The Big Bath House

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It was my pleasure to write over at BookPage about Kyo Maclear’s exquisite The Big Bath House (Random House Studio, November 2021), illustrated by Gracey Zhang. Head here to read more about this, one of my favorite picture books this year.

Here today at 7-Imp are some spreads from the book.



“You’ll tumble toward her and she’ll shuffle toward you, and it’ll be understood.”
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“… at the bath house. The big bath house.”
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“The water will flow and the garden will grow at the big bath house. The birds will be fed and your clothes will be shed at the big bath house. Note by note, the chimes will ring. Tune by tune, a voice will sing at the big bath house.”
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“But first comes washing. Baachan’s stool is a throne. She is the Queen of the Baths. With a tall towel crown, she’ll wash your hair, while the aunties scrub each other’s backs. And the big bath waits. You’ll do the soapy leg can-can — soapy hands, soapy knees. You’ll do the wood barrel drumroll … until it’s time.”
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“Soak it up, sink right in. Into the tub. The steaming tub in the big bath house.
You’ll all dip your bodies, your newly sprouting, gangly bodies, your saggy, shapely, jiggly bodies, your cozy, creased, ancient bodies. Beautiful bodies.”

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THE BIG BATH HOUSE. Text copyright © 2021 by Kyo Maclear. Jacket art and interior illustrations copyright © 2021 by Gracey Zhang and reproduced by permission of the publisher, Random House Studio, New York.

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