7-Imp’s 7 Kicks #9

h1 May 6th, 2007 by jules

It’s time for another installment of 7-Imp’s 7 Kicks . . . For those new to our series, this is where we all stop in every Sunday to report seven (more or less is fine) Good Things that happened to you (or that you read or saw or experienced or . . . well, you get the picture) this week. Absolutely anyone is welcome to contribute.

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Hi, everyone . . . Eisha is unable to contribute this week, ’cause she’s visiting family — including her stinkin’ cute punkin’ head brand-spankin’-new nephew, Miles. And, in fact, as I was typing my list here, I got some photos of Eisha and Miles in my email folder. I hope Eisha and her sister-in-law don’t mind me sharing one. If you follow our Sunday 7 Kicks lists, you know Eisha’s in love with him and this is the first time she’s met him! So, check out that photo at the bottom of my list. How beautiful is that? . . . And Eisha’s visit to Tennessee to meet Miles leads me to Numero Uno on my 7 Kicks list:

1) Eisha came to visit us this week! Here is a pic of us after a big, ‘ol wonderfully fattening and rather greasy meal of Southern food, which Eisha says she’s missed (many thanks to the nice waitress who took the photo and whose name we never got). Those are my kiddos; Ada looks like she’s hiding, and Miriam has lots of ketchup* residue on her face, but they’re stinkin’ cute, if I must say so myself. And I must. So, for those who have ever wondered if this is, indeed, one huge conspiracy and the blog is really being run by one person who likes to pretend she’s two, here’s yet another photo of us in the flesh . . . We really enjoyed Eisha’s visit, and my eldest, Miriam (age three), is in love with her. Yup, pretty much thinks the sun rises and sets in Eisha and wishes she didn’t live so far, far away. But we were all very grateful for her visit.

*How the blazes do you spell that word anyway? Is it “ketchup” if you’re Southern and “catsup” if you’re not?

2) I got to go out on a date with my husband — sans kids. Mmmmm, tiramisu.

3) I got my copy of Monkey and Me, hot off the presses and straight from the UK. Thanks, Michele! I love it. Emily Gravett, pictured here, is where it’s at, I’m tellin’ ya. What a talent . . .

4) I also got a copy of the most recent Horn Book and enjoyed reading all the articles, particularly Roger’s. And, though I had read it online already, I enjoyed seeing in print Betsy Bird’s (Fuse’s) article on blogging in the kidlitosphere. And Eisha and I thank her again for including our site in her Kid-Lit Bloggers to Watch round-up. We were honored and excited to be included in the list — and in such good company.

5) I was just given a copy of The Annotated Wizard of Oz by Michael Patrick Hearn, the world’s leading Oz scholar, apparently (or maybe he’s a whiz of a wiz if ever a wiz there was). Give me an annotated version of a children’s classic, and I’m very happy, indeed. Anyone else read this and highly recommend it?

6) I have a ginormous stack of really great picture books to talk about here on the blog; let’s hope I get to them all (and let’s hope I can write reviews for them that don’t rival novellas in length, something at which I tend to excel. Logorrhea, I tell ya. I suffer from logorrhea). It wasn’t ’til I read a not-so-great picture book the other day that I realized how often I’m surrounded by high quality books for children, since my kidlitosphere peeps always steer me in the right direction.

Write a letter!7) I purchased some really nice, very gorgeous writing papers today (not the ones pictured on the left, though I’d take those any day, too). I’m going to send actual snail mail letters to friends at random (even if they live near me), because when you get something in the mail box that is not a credit card application or a bill or a car wash flyer, don’t you just want to jump up and down anymore? I do. (Plus, I have a good friend who will be living and working and studying and meditating at the Tassajara Zen Mountain Center in Carmel Valley, California, for quite a bit, and he’ll be offline — unreachable via cyberspace. Oh. the. horror!). Anyway, I’m finally getting around to doing this. My stationery is lovely and floral and exquisite. Only the best. I can’t wait to write my first note. At the risk of sounding like an insufferable Luddite: Ah, letter-writing, a dying art form!

What are your 7 Kicks?

Word out, yo.

(Oh, and here is the photo of Eisha with her nephew. Loveliness. And to prove that he’s even cute when he’s screaming, I’m attaching one more. Look, Aunt Eisha never takes her eyes off him. Aunthood rocks. Hmmm, I think in that first photo she’s about to take a bite out of his head. Uh, sorry . . . inside joke between me and Eisha. That one’s for her. Somewhere she is laughing) . . .

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  1. Aunthood does rock. It’s one of my favorite things. He’s beautiful Eisha. And I’m looking forward to hearing about your picture books, Jules.

    I have a mix of book and non-book related items this week.

    1. I just returned (it’s very late Saturday night here) from a Tex-Mex rehearsal dinner held by very hospitable friends. Much fun was had by all. The wedding tomorrow will be held at a local winery, and promises to be beautiful. We’re so happy that these friends have moved to the Bay Area, and that we’ll be able to spend time with them after the wedding, too.

    2. I received an ARC of the second Kiki Strike book (the Empress’s Tomb) in the mail!

    3. I received my first fall book catalog this week.

    4. I didn’t travel at all for work, and was able to get somewhat caught up on things at home, for the first time in a long while.

    5. My company received maintenance contract renewals from two of our customers.

    6. Our friend Mark came by to visit one evening, and brought a truly lovely bottle of red wine. If you ever had a chance to drink the Silverado Solo from 2003, I highly recommend it. Just give it a few minutes to open up.

    7. I finally got some book reviews written this weekend, after a ridiculously long gap between reviews.

    Happy Sunday to all!

  2. Yes, I’ve read and highly recommend The Annotated Wizard of Oz. Michael is now a friend, but I was familiar with his work for years before we ever met. He is one of the best annotators of classical texts out there (as he has also done A Christmas Carol, Huckleberry Finn, and is currently working on Poe). He did the first edition of The Annotated Wizard of Oz when he was in college, believe it or not. Yours is a newer edition done the centennial year of the book’s publication, I believe.

    I’m about to start a unit on The Wizard of Oz. The kids read the book on their own (and always love it) , I show the MGM movie, and they write why it is or is not a good adaptation of the book. I’ve got quite a bit of Oz material — the original screenplay, Salman Rushdie’s moving monograph (originally published in the New Yorker), and a bunch more.

  3. Oh, I’m so tired. But before I head in to give moral support to my husband, the movie editor extraordinaire, I wanted to stop by 7-Imp. Why? Because what a kick-ass weekend I’m having.

    1. But first, my week included a few more prize donations for the Book Challenge, and I am most grateful for that.

    2. And second, I enjoyed reading to my daughter’s fifth grade class this week. Most parents give up reading to the class long before this age, but the kids still love it. They were interested and attentive, even during the slower poetry books.

    3. (And second, part 2) While my 5th grader was low-key about how her class liked my reading, she did admit that when the teacher said I was coming that the class cheered. It’s a tiny bit like being a rock star. Or Mo Willems.

    The last four things are devoted the the movie we’re making this weekend, because it is truly a kick-ass kind of thing for this suburban mom to do. So…

    4. The amazing, witty, clever script that Robin wrote for us, combining the film noir detective, suburbia, and self-help tapes.

    5. The fantastic actors, who gave it their all and brought the film to life. Always professional, always adaptive, always entertaining.

    6. The wonderful and dedicated crew, who stuck it out all day with us and filmed in the light rain and unseasonably cold weather.

    7. The experience of working with a creative, pleasant, fun bunch of people. My personal pride as producer, is that even though we film on a ridiculously tight schedule, it never feels tense or angry or contentious during the filming. Everyone has fun, which is really what it’s all about.

    Now, I’ve got to help get this film out the door. Later, folks!

  4. MotherReader, Are we going to be able to see your movie? I hope so.

    Jules, I am a devoted writer-of-letters and, consequently, collect note cards, stationery, and postcards. I also usually have a shocking array of stamps on hand ready to use at a moment’s notice. People love getting nice mail, and I love the whole process of picking out what I’m going to send, figuring out what I’m going to write… even what stamp or stamps I’m going to use. It’s very satisfying to put together a nice piece of mail for someone I care about, and then there’s all the fun of mailing it and seeing if I get a reaction. Huzzah to you for also taking up the dying art. 🙂

    My list:

    1. I have the best job in the universe, but I didn’t have to go to it this week, and that was really good, too.

    2. It was sunny every day but one this week.

    3. I made excellent progress on writing my book. In fact, it’s starting to actually look like a book.

    4. This is so mundane, but a while back my house was reassessed for way too much and I asked the town to reconsider and I got the news this week that they took $14,000 off the assessment. :)!!!

    5. I played Frisbee yesterday for the first time this year. (LOVE the Frisbee.)

    6. I watched two movies at the theater last night, which was decadent and fun.

    7. NEW KIKI STRIKE?!? That’s it. I’ve got to see if I can get an ARC.

    Overall, awesome week.

  5. Okay, are you ready for my list? I’m afraid it will be a bit skewed, but I’m entitled, I think….

    1. Tuesday – second date, fabulous
    2. Wednesday – presentation at work to my new boss went very well
    3. Thursday – presentation in Chicago to clients went extremely well — I rocked!
    4. Friday – home in time for third date, also fabulous
    5. Saturday – fourth date (sensing a pattern here?)
    6. Okay, enough about dating. I’ve now lost 60 pounds. Oh. My. God.
    7. Gotta run to fifth date now!

  6. Yes, everyone will get to see the film – probably next week. We won’t put it up until after the screening on May 10th, and Bill won’t have time to do it until that weekend anyway. We’ll put it up on our production website, but I’ll make sure I mention it on my blog. I just looked at the rough edit and it looks fantastic. Fantastic.

  7. YAY ! So glad you got the book safely Juies !!

    1 – Spending Amazon gift certificates (including the one from Jules in payment for “Monkey and Me”): I got the other three season 1 Doctor Who DVDs, plus two “Doctor Who” books – one of which I’m going to thoroughly enjoy reading as it’s an insider’s guide to the first two seasons.

    2 – I managed to pick up Julia Golding’s The Ship Between the Worlds this week from the library – it’s good and quite different from either the Cat Royal series or the Companions Quartet.

    3 – A kind friend has loaned me the “Doctor Who” movie – which I’ve never yet seen but have heard much about.

    4 – I’ve nearly finished writing my fifth “Doctor Who” story which everyone’s enjoying so far…

    5 – I heard from a friend this week who moved to the US a few years ago and whom I only hear from every so often, so it was good to have contact, albeit very brief contact !

    6 – Making online friends. I’ve made quite a few new online friends lately (mostly because of my mania for “Doctor Who”!) and it’s great getting to know new people…

    7 – It’s a public holiday here tomorrow so I’ve got a long weekend !

  8. Oh, great lists everyone. I just love reading about the terrific things that are happening. I too can’t wait to see the movie, MR.
    Here’s my list for the week.
    1. Had lunch with on three separate occasions this week with students of mine who will be graduating.
    2. Spent the afternoon Wednesday with more than 100 elementary school students painting pottery after school. It was silly and fun.
    3. Had a fabulous class Thursday night with a group of self-contained special education teachers I am working with. They are an incredible bunch and I marvel at the work they do every day.
    4. Fun Friday night on the magic bed with William, eating popcorn and reading a load of new books from the library (12 of them!). We FINALLY got a copy of Clementine. Sadly, we’re still waiting on My Friend is Sad.
    5. I get up between 4 and 5 every day, so imagine my surprise and delight when I slept in until 7 am on Saturday!
    6. Spent a terrific Saturday afternoon with my best friend.
    7. My incredibly amazing father celebrated his 81st birthday on Saturday. Though he’s more than 500 miles away, we did celebrate with a rousing version of Happy Birthday.
    Until next time, have a wonderful week!

  9. Well, it’s been one of those weeks that I’d have to dig deep and find items like “we’re stilll alive” to be thankful for, so I’m just going to comment on everyone else’s awesome things. (It wasn’t a bad week–just went by quickly and with not a thing of interest happening.)

    Tricia: Sleeping in is AWESOME!
    Michele: It’s great to see you having so much fun with your writing. I’m 1/2way story #3 and very impressed.
    MR: Can’t wait to see the film. I’ve enjoyed reading yours and Robin’s posts about the process.
    Nancy: Whee!! Great dates 🙂 Can’t get better than that!
    Adrienne! Yay on the book!!
    Jen: Friends, new contracts, catching up. Good for you.
    Monica: Your classes always sound like so much fun. You’ve inspired me for a first-year seminar I’ll be teaching next year. I believe we’re going to blog while discussing intertextuality and His Dark Materials.
    Jules and Eisha: That baby is so, so cute. I’m finding babies so cute lately. But, I have the will power to remember what happens next. Thank goodness I’ll be an aunt soon too! For the first time!! Someone else’s cute baby!!
    Jules (and Tricia): Spending the day with your best friend. Can’t beat that. I miss mine a lot.

  10. Aw Kelly, sorry you didn’t have such a terrific week this week…

    I’m impressed you’re still reading my nonsensical stories ! (The fourth is the best in my utterly biased opinion !)

  11. This week has been filled with:
    – getting ready for a big sale at work
    – reading

    This weekend has been filled with:
    – running errands
    – writing book reviews
    – prepping interviews
    – finalizing and posting interviews

  12. Hi all, just home from beach weekend with college friends.
    Little nephew is way precious. I am glad that everyone seems to have had a wonderful week.
    My list:
    1. Being at the beach for the weeked.
    2. Shopping with friends.
    3. Spring Unveiling Art Featival at Cannon Beach.
    4. My work station was moved out of my office so I can be mre visible during the day.
    5. Sleeping in. I never sleep in at home.
    6. I won chocolate from Robin Brande.
    7. My sweet fur children greeting me upon the arrival home.

  13. Nancy, I love your dating life. It’s sort of the opposite of Bridget Jones. No dithering for you!

    My list:

    1. Yesterday, I saw a wild turkey, a rabbit, several deer, and a coyote! All on a golf course near my house at twilight. So cool.

    2. The bookclub I founded in NC and then had to leave is still going strong, and they’re reading my book this month. (I’m not brave enough to attend the discussion, however.)

    3. A new bakery opened within walking distance of my house. Cranberry and orange bread! Scones! Free samples every time you walk in the door!

    4. I emailed friends about the library WorldCat search, and they were thrilled to find their out-of-print books still being gainfully employed in libraries all across America. One friend’s book was in the Azores…

    5. My husband finally started reading The Book of Three. How I love Taran, Assistant Pig-keeper.

    6. My daughter drove a Volvo filled with five boys to the prom. One was her date. She looked so pretty.

    7. Lots of words left my brain and entered my manuscript.

  14. I love reading everyone’s lists after my long but fun day of celebrating THIRTY-FIVE! Thanks for visiting every week. I have so many comments and questions but have to go eat dinner with my family. Anyway, thanks again to everyone. I love Sundays ’cause of these lists.

  15. One thing I love about reading these lists is that, for most of them, I can tell who the writer is before I read the person’s name at the bottom. I get such a kick out of it! You all have distinct personalities and interests and writing styles, and here we all are in our virtual bagel shop every Sunday. Thanks, Jules and Eisha for starting this up.

    I’ve written too much already to comment on everything that everyone else has said, but I do have to say “Go Nancy!” 5 dates is tremendous. 60 pounds is also tremendous. Happy times. Oh, and I will also add for Adrienne that Kiki Strike 2 is holding up well.

  16. I have to talk to Jen here on two things:

    You’re so right about how you can tell who some of the writers are before you even see their names! That’s so funny! I didn’t even think of that before.

    And you get to read KIKI STRIKE?? SO jealous!!! I can’t wait until it reaches the masses, like me.

    Eisha, what a cute, cute, cuddlemuffin of a baby. Can’t blame you for wanting to eat his head. Totally justifiable.

    Sara, you lucky duck with the new bakery opening and all the free samples. Tell me that doesn’t just make life grand.

    Everyone else, love to read about your weeks. Puts a smile on my face.

    Oh, and one more thing: my favorite thing of all this week was working on that movie with Mother Reader. I am SO grateful that she asked me to come play with her and the other creative people involved in that project. Can you imagine how wonderful it is to write a script one night and know that it’s being filmed the next morning? I cannot wait to see it!

    Jules, I’m so happy for you that Eisha and you got to be in the same place at the same time. What a lovely birthday gift.

  17. What lovely photos this started with! Thanks for posting them, Jules. As usual it has been great reading everyone’s lists. I like guessing who the writers are too, Jen!

    My list:

    1. It’s a public holiday today! Which makes it OK to post on a Monday rather than a Sunday, right?
    2. I went to a friend’s wedding last night, which is the reason this list is late! Despite a sad lack of dancing it was great fun!
    3. I got a clean bill of health from the dentist
    4. We caught up with a good friend at a nice Italian restaurant the other night and we cracked open a bottle of red we’d brought back from New Zealand – it was even better than I remembered!
    5. My return to working a full day in an office for someone else was a lot easier than I feared
    6. …this was probably because after being in PhD land all year it was lovely to work on another project
    7. I feel like this all the time, but this week I am particularly aware of how lucky I am that all of my family and friends are healthy.

  18. For the second week in a row…I’m a tad tardy with my 7 Kicks.

    1. Finished grading all my students final course projects.

    2. Finished computing all the final course grades and will be free until September.

    3. Made it through April with a poem a day at Wild Rose Reader!

    4. Lined up two children’s illustrators to be speakers for the PAS North Shore Council in March 2008 and March 2009.

    5. Grace Lin came and spoke to the students in my children’s literature course.

    6. My husband got good news about one of the companies of which he is part owner.

    7. Out of the blue, I got a request to work on a project with someone. Can’t say anything yet–but I will be busy this spring and summer.

  19. By the way, Jules and Eisha, those are some mighty cute kids!

  20. happy birthday! (we’re the same age btw)
    great things:
    1) rachel cohn’s ya workshop in s.f. this sunny sunday
    2) signed-copy of nick&norah’s infinite playlist for heidi
    3) read said book
    4) *loved* said book
    5) can’t stop gushing about said book
    6) toured fabulous montessori school for boy monday
    7) montessori school wants boy in school and wants me to teach pee-wee drama. rachel cohn + nick&norah + montessori= happy seaheidi monday

  21. Hi Jules!! Thought i’d drop a list for sunday’s 7 kicks: Here’s my list:
    1. Sam (my 15-mo-old), while rummaging thru my CD’s, found an old BODEANS cd – i’ve been listening to it loving it – reminds me of Maryville College days.
    2. I’m reading a kick-ass book on improving your marriage. Making many improvements here!
    3. Ate at one of my fav ATL restaurants. Tuna tartar – delish!
    4. Ran the Peachtree Road Race – the whole way!
    5. Enjoying “The Adventures of Polo” with Jack.
    6. Reading this blog .. which i shamefully admit; time doesn’t always permit with two wee ones.
    7. Enjoyed catching way up with jules these last couple of day via some long emails!! 🙂

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