What I’m Doing at Kirkus This Week,
Plus What I Did Last Week, Featuring Red Nose Studio

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Early sketch
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Final spread: “… He’s so nervous he can’t stop shaking, even when he’s onstage, even when he starts to sing. But that shaking, that shaking starts an AVALANCHE of screaming — in a good way! And so it begins: Brand-New Elvis now knows what to do onstage — and he will never forget. It is a thing to behold.”
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about how Chris created “a shaky Elvis”)


Over at Kirkus today, I’ve got thoughts on bibliotherapy, the debut picture book from a Dutch author-illustrator named Eva Eland, and a Norwegian import (coming in March) called Angryman. The latter is about domestic violence and is unlike any picture book I’ve seen before.

That is here.

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Last week, I wrote here about Jonah Winter’s Elvis Is King! (Schwartz & Wade, January 2019), illustrated by Chris Sickels, aka Red Nose Studio.

Today, I’ve got a bit of art from the book, as well as some early sketches and such from Chris. Chris gave me permission to lift these images from his blog, where he’s written a handful of posts about this book. I link to the corresponding blog post under each image below. Here’s the link to his blog, if you want to read even more about his other projects. A visit to Chris’s site is always rewarding.



More early sketches; head here to read more
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The flip side of the dustjacket for the book; head here to read more
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A final illustration: “Elvis Is Born! But alas, he is born in a humble shack on the wrong side of the railroad tracks, the side where the poorest of the poor people live,
down down down in the Deep South — Tupelo, Mississippi.”
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A final illustration, followed by details of the image (head here to read and see more): “There it is, hanging from a strap behind the counter. With pennies she saved, Mama buys her eleven-year-old birthday boy the most important gift he will ever receive.
It will be the key to his salvation.”
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Bill Black from the final spread pictured at the top of this post. Head here to read more about the Blue Moon Boys and to see more photos …
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ELVIS IS KING! Text copyright © 2019 by Jonah Winter. Illustrations © 2019 by Red Nose Studio. Illustrations reproduced by permission of the publisher, Schwartz & Wade Books, New York. All other images reproduced by permission of Chris Sickels.

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Plus What I Did Last Week, Featuring Red Nose Studio”

  1. The artwork is phenomenal — intricately made sets photographed for each scene. The birthplace house looks exactly like it does in real life! The text is alright, but the book does contain a comprehensive author’s note at the end that gives greater historical context for Elvis’s rise to fame.

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