Hear Ye, Hear Ye . . .

h1 May 15th, 2007 by Eisha and Jules

{Anyone else with children listening to Dan Zane’s new CD suddenly want to break into song when you hear “hear ye”? Alkelda?! Track #6, the “Choo choo Ch’ Boogie,” opens with Rankin’ Don a.k.a. Father Goose belting that out . . . but I digress}.

Anyway, Eisha and I don’t normally do posts announcing things such as the new issue of The Edge of the Forest, ’cause, well . . . we figure everyone else is covering it and that — if you have any sense — you read Big A little a anyway and already know about it. But this is just to say that you all should go over and read Volume II, Issue 5 (since I started the sentence that way, I’ll have visions of sweet, cold plums in my head all day), ’cause Kelly and her writers work so hard on this publication and it’s so very good. There’s a lot of great stuff in this issue, as always, including Little Willow’s feature on The Bermudez Triangle and how it’s currently being challenged in Oklahoma, which she was telling us about on Sunday. Kelly also tells us all about Tracy Grand’s JacketFlap.

Every issue is worth reading, and the articles never disappoint, but this is just to say that it’s there and kudos to Kelly and her crew for such an informative online monthly.

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  1. As much as I hate to admit it in public, I have been known to listen to that Dan Zanes CD even when the children aren’t around….

  2. Love it, Adrienne! I am so particular about children’s music — don’t want the gag-inducing stuff, and Dan Zanes is a godsend, huh? Especially with the folks he brings on board — Natalie Merchant, Nick Cave, Deborah Harry… Love it. Alkelda just saw him live with her stinkin’ cute daughter and said he rocks the hiz-ouse.

  3. I still have songs from his EARLIER CDs stuck in my head. Pay me my money down…..

    When our girls were younger, they got hooked on a particular insipid little collection that my husband liked to call “Thumbkin Must Die.”

    Off to the store to buy the new Dan Zanes now…

  4. Adrienne, that’s too cute 🙂

    Thanks for the props, E&J–much appreciated!

  5. “Stinkin’ cute!” I like that. I do like to break into song when listening to Dan Zanes (check out Elizabeth Mitchell too- if Liz and Dan went on tour together, I’d float 6 feet off the ground). I have a problem though: these days, when we play music, my daughter says, “You DON’T sing!” I told her, “Look, ‘you’ve got to sing when the spirit says sing,'” but she’s not buying it. As the random peasant said in Monty Python and the Holy Grail, “Help, help, I’m being oppressed.”

  6. I LOVE Elizabeth Mitchell’s music! My youngest got “You Are My Little Bird” for her birthday (’cause someone asked mama for a gift idea, and mama said that!). People like Zanes and Mitchell make the world of children’s music a better place.

    Liz, our copy of the new Dan Zanes is a library copy, but I’m about to reach my renewal limit and might just have to purchase it. It’s very good. Oh, and I’m still laughing at “Thumbkin Must Die.”

    And, Alkelda, my condolences over your oppression. Does your daughter (who is not only stinkin’ cute but also a punkin head) sing at each song? Did you see my note earlier that our sunflowers are growing big and tall?!

    I made a two-disc mixed CD set of children’s songs for my mama friends that is, apparently, making its way across the South (as friends will ask if they can copy it for their friends) if any of you want me to burn one for you (once I figure out what’s wrong with my CD burner). It’s pretty kickin’ if I must say so myself — lots of traditional songs, world songs, new artists like Zanes, Mitchell, etc., lots of the must-haves, such as Ella Jenkins, Pete Seeger, etc., and even The Talking Heads here and The Beatles there (“Yellow Submarine” is a must-have, you know). I made a lullaby one, too (part of a four-CD set that I made for mama friends) that I LOVE but no else seemed to be as crazy about a good world lullaby as I am. I think I’m the only one who listens to it. Friends will tell me how often they play the fun songs, but no one ever mentions the lullaby CD. But that’s okay; I just really love a good one and like to read about the traditional ones, too. Ellipsis Arts is also dangerous for me to visit (dangerous for my checking account).

    This post is really and truly about all the hard work that goes into something like TEOTF and kudos to Kelly for all that, but now it’s turned into something else, huh? Oh and, as Fuse always mentions, her colleague has this great site, Children’s Music That Rocks, which I avoid altogether a lot of times – honestly – ’cause I want to buy every CD I see on there.

  7. Jules– I did see your note about the sunflowers growing tall, and I’m a mite wistful. Our sunflowers are still so wee. But give them time…

    My daughter is indeed a punkin head. Then again, I remember getting irritated when my parents sang to songs I just wanted to listen to. When music isn’t playing, Lucia is demanding that I sing. I just can’t win, you know. At least I’m getting some guitar-practice in without struggle. There have been times I’ve had to play guitar with my back against the bedroom door.


    That’s my newest expletive.

  8. What is it with little girls and the “no singing” rule? Mine does the same darn thing.

    I’d love a copy of that there CD, Ms J….

  9. I haven’t any plums, but I do enjoy the Sugarplum Fairy.


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