Today, I’m Grateful for . . .

h1 November 24th, 2016 by jules

I long ago stopped thinking of progress as a straight line. In some ways science was more open to women before the twentieth century, when it had a less practical bent and was seen as a way to worship God’s world. Of course, women were still excluded from professions, by law more than the sorts of bullying we sadly see now, but loving parents fostered the talents of daughters even when they weren’t sure that they could pursue cherished work beyond the home.”

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One thing I’m grateful for on this Thanksgiving Day is my Kirkus chat with Jeannine Atkins. We discuss her new novel in verse, Finding Wonders: Three Girls Who Changed Science (Atheneum, August 2016).

That Q&A is here today.

I hope you’re seated around a table with those you love and feeling grateful.

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Photo of Jeannine taken by Peter Laird and used by her permission.

3 comments to “Today, I’m Grateful for . . .”

  1. So grateful for kind and poetry-loving friends like you, Jules. I just came back from a walk with my dog who found — sticks! sticks! — in the woods and was elated. Will try to bring some of that joy to the table I’m lucky to shared with loved ones.

  2. Jules, I loved this Q&A and am thankful today to catch up on all the good Kirkus pieces you’ve been doing! Some great stuff!

    Hope your day is …well, “interesting” is such a fun word, isn’t it?? 😉

  3. Interesting comment about women. I am usually critical of the feminist movement believing it to have caused much more harm than good. You know, if anyone (man or woman) is determined enough, they can work away on their own and produce the most amazing results. Watching our first snowfall coming down, I am reminded of Wilson Bentley a pioneer of the photography of snowflakes early in the 20th century. He called them: “tiny miracles of beauty” and saw snow crystals as “ice flowers.”
    Thanks for your fascinating articles.

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