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Over at Tennessee’s wonderful Chapter 16, I have a piece up about Thirteen, the 1975 picture book collaboration between Remy Charlip and Jerry Joyner, which the New York Review Children’s Collection has released this month in a new edition. Jerry currently lives here in middle Tennessee and has so for many decades now.

I’m sharing the wonderful photo above with Jerry’s permission. It’s an old photo of Jerry (far right) with Remy (third from the left) and their friends Jacques and Sylvia on a trip to Greece. The photo was taken by an unknown street photographer.

I’ve also got a few spreads from Thirteen below (if you want to take a peek at the art), as well as a current photo of Jerry.

The Chapter 16 piece is here. (You will read over there that Jerry will speak at Parnassus Books this week, so heads-up, if you happen to live in middle Tennessee.)



(Click to enlarge spread)


(Click to enlarge spread)


(Click to enlarge spread)



Jerry today; photo credit: Mark Tucker


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THIRTEEN. Words and pictures copyright © 1975 by Remy Charlip and Jerry Joyner. All rights reserved. Illustrations reproduced by permission of the publisher, the New York Review Children’s Collection, New York.

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  1. Bridging the gap of decades…I have a couple of photos from Spetsai, 1974 of Remy and Jerry and Sylvia….how can I send them to you?
    Carol Ann

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