Happy Birthday, Jules!!!

h1 May 6th, 2007 by eisha

birthday-cake-note-card-c11765420.jpgHappy birthday to my very best friend, the ultimate co-blogger, a super mom, and an all-around kick-ass human being. Jules, I mean this from the bottom of my heart…


 You also look absolutely fabulous for, ahem, 24.

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  1. Happy Birthday, Jules! I hope that it’s fun, festive, and book-filled.

  2. Aw man, THANKS! How special.

    I love birthdays!! And I’m one of those women who looks forward to getting older. I was telling strangers on the street when I turned 30, five years ago. I was excited. I hope that as I get older, I’ll get wiser and more graceful or, uh, something like that. That I’ll walk into a room and people will say, ‘ah, what a wise, graceful woman’ and not walk into a room and trip and fall on my face, which is usually what happens. Hee hee.

    Thanks, Eisha!! Here’s to halfway-to-70!

  3. wait, eisha . . . how’d you do that? you’re out of town, and, dude, i was in our blog admin last night and didn’t see this. you trickster, you.

  4. Happy Birthday!

  5. Happy Birthday! A toast to an older, wiser you.

  6. Jules, many happy returns of the day! Have a fabulous birthday. 35 is fun.

  7. Happy Birthday, Jules!!

    I hope you have a great day and the family treats you right.

  8. Happy Day! Better yet, celebrate all week. I believe that the older we get, the longer we should be allowed to celebrate. 🙂

  9. Happy Birthday Jules!!!

  10. Cheers to you! And I love that you are proud of each of your years. I’m so tired of those cards that say we all sag, drag and wear bags after…oh, say, 21…

    As someone slightly ahead of you in earth-turns (just ticked over to a fun-to-say 44) I must agree: older women not only ROCK, they rock the house down!

    Happy, happy birthday!

  11. Happy b-day, Julie! Doesn’t it seem like only yesterday that we were carefree teenagers…sigh…ANYHOO, you should have an e-card waiting for you in your inbox! Love you!

  12. Happy Birthday, Jules! May it be memorable and fun. 🙂

  13. Aw man, thanks everyone. You’re all so nice, and Eisha’s post is so sweet. I appreciate the comments. I’ve had a good day, celebrating with family. Eisha, I got that Amy Winehouse CD for my b’day, and now I know why you and Tracy dig it so. (I also got that classic ’80s Tears for Fears CD after hearing “Head Over Heels” the other day on the radio and telling my husband I wouldn’t mind having that CD. Feel like I’m in high school again. It’s good stuff).

    Thanks, all!

  14. Sorry I’m late to the party. Happy Birthday, Jules! I agree with Sara–it’s great to hear people say how happy they are to get older. I feel the same way. Thirty-five is a great age. People see you as a full-on adult, but you know you’re still a kid inside.

  15. Another belated happy birthday, Jules! I’m glad you had a great day!

  16. Jules,

    A little late…but nonetheless I send along my best birthday wishes: Happy Aging Process!

  17. Happy belated birthday, Jules!

  18. Sorry to be coming in on the tail-end here, but happy b-day to you!

  19. crud! missed it by a day! happy belated, jules.

  20. thanks again, all of you. i heard this morning that today is the birth date of Peter Carey and Johannes Brahms, two very good folks to almost-share a birthday with. i forget who else was born on my actual birthday — oh wait, Orson Welles was. not bad.

    thanks again to all you well-wishers…

  21. Happy Birthday!

  22. That is the third time in TWO DAYS that someone has mentioned the Amy Winehouse album. Apparently, I need to look her up.

    Also: Jules: YAY Orson Welles.

    Furthermore: Eisha: Vampire booklist:

  23. I’m Alkelda the Addled. Happy belated birthday, Jules.

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