7-Imp’s 7 Kicks #10

h1 May 13th, 2007 by Eisha and Jules

It’s time for another installment of 7-Imp’s 7 Kicks . . . For those new to our series, this is where we all stop in every Sunday to report seven (more or less is fine) Good Things that happened to you (or that you read or saw or experienced or . . . well, you get the picture) this week. Absolutely anyone is welcome to contribute.

* * * * * * * eisha’s list * * * * * * *

1* Well, if you read last week’s 7 Kicks post you already know I was in TN meeting my nephew for the very first time. I got to spend almost a whole week in his company, not to mention my mom, my sister (who also flew in from the other coast to meet lil’ Miles), my sister-in-law, and a lot of extended family. My elusive brother even made a brief appearance. It was a great visit. And I am so in love with Miles I just cannot stand it. He is so utterly amazing. Every little thing he does just blows me away. I’m trying very hard not to include a photo here. Very, very hard.

Ella Grace2* But I will show you a picture of Ella Grace. She’s my cousin’s daughter, who was born the same week as Miles even though she wasn’t due until June. She finally got to come home from the hospital – she’s up to 5 lbs, and is doing amazingly well. I can’t even describe what a thing it is to see her. She’s so impossibly tiny, so fragile, but already such a survivor. I don’t use words like “miracle” a lot, but it’s the only word that seems to fit.

3* And, as Jules mentioned, I got to spend an afternoon with her and the girls, which is always a good time. Every time I see Miriam and Ada I am just amazed at how smart, funny, sassy, and beautiful they’re turning out to be. Just like their mom.

4* Oh, and yes, I ate a lot of yummy southern food. Fried okra, fried green tomatoes. Even grits. Oddly, I never even liked grits before I moved north.

5* We signed a lease for our apartment in Ithaca. And I gave official notice at work. So that’s two big things I can check off my moving to-do list. Now I just have to pack, rent a truck, find a job…

6* When I got home I had a stack of review copies waiting for me, including the new Alan Gratz, the new Polly Horvath, and Skulduggery Pleasant. And at work a lot of my library requests had come in, including the new Chuck Palahniuk and The Raw Shark Texts. Packing will just have to wait.

TV on the Radio7* I’m totally obsessed with the CD Return to Cookie Mountain by TV on the Radio. They sound like a smash-up of Peter Gabriel, David Bowie and Chris Whitley, with a dash of Modest Mouse and just a hint of My Bloody Valentine. I don’t remember now how I heard about them – I think it was one of those random Amazon “Customers who bought this item also bought…” things, but if it was an actual person, then I thank that person from the bottom of my heart.

* * * * * * * Jules’ list * * * * * * *

1) Seeing some old friends at a birthday party Friday night, and seeing my three-year old run around with the three-year-old daughter of one of my very best friends from high school. How great is that?

2) Re-discovering this: Stevie Wonder performing “Superstition” with his band on “Sesame Street” (circa 1972, I think). Really, I know we all see YouTube posts sometimes and might just glance right over them if we’re in a hurry, but at the very least watch it long enough to see that kid up on the railing dancing wildly around to the music. Classic. Turn it up loud.

3) A former colleague of mine from the Tennessee School for the Deaf announcing her new website, which will feature her art work. Go see. It’s lovely.

4) Renewing my Horn Book subscription.

5) Stumbling upon another children’s lit blog, scholarlybrio, written by someone else in middle Tennessee (she’s actually in Franklin, where I mostly grew up)! And she writes good reviews, too. All you impressive bloggers are up North or on the East or West Coast or in the Mid-west or what-have-you . . . well, there are two of us now in Tennessee. Two, I tell ya! We’re a force to be reckoned with . . .

6) Getting sent a wonderful original poem for my birthday that a friend wrote when she was in her thirties. Thanks, Sara!

7) Reviewing fourteen picture books here at 7-Imp this week — books from my stack ‘o great new picture book titles that make me happy. It was a lot of work, but I gotsta have me my picture books and I like talking about the good ones that come out. I even enjoyed some from ’06 that I’m just now getting to and want to quickly mention:

* Move! by Robin Page and Steve Jenkins’ (Houghton Mifflin), which is “a truly beautiful beast,” as Fuse put it in her great review from last year (MotherReader also covered it here). Their books just get better and better every time.

* Jim LaMarche’s Up (Chronicle Books), which starts out in this Jedi/telekenesis vein and ends up being an uplifting (bad pun intended) story about how wee ones who often feel inadequate can find their own talents. Best of all, Jim LaMarche is one of my favorite illustrators, and his acrylics in this one are beautiful, as always.

* Banjo Granny by Sarah Martin Busse and Jacqueline Briggs Martin and illustrated by Barry Root (Houghton Mifflin) — When Linda Wingerter told us in our interview with her that she and Jacqueline Briggs Martin were collaborating again, I visited Martin’s site and thought, how did I miss that Banjo Granny book last year? I went and got it and enjoyed it. If you get “wiggly, jiggly, all-around giggly, and tip over tumble for bluegrass music,” like I do, you’ll like this one.

Those are my seven. HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to all you mama-queens out there! Not to get all political on you, but — as I was telling Robin Brande this week — in the spirit of Mother’s Day, go see this e-card from the wonderful not-for-profit MomsRising, who work toward family-friendly policies in America (and I don’t mean the ultra-conservative ideology of “family values” — I mean paid maternity leave, actual paternity leave, more flex jobs for parents so that we can work and see our children, healthcare for all kids, etc.). Better yet, send the e-card to your favorite kick-ass mama. Oh, and I must also mention MOTHERS — Mothers Ought to Have Equal Rights — a grassroots coalition who work toward improving the economic well-being of mothers. Both groups work toward eradicating the utterly asinine, media-driven “Mommy Wars.” Here’s to mamas . . .

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  1. Happy Mother’s Day to everyone!

    Ella Grace has two fantastic names. 🙂 Glad that you have had such a great time with everyone!

    Now for my 7 kicks for the week:

    I have some fabulous new clients and am designing their websites as we speak.

    I wrote umpteen versions of an article that pretty much ended up being a Grecian epic. Except for the Greek part. It is now done. It’s what I want it to be, how I want it to read.

    I did NOT have to go to the dentist this week.

    I accepted compliments. Sometimes.

    I saved a spider’s life.

    I used up a pack of Post-It flags marking great quotes in a forthcoming book.

    I talked to anyone who would listen about the Battle of Bartlesville, aka the book banning that is happening in Oklahoma, and told everyone that they should read The Bermudez Triangle by Maureen Johnson and sign the petition to show their support and want to keep the book in the Bartlesville Mid-High library.

  2. Happy Mother’s Day Americans (ours was way back in March) !

    My 7 Kicks:

    1 – I got a signed “Doctor Who” postcard from David Tennant in response to my 2-page fan letter – I nearly died of shock ! (There’s a photo of it on my Blog if anyone requires visual proof ! *grins*)

    2 – I finished writing my fifth “DW” story on Friday night, and typed up the fourth chapter and Epilogue yesterday, leaving me just the proof-reading and editing to do on it before I share it with everyone else.

    3 – I’m re-reading the “Percy Jackson” series by Rick Riordan – great fun ! And I picked up a copy of the third one from the library yesterday – Woo Hoo !

    4 – I also got a copy of Skullduggery Pleasant from the library yesterday – although that was a close run thing since the system had decided I hadn’t come to collect it and it was going to the next person on the reservations list ! Silly system hadn’t even told me the book was available (and I’d only requested it three days earlier so they’d had no time to send me the notification letter !). Plus I picked up Pippi Longstocking on the strength of various Bloggers’ comments on it and Norman Lindsey’s The Magic Pudding which I’ve been wanting to read for some time.

    5 – Last Saturday’s “Doctor Who” episode referenced T S Eliot – I love it when the writers use literary allusions – it gives me a Nerdgasm ! *wink* It was also a fun episode, which was a relief after the Dalek 2-parter !

    6 – The Doctor Who: The Inside Story book I got last weekend with some Amazon gift certificates was absolutely fascinating and is totally worth having !

    7 – An online friend who’s a fellow Whovian bought me a copy of a magazine that I couldn’t afford to buy for myself because it carried interviews with three of the Season 3 “Doctor Who” episode writers. But he didn’t tell me he’d bought it, so it was a complete surprise when it turned up in the mail !

    Happy Sunday everyone !

  3. It’s lovely as always to read the lists. And to have a baby photo again!

    Michele, I’m always impressed with how many great Doctor Who things you experience each week!

    My list:

    1. Mother’s Day celebrations went well (I didn’t realise Australia shared the date with the US until this year). We had breakfast with one mother and lunch with another, which was fun (although tiring!).
    2. Despite a mix up over who was actually bringing the breakfast ingredients (I still maintain it was my sister’s responsibility!) a nearby shop meant all were soon well fed.
    3. I tried out a new pizza dough and was very impressed with the results.
    4. I went away for work to the town where Dad lives, so got to catch up with him again!
    5. I finally finished and submitted a job application that’s been hanging around my datastick for too long.
    6. I also got lots of other boring but necessary chores accomplished yesterday (even if I did have to bribe myself with a copy of Maureen Johnson’s The Burmudez triangle to do so!)
    7. It was lovely to have some rain this week. It was not nearly enough to even green the parks let alone make a difference to our rapidly emptying dams, but I enjoyed getting to use my umbrella all the same and experiencing that yummy rain smell.

    Have a great week, all!

  4. HI, ELLA GRACE! Just quickly have to say: What a great pic!

  5. Oh and thanks for complimenting my daughters (and me), Eisha. What a nice Mother’s Day gift . . .

  6. Emmaco, I’m always pretty impressed myself !

    I’ve just got to add an 8th Kick – I’ve just watched the “Doctor Who Movie” from 1996 – pretty good fun. Slightly OTT in the Gothic department, but it left me feeling that it was a great shame we didn’t get to see more of Paul McGann’s Eighth Doctor on screen…

  7. Michele, I’m glad my little ‘ol contribution to your Amazon gift certificate helped you get something you love.

    LW, I’m so glad you didn’t have any dentist visits this week.

    And, Emmaco, I love that rain smell, too.

  8. Little Willow, way to lead the charge in the Battle of Bartlesville. Fight the Power!

    Michele – thank you, THANK YOU for the word “nerdgasm.” I am stealing that, but I’ll try to remember to give you credit.

    Emmaco, I love that rain smell, too. And having TWO Mother’s Day meals in one day. Yum.

    Jules, I wish there were something else in that photo of Ella Grace to give a sense of scale. But her little arms are about as big around as my index finger. It’s breathtaking to see her in person.

  9. Eisha, baby Ella Grace is sweet looking in that pic. Jule, belated birthday greetings.
    It has been a lo-o-o-ong week for me. But here is my list.

    1. I received and email response from Elizabeth Hall, Scott O’Dell’s window. When I emailed her the impact Island of the Blue Dolphins had on my as a young child, I never expected an answer.
    2. A third grade boy brought me a sea shell that he thought I might like. And this student was an unexpected student.
    3. My discussion with a class who listen to their teacher read, Higher Power of Lucky. Moving.
    4. Buying some plants for my backyard and helping the local library at the same time.
    5. Babysitting grandbaby, Estelle, on Friday and babysitting grandbaby, Cecelia, yeaterday.
    6. So many joyous comment on my sleep haiku about taking a nap at my personal blog. I love when something resonates with others.
    7. Having everyone here for Mother’s Day dinner.

    Happy Mother’s Day to all. We all mother people in ways we do not know.

  10. Happy Mother’s Day, Jules! I hope Blaine & the kids do something great for Mommy.

    I don’t know if I have a whole 7 kicks this week…but the weather is finally getting warmer and it feels like spring in the mountains…which is kick enough for me!

  11. Thanks, Jules. My next appointment is the 19th.

    Eisha, the more people that read the book and enjoy it, the better. This is all two-fold: one being that some people are lying (that’s two-fold too: lying about the content of the book and lying about the actual banning/pulling/happenings) and two being that they are phobic. If this starts a witch hunt for books of a similar nature, they’ll pull Levithan’s amazing books, and 21 Proms, and books by Julie Anne Peters, and where will it end??

  12. Happy Sunday and a Happy Mother’s Day to all those who care for children.

    Emmaco: Congrats for getting the yucky stuff done. You totally deserve a book for that!
    Michele: I’m so thrilled your stories are finding readers, especially readers who send you gifts!
    LW: Congrats on the new clients!! Oh, and everyone, LW’s article will be up tomorrow–top billing–and it’s a good one.
    Jules: scholarlybrio is a blog I’ve marked for my next blogroll update. You should form a union there in TN. I’m still alone in Iowa (with the exception of a writer or two). Go MomsRising!
    Eisha: I’m so excited for your move and all the babies!!

    Okay, on to my 7:

    1) I formed a new online writing group this week. My old online group is still functioning, but isn’t meeting my needs. (Small submissions in terms of word count, mostly articles for Highlights and such.) I’m going to stick with them, but I really needed a high-powered, kick-ass group that writes novels only. Within a week, I have one!! The people seem awesome, I brought along a person who quit my previous group because of some of the frustrations I was feeling, and we start work tomorrow. This is so important to me because I live in a town of 9000 people. Oh, and HipWriterMama is in!! Can you tell I’m excited?
    2. For my birthday last month I received a flying lesson gift certificate. My lesson is scheduled for this week. I’m nervous, but psyched.
    3. Skulduggery Pleasant. Fun, fun, fun.
    4. The Road. I listened to this one this week and, okay, it’s a great book. Worth the buzz. I was amazed and humbled when I finished it.
    5. Kids. My kids are in good shape after a couple weeks in March/April. My daughter is managing a “mean girls” episode very well and talking to us about it. My son is loving the spring and tramping around the neighborhood with sticks and a couple of other boys. While I get frustrated living in Smalltown, when I see the childhood my kids have…it’s truly like the 1950s. On a nice day, they open the door, go outside and there are 13 kids out there too.
    5) The new TEOTF. Okay, so it’s 4 days late. But, I’m not killing myself over it and I’m happy it will be done by tomorrow morning. It’s a good one too.
    6) g-mail. This is a small thing, but it makes me happy. My college e-mail uses Microsoft web outlook and it stinks. Clearing spam is like a full time job. I also have microsoft outlook for another account. g-mail somehow finds all the spam and never makes a mistake. Two clicks eliminates the lot of it too. I thought I’d miss the folders, but I don’t. By just clicking on a comment, you can find anything you need.
    7) Walking. I LOVE to walk and wander. And now I can because it’s spring.

  13. Happy Mothers Day to all who are mothers or who have mothers or who like someone who is a mother, etc….

    1. I finished Octavian Nothing, thank goodness. I’ve been postponing reading the second half of that book for 2 months, and finally got through it. The end was well worth it.

    2. I spent time at my nephew’s little league game, which was both gut-wrenching and a hoot!

    3. New clothes. Out with the old, in with the new!

    4. Emails from one of my best friends.

    5. Time with my parents, which is wonderful always.

    6. Got back to the blog this week after travelling the last two.

    7. Got some long postponed medical appointments out of the way.

    8. Lots of laughter this week.

    Have a great week everyone!

  14. 1. Last week is finally over.
    a. Washing machine downpour got fixed, laundry room floor mopped.
    b. Dead car battery replaced in the veterinary parking lot by a mobile AAA truck. (I didn’t know they could do that).
    c. Dog alert and happy after overnight observation at emergency veterinary clinic.
    d. My mother’s glucose appointment went well. Results tomorrow.

    2. Wonderful theatrical production by students of TSD, titled “The Portal” — Cottage staff did this, not teachers.

    3. Lovely morning with my daughter yesterday, we worked on my hobby. First time for her to do it.

    4. My cousin emailed me a picture of my dad enjoying homemade ice cream summer of 1971; he died in 1981.

    5. I’ve discovered the wonders of uploading and ordering prints through Walgreen.com — ready to be picked up in an hour. Said photo in #4 will be part of a Mother’s Day gift to my mom, and to the kids too.

  15. Little Willow- I love it that you saved a spider’s life.

    Seven good things this week:
    1) The rhubarb roots, blueberry and raspberry bushes I ordered arrived in a box this past Friday.
    2) My husband is going to dig for me a plot for the raspberry and blueberry bushes. It’s my Mother’s Day present.
    3) My daughters’s 4th birthday party went off really well yesterday. Nancy Stewart played a birthday concert in our home.
    4) Hank Green likes my “Superhero Teaparty” song.
    5) Robin Brande sent me chocolates.
    6) Someone brought 3 peony seeds to my daughter’s birthday party. Coincidentally, the party favors we gave out were seed packets.
    7) Thanks to my guitar teacher, I’ve now got the guitar chords for “The Sunny Side of the Street.”

  16. Eisha: mmm, grits. Double mmmm, fried green tomatoes.

    Jules: MomsRising was on the front page of the Washington Post’s Metro section this morning! Loved the Stevie Wonder video. If I ever THINK I’m in a bad mood, I’m gonna watch that. And dance.

    My list:

    1) Being a mother to two fabulous kids. My daughter sent me an email that made me laugh AND cry, and my son dressed up, down to nice shoes, to take me out to brunch. I love them!

    2) The book I’m writing surprised me this week. I love it when that happens…

    3) My son’s crew boat posted their best times of the year at the state regatta. I never thought eight people pulling oars could be that exciting!

    4) “Ten Proems” on the back page of the May/June Horn Book.

    5) The lineup for the August SCBWI conference includes bloggers! And John Green!

    6) Robin Brande’s movie. The first time I’ve watched a movie where I knew the screenwriter and could directly compliment her on some kick-ass lines.

    7) Seeing the local high school’s outstanding production of Thoroughly Modern Millie last night. My friend did the tap-dance choreography: Imagine a 1920’s style open floor office with desks on wheels, with secretaries who “type” and the sound is their perfectly sychronized tapping feet…just fabulous!

  17. Eisha – you’re welcome to steal it. A friend of mine told me that “The Shakespeare Code” (ep 2 of Season 3 of New Who) would give me a “Geekgasm” – but I pointed that I’m far more of a Nerd than I am a Geek, so I invented the word to use !

    Jules – I’m very happy that we both got an enjoyable book out of your desire for “Monkey and Me”…

    Kelly – it’s totally awesome that anyone even bothers to read my Who stories, never mind likes them !

  18. Little Willow, I’m also glad you saved a spider. I am constantly amazed at the number of children I see who gleefully run their hand through a spider’s web, destroying it, or stomp on a spider with glee, too. I just don’t get it. It kinda horrifies me. I love the part in The Secret Life of Bees where her mother draws the ants outside instead of killing them.

    Eisha, I can kinda see how small Ella Grace is by looking at her left leg (I think it is?? Can’t figure out if she’s on her back or not) — anyway, the one that doesn’t quite fill the leg of the PJ set she’s sleeping in.

    Jone, happy mother’s day. I love the name Cecilia (though I may not be spelling it how your granddaughter does).

    HI, TRACY! I’m so happy you all like your new home.

    Kelly, I hope your new online writing group is everything you hope it to be.

    Nancy, I can’t wait ’til Octavian, the blockbuster sequel . . .

    Betty, I hope your mother gets good results, and I’m glad your dog’s okay . . . Isn’t TSD about to hit the summer break?! And don’t you think Laura should illustrate a children’s book one day?!

    Alkelda, congrats on the Robin-chocolates. I got some once, too, and I still have her “thanks for blogging with me” note; in fact, it’s taped to my monitor where I can see it every day. You totally deserve chocolates — congrats. And happy birthday to your daughter. Oh, speaking of, our sunflowers are growing tall!

    Sara, once again, your children rock. And I somehow knew you’d appreciate that Stevie Wonder video. I partly thought of you when I posted it.

  19. By the way, Michele, what exactly are the fine-point distinctions between a “nerd” and a “geek”?

    And, Sara, I loved those “Ten Proems,” too . . .

  20. Happy Mother’s Day to all you mothers out there. Eisha, I love the picture of Ella Grace. A little miracle. Jules, congrats on finding a middle Tennessee blogging buddy. Very cool. It’s hard to know what else to respond to, since I’m coming in so late today, and everyone has so much going on. But I will note, for Kelly, that I love to walk, too. Which brings me to the first of my seven kicks:

    1. I’ve been listening to The Titan’s Curse on MP3, and I’m really enjoying it. I like it better than Sea of Monsters (which is saying something). And it gets me outside more walking, because I want to know what happens next.

    2. Like several others, I received a review copy of Skullduggery Pleasant in the mail this week. I had actually eyed it in the bookstore, after reading Kelly’s review. Such a nice hefty add to the “to read” stack.

    3. I visited the most excellent Powell’s books, two different branches, while on a very short trip to Portland for work. Don’t you love how they have lists, in order, of various series books on the shelves? So very helpful! I picked up several books that I’ve been meaning to read.

    4. Yesterday I went on a wine tasting event with the social club from church. It was a beautiful day, and a lot of fun.

    5. Mheir and I completed a day of fun yesterday by going out to eat at our favorite restaurant, Teske’s Germania in San Jose. They were celebrating Maifest on the outdoor patio, with an oompa band and much rejoicing around birthdays and anniversaries in the owners’ family. It was very festive!

    6. The Red Sox were seven games ahead of the Yankees, as of this morning.

    7. I don’t have to get on another plane for 16 days, making this the longest stretch I’ve had at home since early February. Meaning that I might actually have time to dive into some more of the books in my to be reviewed pile, which would be wonderful.

    Happy Mother’s Day to all!

  21. Eisha and Jules, whenever I see someone squish a spider, I want to shout, “That’s Charlotte!” (Sometimes, I do shout that.)

    Oh my goodness, Michele! You must be thrilled to pieces. Judging from your blog, Dr. Who : you :: BtVS (once was) : me.

    Kelly, I’m so glad that you have a new writing group! The only reason I didn’t join was because I was concerned I would not be able to give it the time it deserves.

    I need to kick myself and write some more. I write every day . . . IN MY HEAD. I infrequently get it down on paper or on a computer. I don’t have a tape recorder or any such device. I will record quick notes on my cell phone if and when the opportunity presents itself.

    Oh, and if any of you happen to run into Stephen Colbert, please tell him to put my ‘save draft’ key on notice.

  22. I forgot to mention…Jone: That’s great on your haiku!!

    LW: I’ll let you know if a space opens up in the future, okay?

    Jen: I’m listening to The Titan’s Cure too! It follows up “The Road,” and, as such, is a welcome relief 🙂

  23. Jen, I’m always amazed at how much you get done re your blog with all the travelling and all the work you have for your job. (But I’m glad you do, ’cause we all benefit from your blog).

  24. 1. The screening of our film was a great success with the audience laughing at the right places and impressed by what we had done. The big cheese group here – the Washington Improv Theater – even gave us props. I think sometimes it’s hard for people outside of the film groups – esp. those who do these contests – to understand how amazing it is to do these films in a weekend, so it was exciting to get the great response from them.

    2. Almost all of my Girl Scouts showed up for their dance party. I think they had a great time, but I was mostly glad that the ones who were hesitant about coming made the effort to come anyway. Kids today seem to not want to do anything unless they feel like it, and I wanted them to understand that sometimes you do things because it supports your group or someone you care about (like their leader who had to put the darn thing together).

    3. Now tying those two things together, I appreciate my blogfriends taking the time to watch the movie. I worked hard on our team, and I’m really proud of what we did. I’m glad to have creative people to share it with and to read your congrats.

    4. Getting the beautiful glass tray for Mother’s Day that I mentioned to my husband.

    5. Power washing the deck, which sounds like a crazy kick-ass thing, but that’s probably because you’ve never seen a really good power washer in action. It’s like having a new deck.

    6. Threadless sent me a T-shirt and a sweatshirt for the 48 Hour Book Challenge prizes.

    7. Hanging up the new hammock.

  25. Neat to be listening to the same book at the same time, Kelly. And I’m sure that The Titan’s Curse is a welcome relief after The Road. I wouldn’t have wanted to listen to The Road – too much inescapable grimness.

    Jules, thanks for the support! I’ve just given up things like, oh, cleaning my house to make time for the blog. And exercise, that’s way down, too. Finding balance, when one is obsessive about something the way that I am about the blog, is very tricky. The upside of the business travel is that I do usually have more time to read (on the plane, etc.).

  26. I particularly enjoyed reading everyone’s positive things this week — such good energy. 🙂

    Eisha, Thank you for alerting me to a new Horvath on the horizon. Must get my hands on that. (Last week, Jen alerted me to the new Kiki Strike. This series is becoming like my new ARC notification service.)

    I’m going to try for seven:

    1. I am reading the new Meg Cabot even though, strictly speaking, I’m not reading fiction right now. It’s so funny. Great stress relief.
    2. Friends had me over for dinner Thursday, and it was seriously the best thing ever.
    3. 28 Weeks Later wasn’t disappointing.
    4. Likewise with a friend’s comedy show Friday night — he was awesome, his fellow performers were awesome, and I had a great time.
    5. Yet another friend brought me a Pigeon (http://www.flickr.com/photos/watat/sets/72157600208743390/).
    6. Another friend still got me the third issue of the new Buffy comics (which was good, since I read it even though strictly speaking I’m not reading fiction right now).
    7. I put out the hummingbird feeders today and cleaned out the rest of the bird feeders while I was at it. Love my birds.

  27. Jules and Eisha,

    I have mixed emotions writing about my “kicks” because I got some sad news from two different people who are dear to me at the end of the week.

    But today was a glorious day–and my husband, my daughter, my sister and her husband, and I took my elderly mother out to dinner to celebrate Mother’s Day. I certainly am fortunate that my eighty-nine year old mother is still with us and able to enjoy an evening out. I have lots of family and old friends close by and that gives me comfort when I’m feeling down.

    I hope all the blogger moms had a great day!

  28. Sara, that tap dance routine sounds awesome. I am a huge dance fan.

    Jone, your granddaughers both have great names. How excellent that you got to see both of them!

    Tracy – yes! It’s finally spring here in the frozen north, too, and it’s beautiful. But my allergies have kicked it up to eleven…

    Kelly – whoa! Flying lesson? Like, in a plane? That’s really cool.

    Ooh, Nancy, I’d love to talk to you about Octavian Nothing. Wasn’t it amazing?

    McBetty, that’s actually a very cool thing about Walgreens.com – every time I think about printing pics I realize I’ll have to go out and get a new ink cartridge, and put it off again.

    Jen, I’m with Jules – your ability to blog on the go is amazing. Have a lovely couple of weeks at home!

    MotherReader, that film is totally awesome. I”m glad you shared it, and so glad you (and your husband, and Robin) are getting some recognition for it.

    Adrienne, I don’t understand – how does a person NOT read fiction? For me that’s like saying “Technically speaking, this week I’m not breathing oxygen.”

    And for that matter, why hasn’t anyone sent ME a pigeon? Hmm? Hint, hint…

  29. Oh, Elaine, I’m sorry about the bad news. But I’m glad you had a nice Mother’s Day. I hope this week is better.

  30. Hello All!
    Phew! It took a long time to read all the entries, but it was worth it. What an amazing week you’ve all had. Elaine, I’m sorry about your sad news, but glad you got some quality time with your Mom.
    I’m late posting today, but I wanted to make sure I could start with something really big (for me anyway). So, without further ado, here are my kicks for the week.
    1. My grading is DONE!
    2. My passport and visa arrived Friday, just four days before my departure.
    3. Shopping, shopping, shopping for the trip. Okay, I HATE shopping, but I do have some swanky new clothes that will get me through the trip and will actually be wearable once I return.
    4. I’m completely packed for China, and I am traveling light. I’m taking two skirts, three pairs of pants and six shirts. That’s it! I’m pretty proud of myself. I usually take at least 6 outfits I never wear.
    5. Graduation weekend is always bittersweet, but I now have 7 cards and letters to add to my “I Am Terrific” file.
    6. William woke me up at 6 am this morning with the sweetest Mother’s Day greeting and then took me around the house to present me with all the “gifts” he’d made and hidden.
    7. I got my itinerary for China and it rocks!
    That’s it ladies. I will miss you all while I’m away and probably won’t be posting, but when I can steal a few moments to myself, you can bet I’ll be reading.

  31. Woo-hoo, Tricia! Have a safe, amazing, awesome journey. We will all be eager to hear all about it!

  32. And by the way, Eisha, bring on the baby pictures. Such a sweet visual treat.

  33. Jen, so glad someone else ignores house work for blogging. And as for you not getting enough exercise ’cause you’re blogging, it’s all good, ’cause aren’t you all the time walking while listening to novels?!

    Elaine, sorry about the bad news, but I’m also glad your Mother’s Day was good.

    Tricia, TRAVEL SAFELY. We can’t wait to read about it!

    Adrienne, did I miss why you’re not reading fiction (egads!)?

    MotherReader and Robin, I STILL NEED TO SEE THAT FILM (I’m having computer issues)!

  34. OK, the difference between a Nerd and a Geek – a Geek is very focused on technology, wanting all the latest gadgets, or upgrades for their gadgets, the minute that they’re available. They’re smarter than average but quite often socially inept. Nerds are also smarter than average, but they’re scholarly and more book-focused. I have Geeky tendencies since I’m into computers, but I’m far more of a Nerd.

    If you’re interested, you can take an online test to check which you are (Nerd, Geek or Dork) – I came out as a Pure Nerd !

  35. I got 47% Nerd, 52% Geek, 17% Dork, but that’s just not right. I’m a total Nerd. I did take the test really fast (as I need to get out the door, but I was too intrigued); I’m gonna have to do it again later.

  36. My book’s due in a couple weeks now, so, basically, if it isn’t about homeschooling, I shouldn’t be reading it. I’m weak, though, and can’t seem to last more than a couple days without fiction. I know that there are whole segments of the population who choose not to consume fiction, but I’m just not one of them. I get all weird if I don’t have a novel to read here and there.

  37. 60 % Nerd, 39% Geek, 21% Dork.

    Yeah, the math is weird, but it gave me an overall Pure Nerd.

    Did any of you ever see this Onion article about the historic Gaywad/Dorkwad Alliance Treaty? We should maybe do something similar to unite the Nerds, Geeks and Dorks…

  38. Michele – I agree! I see total distinctions between a geek, a nerd, and a dork. I wrote them down a few years ago because friends liked my explanations. Short version: geek = technosavvy; nerd = book smarts; dork = pratfalls, silly.

    For the record, I’m a geek and a nerd, but not a dork.

  39. Nerds will take over the world one day. In high school, my friends and I embraced the Nerd thing and started our own Nerd/Sex club, as in we were nerds who weren’t having sex. Might as well celebrate it, right?

    Loved that link, Eisha. Hey, Michele, even Doctor Who is mentioned there!

  40. Loud & proud, Jules, loud & proud! Nerd/Sex forever! 🙂


  41. Yikes, Dudes! I just did Michele’s test and these are my results:

    95 % Nerd, 30% Geek, 52% Dork. My results? Tri-Lamb Material.

    Sob! I had no idea it was that bad.

  42. Oh but you’re such a great Nerd, Kelly! You make us others proud.

    I mean, 95%? That’s IMPRESSIVE! I truly wish my Nerd factor percentage were that high. I AM SO NOT A GEEK, (despite my HTML skills)! (I need to take that test again).

  43. Kelly, I’d ask for a do-over. Nerd, maybe, but no way you’re 52% Dork.

    Actually, if you read the test’s definition of a geek, it’s someone who has a really obsessive interest in something – possibly technology, or possibly Star Trek, or whatever. I think that blurs the lines a bit between Nerd and Geek. I mean, we’re all Lit Geeks, right?

  44. Wow ! I didn’t realise that the Nerd/Geek/Dork test was going to cause so much comment !!

    The funny thing is that someone called The Doctor a “Science Geek” in “The Lazarus Experiment” (the last S3 episode that aired – we had a break for the Eurovision! *rolls eyes*) – and he was so pleased once Martha told him what it meant..

  45. Too kind! Too kind! Middle Tennessee represents! You know Diane Chen of SLJ is out here, too. We gotta’ do what we can to get these awesome books to the kiddos. With our powers combined …

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