week. Have missed being able to check in here. Sending best wishes, Katy

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