7-Imp’s 7 Kicks #15: The Father’s Day and SBBT Edition, Featuring Scott Magoon

h1 June 17th, 2007 by Eisha and Jules

Happy Father’s Day to all you fathers out there! It’s time for our 7 Kicks, but before we get to that, don’t forget the Summer Blog Blast Tour and its inaugural interview today. That would be an interview with Gene Yang over at Finding Wonderland. Don’t miss it, people. It’s really well-done. And we here at 7-Imp will have our interview with Brent Hartinger tomorrow and an exclusive interview with Sonya Hartnett the next day. For our other interviews this week, visit this link (and here’s the Grand Master Schedule).

Hey, look up there at our 7 Kicks illustration-of-the-week. It’s Hugo and Miles! Have you read Hugo & Miles in: I’ve Painted Everything (An Adventure in Paris)? (Jules reviewed it here, and here is a February review of Kara LaReau’s Ugly Fish, which Scott also illustrated). Author/illustrator Scott Magoon sent us this illustration for this week’s list; Hugo and Miles there are atop the Eiffel Tower, taking in a grand view of Paris. Thanks to Scott!

And, wait, there’s more . . . Look, it’s an illustration from his upcoming Fall picture book (Houghton Mifflin), called The Luck of the Loch Ness Monster: A Tale of Picky Eating by Alice Weaver Flaherty (a neurologist who teaches at Harvard no less, according to this link). Scott says it’ll be out this September, and we went and found the Houghton link to it. Looks like good stuff. We are fans of Scott’s work, and we thank him for not only the Hugo & Miles art work but the sneak peek Lochness illustration, too.

Okay, let’s get to the lists then. Here’s our usual intro for any new people: It’s time for another installment of 7-Imp’s 7 Kicks. For those new to our series, this is where we all stop in every Sunday to report seven (more or less is fine) Good Things that happened to you (or that you read or saw or experienced or . . . well, you get the picture) this week. Absolutely anyone is welcome to contribute, and your lists don’t have to be book-related.

* * * * * * * Jules’ list * * * * * * *

I’m doing my list early this week, since I’ve got some SBBT interviews to get ready for tomorrow and Tuesday. Whew. We hope you enjoy all our SBBT interviews this week. Here were my Good Things from this week:

1). Anyone remember me talking about how my daughters are obsessed with Regis Faller’s Polo books? And that my husband and I commissioned a very talented woman here in Nashville to create a Polo doll for my youngest, who cries out Polo’s name after we’ve hidden the Polo books for having read them about, oh, twenty kajillion times in a row (to. be. exact.)? (And she once walked around the grocery store, clinging to an illustration of Polo from one of those square Horn Book Guide subscription ads that you can rip from the magazine, saying “My Polo!” repeatedly). Well, here he is! How spot-on is that beautiful creation? And there she is giving him a big, happy hug. After she got him, she ran around hugging him, apparently doing a Polo Dance, and she’d stop in front of the stove in the kitchen, see her reflection in there, and say, “No! MY Polo doll” to the girl in the appliance.

(Fair Use, Fair Use, I cry to anyone who questions the legality of this, by chance. And, come on, just look at my daughter’s face when she first SAW HIM!) . . .

2). Getting to see good (and out-of-town) friends this week (Shannon and Susan) and getting to talk a bit with Shannon about the YA poetry anthology we want to get published one day. Shannon also did repeated dramatic recitations of The Monster at the End of this Book in a really convincing, rousing, thoroughly entertaining Grover voice for my daughters’ great, squealy enjoyment. Probably lost his voice that evening from his enthusiastic readings. He’s a sport, that one.

3). I finished Khaled Hosseini’s A Thousand Splendid Suns. And here’s the deal: I’m not going to give it a formal, its-own-post review, because I do not want to give away a single plot point. What I love about Hosseini is captured here by The Washington Post Book World when reviewing The Kite Runner: “no frills, no nonsense, just hard, spare prose . . .” Or, as this New York Times review that I just found put it, “Mr. Hosseini . . . writes in straight-ahead, utilitarian prose and creates characters who have the simplicity and primary-colored emotions of people in a fairy tale or fable.” Since I think he is such a fine storyteller (and, yes, he does do the “primary-colored emotions.” I see that, I get that, but it’s still compelling stuff) and since his prose is so straightforward with a complete and utter lack of literary somersaults in the name of showing off, I don’t want to give away any of the dramatic action, should you want to read this for yourself and let it unfold for you. (And even though his prose is mostly straight-up, no-nonsense, he’ll throw in moments like this — “In the middle of the night, when Laila woke up thirsty, she found their hands still clamped together, in the white-knuckle, anxious way of children clutching balloon strings” — which just slay me). This novel covers three decades in the life of war-torn Afghanistan (anti-Soviet jihad, civil war, and the Taliban), all seen through the lives of two women. We all know about the stifling patriarchy of the Taliban and their mistreatment of women — or at least we hear about it repeatedly and think we know it — but, wow, this was really eye-opening (hint: Did you know that the Taliban allowed only a few women doctors and nurses to work, but hospitals still had segregated wards for women? In one scene, one of our main characters has to have a c-section in a very dirty, segregated hospital with. no. anesthesia. Needless to say, it’s difficult to read) . . . If anyone else has read this, I’d love to hear your thoughts (Betty?). Good stuff.

4). Hey, we were featured at Diane Chen’s SLJ blog, Practically Paradise. And I was even interviewed. Fun.

5). Check out this great story: So, I go to story time this week at the Nashville Public Library, and they have a (high school, I assume) summer volunteer there, who looks nothing like Eisha but has the same slight, petite build, long hair, and sweet demeanor with children that Eisha has. And my three-year-old is drawn to her like a magnet, sits next to her, gives her hugs, keeps giving her coy smiles (she is normally quite shy and doesn’t exactly sit with total strangers). I had a suspicion it was ’cause she was reminded of Eisha (she lurvs Eisha dearly and always enjoys her visits). I asked her, does she make you think of Eisha?, and she said, “YES!” . . . Can I get a big collective “AWWWWWWWWWWW!” please?

6). Look, Alkelda! My daughter’s first sunflower has blossomed!

7). Last but far from least, the upcoming Summer Blog Blast Tour and Colleen Mondor for putting so much work and enthusiasm into the project.

* * * * * * * eisha’s list * * * * * * *

1* AWWW! That pic of Ada with her new Polo doll!

2* AWWW! That story about Miri with the library volunteer. I’m so flattered. And I lurv Miriam right back!

Miles in the bath.3* My turn for the cuteness overload! It’s been a while since I shared a Miles pic, but my sister-in-law just sent some new ones, including this sweet smile, which just floored me. Miles is getting so big. And bald. Hopefully his hair will come back soon.

4* This week was totally insane at work, because we’re gearing up for the start of our summer reading program next week, and I spent a lot of time at the school next door to our library, going class to class, plugging the SRP with a pharoah’s headdress on my head. It’s exhausting, but I got to say goodbye to some of the teachers and students that I’ve gotten close to over the past four years. *sniff*

5* At our monthly children’s librarians meeting on Friday, they threw a little goodbye You Can Never Find a Rickshaw When It Monsoonsparty for me, complete with cake from Rosie’s (oh how I will miss Rosie’s – for serious, they have the best buttercream frosting ever), and a copy of Mo Willems’s grown-up book, You Can Never Find a Rickshaw When It Monsoons. Do they know me, or what? I’m really going to miss that crew – definitely the most dedicated and excellent team I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. *sniffle, sniff*

6* My friend and co-worker Jamie also gave me two ARCs she’d scored at Book Expo America: Kiki Strike: the Empress’s Tomb, and an Adam Rex illustrated novel (?!? – I hadn’t even heard about this!!!) called The True Meaning of Smekday, which is even autographed for me. I am so very lucky to have Jamie as a friend. I’m going to miss her so much. *sniffle, sob*

7* Jules kicking ass in her SLJ Practically Paradise blog interview. Way to represent, yo!

How ’bout you, Dear Readers? Anything kick-worthy to report? Please do!

27 comments to “7-Imp’s 7 Kicks #15: The Father’s Day and SBBT Edition, Featuring Scott Magoon”

  1. Hey dudes! Those are some darn cute kids you’re featuring on the blog today. Made my 3:00am wakeup time bearable.

    Jules: I finished A Thousand Splendid Suns this week and, also, really “enjoyed” it. It’s a tough, but powerful book.

    1. I didn’t miss 7-Kicks today! It’s another day of travel (this time back…for four days), but I remembered to check in BEFORE I leave, so if I get stranded, I still will have made it.
    2. It’s father’s day! And I have a great father of my own and my kids’ father is pretty darn awesome too.
    3. I meet MotherReader!!!!! And her charming family. And they were every bit as wonderful as you’d think they’d be. We toured a battleship, had dinner, and sat at the Norfolk marina for awhile. Fun, fun, fun and the perfect capstone to my Virginia trip.
    4. My head is beginning to clear. My head has been feeling very crowded the past two months or so, and I’m finally feeling a bit more free.
    5. My student loans are, finally, paid off.
    6. SBBT this week!
    7. Blog friends. I’ve met a few by now and I’m still shocked by how much they’ve brought into my life. I didn’t even consider this “side benefit” when I began blogging, but, in the end, it’s the best thing about blogging.

    Happy Sunday, Jules and Eisha!

  2. Great artwork, flowers and children – the images on this post are happy things even without the text!

    Congrats on the loans being paid off, Kelly! And how cool to hear about bloggers meeting each other and having fun in Real Life.

    This week I wasn’t going to take part as I could only think of stressful events. But then I thought that there’s not much point reflecting on good things solely in predominantly cheery weeks, so here’s my list:

    1. I’ve moved to a new office at work that has a view (albeit through a corridor of two other buildings) of the river, some parkland and the Story Bridge. I’ve noticed I feel a lot chirpier when I can see the weather, ferries and the occasional bridge-climbing group.
    2. A supermarket opened up on my walking route home from the train. A Good Thing for disorganised shoppers like myself!
    3. I’ve got an interview for another interesting looking job.
    4. We’re enjoying the TV show Life on Mars on TV at the moment, and have even remembered to watch most episodes (DVDs have caused us to forget days and times matter when it comes to TV programmes).
    5. A dozen books I had on hold came into my library within a few days. Well, there’s no excuse for not reading new books now!
    6. Yesterday I took time out to enjoy coffee at a local cafe and appreciate my neighbourhood.
    7. It’s cold enough to enjoy one of the few things I like about winter: snuggling under the doona (i.e. duvet to non-Australians) at night.*

    *there is no need to point out that the UK might not be the best place for someone who doesn’t like the cold. Especially as I just checked and the temperatures there and here are the same at the moment in opposite seasons. I’m counting on the novelty of the move and having heating to distract me!

  3. Jules and Eisha, Love the pictures and your list! Jules and Kelly, I cannot wait to read A Thousand Splendid Suns. Eisha, A cake from Rosie’s? You lucky, lucky gal. Kelly, your week sounds great! Emma, It is so strange yet cooling to hear about winter in Australia. Stay warm! Here’s my list:

    1. I met Barbara Johansen Newman of Cats and Jammers last night at her Tex and Sugar book launch hoedown. She is every bit as warm and engaging as she is in her blog. Every bit.

    2. Took the kids to the pool yesterday and had such a fun time.

    3. Although my peonies are starting to droop, my poppies are starting to bloom and my hydrangeas are starting to bud. I have no success with sunflowers.

    4. Found out my parents will be visiting the last week in June! Can’t wait to see them.

    5. My favorite meals this week: Grilled portabella mushrooms with roasted eggplant ratatouille and feta cheese (I accidentally made this delicious meal…from scratch); spanikopita and greek salad. Yum, yum, yum.

    6. SBBT!

    7. Pre-ordered Eclipse. I cannot wait.

    Have a great week!

  4. Hey, everybody!

    Kelly, we missed you last week. I hope your conference was great (I’m happily jealous that you got to go), and that’s great that you met Pam and her family. And BOY HOWDY is it great to get student loans paid off (I would assume — they are a HUGE chunk out of our paycheck every month here in the Danielson home).

    Emmaco, sorry about your stressful week, but we’re glad you visited. When exactly is your big move again?

    Vivian, I’m drooling over just reading about that meal. That sounds scrumptious.

    I don’t know that I can be online a whole lot today, ’cause we’re going to make my husband some blueberry, chocolate-chip waffles for Father’s Day while he sleeps in this morning (and my three-year-old, Princess Piper, wants to blow up a huge bag of balloons for him. That’s exactly what she wanted to get him, so I might just pass out here). And then we’re visiting my father-in-law. Anyway, I’ll check back at the lists when I can.

  5. Morning All!
    Jules, loved the Polo doll and the interview.
    Eisha, Miles is just too cute! Keep those pictures coming.
    Kelly, damn, I can’t believe you were in VA and I missed it. I will catch you next time.
    I so wish I could get to D.C. this weekend, especially for kidlit drink night, but hubby needs to work and I don’t have a sitter. This must makes Robin Brande’s potluck party sound that much better.
    Here’s my list for the week.
    1. Received a copy of a signed Janet Wong book in the mail from the ever lovely Elaine at Wild Rose Reader.
    2. Learned I was the recipient of a free random gift from MR’s 48-hour book challenge.
    3. I’ve been receiving pictures galore from all my travel mates to China. They’re awesome!
    4. Still reading through my 48-hour book challenge stack and enjoying it, albeit at a much slower pace.
    5. Received a free box of books to review. Even though it means work, I love getting them. William and I are already reading through them and I’m making notes.
    6. Got my big brother (he’s 50!) to agree to do the Harry Potter midnight thing with me while I’m home in NY this summer.
    7. I get to celebrate my totally terrific 81 year old Dad today, even though he’s more than 500 miles away.
    Have a great week all!

  6. Aw, Vivian, I missed you again! I was invited to the hoedown but couldn’t make it at the last minute. But I’m glad it was fun. And I’m also drooling over that meal – how do you “accidentally” make something from scratch?

    Kelly, I agree, there’s some excellent people out here in the kidlitosphere, and it’s great when you can meet some of them in person. And PAYING OFF STUDENT LOANS!!! I can’t even picture it, it’s still so far away for me. Congrats!

    Emmaco, good luck on the job search. I know what you mean – I keep looking around my neighborhood at all the places I’ve never visited, and thinking I should try to explore more before I leave. I haven’t really appreciated it like I should.

    Tricia – yay for big piles of books to read. And China pics. And free random gifts. Sounds like a very good week to me.

  7. Jules, The story about your daughter telling the girl in the stove that that Polo is HERS is the best thing ever.

    Eisha, Please, you must report back on the Adam Rex. I am DYING to see it. (I suppose I could, like, write and ask for an ARC, right? I have become a huge Adam Rex fan. He has a new picture book coming out in September that I read at BEA called Pssst!, which is absolutely brilliant. He continues to surprise me in the good way.

    Kelly, WOW! Congratulations on the student loans! I hope to pay off my student loans someday…. And yay to successful and safe travels — oh, yes, and meeting Mother Reader IRL. How fun is that?

    I normally have good weeks, but this week was extra, extra good:

    1. My interview here at 7-Imp was so fun! It was interesting seeing people’s reactions and having new people visit my blog and visiting new people’s blogs. I highly recommend the experience.
    2. I handed in my homeschooling book manuscript last Sunday night!!! It’s still a long road to publication, and I’ll have some work to do, but most of the work is going to be done by other people. I am so into that.
    3. I resumed my puzzle-a-day habit this week. I am an avid (though not competitive) puzzler, but I declared puzzles verboten a few months ago to force myself to spend more time finishing my book.
    4. I saw two movies at the theater this week — Show Business (documentary about the 2003-2004 Broadway season, highly entertaining) and Knocked Up (so funny I thought I might stop breathing).
    5. I cleaned my office. I even steam cleaned the carpet. My cats are completely freaked out by the lack of piles of books and papers behind which they could hide and jump out at one another, but it feels so good to have my workspace back in order (or at least my version of order, which is certainly still untidy by some standards).
    6. The weather was so nice this week that Lucas and I were able to walk to school every single day in warm sunshine.
    7. I’ve spent a lot of time reading, writing (about things other than homeschooling), and puttering. It’s been wonderful, wonderful, wonderful.

    Now I am off to drink some coffee and do a puzzle — YES!

  8. Jules, I almost forgot to mention: The Monster at the End of this Book is also the best thing ever. (One of my friends says, “You say EVERYTHING’S your favorite.” So true. So true.)

  9. Eisha,
    The roasted eggplant ratatouille was an experiment gone bad—much too mushy for my liking. I like a little bit of texture in it. But, I figured it would crisp up a bit if I broiled it on top of the grilled portabello mushroom…It was amazing.

    I was wondering whether you’d be at the party. I’m so sorry you weren’t there. This party was amazing, with a capital A. I’ll post about it later…we’re talking major extravaganza. Think big tent, unbelievable creative decorations, amazing cocktail bar complete with pink cosmos (the drink, not the flower), incredible appetizers, delicious dinner buffet, Elvis crooning from the jukeboxes, beautifully lit waterfall pond, colorful gardens, and no kids throwing up!

  10. Hi all. Happy Sunday and Happy Father’s Day.

    My 7 good things:

    1. My Dad. Flawed but perfect. And I’m so happy I got to spend time with him this weekend for Father’s Day and his birthday.

    2. My brothers, who are both Dads. One brother who I’ll see in about half an hour to give him his belated birthday present. The other one who I’ll see tonight to give him his birthday present a day ahead of time. (June’s a busy month here!)

    3. Near misses. My tomorrow-birthday brother has been working on my house this weekend and my rotting porch balcony fell OFF the house and ONTO him. He came out of it with just some bruises, a scrape and a cut, thank God.

    4. My nieces and nephews, who make me aware of what good fathers my brothers can be.

    5. Finding the perfect present for someone.

    6. Playing hooky and hanging out with family.

    7. Warding off a serious cold at the very last minute. No idea how I did it.

    What a good week to be thankful.

    Best wishes to everyone for a fabulous week to come!

  11. Hey everyone – happy Father’s Day all round…

    Finding 7 Kicks this week is going to be tough, I think – but I’ll give it a go.

    1 – I got broadband installed – the kit arrived on Friday – a day later than promised which was stressful – but setting it up was easy-peasy and I’ve been FLYING along the net since !

    2 – I managed to get to the library twice during the week to do some writing – which was good, but sorting out a routine from this week is going to be a must !

    3 – I’ve now written three sections of prose for my non-Who tale, “Improbable Journeys” (working title) – which have gone down well with those who’ve read it. The odd thing is that they’re totally random chunks that aren’t related to each other ! (Never written fiction out of sequence before !)

    4 – You Tube ! I finally have the facilities to catch up on all those David Tennant/Doctor Who related clips everyone keeps linking to – it’s been great fun !

    5 – I’ve been watching some more Classic Doctor Who episodes – and enjoying them thoroughly.

    6 – It’s only 2 weeks until the end of season 3 of Doctor Who – which isn’t kick-worthy (sob-worthy more like !) but it does means it’s only 2 weeks until I start my New Who marathon watching ALL 3 seasons back to back !

    7 – I’ve been re-reading some YA books that I first read some time in the past 6 months, and thoroughly enjoying them all over again… Why don’t more people re-read ? I also read Linda Newbery’s At the Firefly Gate as recommended by Kelly H and it was every bit as good as she said.

    That’s it then – I managed 7 Kicks after all, despite the stressful first week working from home… *phew* !

    Hope you all have a good week-to-come !

  12. And I add another vote for the greatness of The Monster at the End of this Book.

  13. Word to the greatness of Monster at the End of this Book – one of my childhood faves, and it still holds up.

    Adrienne – I will report, I promise. I started the new Kiki Strike first, though, because I FREAKIN’ LOVED the first one and need to know what happens next. And congrats on finishing the ms and getting some well-deserved Adrienne-time.

    Vivian, that does indeed sound incredible. Sounds like what Bob Ross called a “happy accident.” And now I’m doubly sorry I missed you and the party.

    Nancy, good heavens! I’m so glad your brother is okay. And that you have so many great dads to share the day with.

    Michele, it sounds like you’re getting right back on that horse. We’re all cheering for you.

  14. Hi to all again — before we head out today to see my father-in-law and all his new horses.

    Adrienne and Eisha, how about we ask Adam Rex to contribute an illustration for next week’s list? Can’t hurt to ask, right?

    (By the way, speaking of featured illustrators at this list, I have to add that Scott Magoon is the. nicest. person. ever.) . . .

    Adrienne, glad you liked our interview. It was our pleasure.

    Tricia, a stack of books to read is good. I am about overwhelmed with all my review copies, but it’s not a bad problem to have. I love love love and adore my daughters and spending time with them but would love, like, an entire week to read, kid-free. The 48-Hour Book Challenge sounded so indulgent and wonderful to me, and I was happily jealous of all the participants. One day.

    And, Tricia, I STILL want to go check out your blog to read about your travels in China. I’m so behind on blog-reading ’cause of getting interviews ready for the SBBT (but I JUST GOT TOMORROW’S INTERVIEW ALL DONE! Completely and entirely ready-to-go. WOO HOO!).

    Vivian, Barbara’s party sounds great. I’m glad your daughter didn’t throw up. Did she go with you this time?

    Nancy, yeesh, I’m also glad your brother’s okay. A porch falling on him? As a Southerner, I guess I’m required to say, bless his heart.

    Michele, I’m sorry it’s stressful to segue into working from home, but you sound like a trooper. Hang in there. It’ll all come together.

  15. The Monster at the End of this Book is SUCH fun.

    1) I had a visit from Free Monkey
    2) I worked a lot, but that’s typical
    3) I opened a newly redesigned website
    4) I worked on forthcoming websites
    5) I wrote articles for Forest
    6) I read a lot, but that’s typical
    7) I am currently watching the movie Frequency on TV for the tenth time

  16. Oh, both of you, stop reminding me that my kids are big, grown, too old for baby baths and Polo dolls! So, so fun to read, though.

    My list:

    1. Father’s Day. My two kids and I took my husband down to the Spy Museum, which was fascinating. I mean, they have a mockup of an escape car so you can see how people contorted their bodies into the smallest spaces to get across the East German border and they have a secret transmitter that looks exactly like innocuous sundried dog poop.

    2. And the gift shop. I wanted to buy the Nancy Drew Mad-libs (imagine the off-color laughs you could have!) and the rubber wrist bracelets that say: I lie for a living. (As a writer, I mean.)

    3. I got to watch The Queen, finally. Loved it.

    4. Two friends gave me help and advice. (Thanks, robin and jules!)

    5. My niece is on her way to her free stay at The Hole in the Wall Gang camp. Her CAT scans are clear.

    6. My son got a varsity letter in crew AND a mention for having a GPA of 3.5 or above. I love it that his school totally recognizes scholar-athletes, and they even give money to the team account of the team with the highest GPA during their sports season.

    7. Vacation plans have been made!

  17. Wahoo on the Practically Paradise interview and the bubbly nephew and all the rest… goodness!

    I have to admit to having a tough week. Just plain outta sorts. So this is a good exercise…

    1. Just back from a great birding hike with husband and kids. Split tails, geese, mockingbirds, buntings…
    2. Both daughters gave it their all at Saturday’s swim meet.
    3. Am almost finished with Dave Eggers’ What is the What. Sad, hard, but super compelling…
    4. I made fresh gazpacho with our own tomatoes this week!!!
    5. Elder daughter is pretending to run a summer camp for younger daughter.
    6. Our Colorado vacation is within reach.
    7. My sister is still within the United States for two more hours. I really miss her when she’s not on the other end of a telephone call.

  18. Ooo! That’s a good idea about asking Adam Rex to contribute an illustration! I mean, how could he deny such avid fans?

  19. Happy Father’s Day to all of the dads out there. Love the Polo doll story (and picture!) Jules. And yay, Kiki Strike 2, Eisha! Kelly, glad to hear that your head is clearing, and extra congrats on the student loans. Vivian, I’m right there with you on Eclipse. And Tricia, I know what you mean about the review books. Even though it’s extra work, it’s still so fun to receive them. And Michele, congrats on the broadband. You deserve it.

    Here’s my list.

    1. Mheir and I took yesterday off to relax, for the first time in quite a while. We slept in, went out for margaritas, and watched movies.
    2. This week I hired an assistant for work. He’ll be part time, but should be taking some of the administrative burden off of me.
    3. I started re-reading the Harry Potter books (I’m half way through Book 2), and am enjoying them immensely.
    4. I made progress towards a personal goal of consolidating my various website to fewer providers, and started hosting some book lists at my blog, instead of at a different site. Simplification is the key, I think.
    5. The Summer Blog Blast Tour is starting, which is exciting for everyone involved.
    6. The weather has been incredibly beautiful in San Jose this weekend, and I’m listening to Flyte, by Angie Sage, while walking.
    7. I couldn’t think of a #7, so I decided to copy Kelly’s “Blog friends … it’s the best thing about blogging.” Is anyone else excited about Robin’s plans for a real-life Kidlitosphere party?

  20. I’m totally excited about the party, Jen! I can’t wait 🙂

  21. Okay, lots of love out there for The Monster at the End of This Book. It is a wonder, indeed.

    Little Willow, we always look forward to your Edge articles.

    Sara, yay for clear CAT scans.

    Liz, HI! (Haven’t seen you in a while at our lists) . . . sorry you had a hard week. I’ve missed visiting your blog lately . . . I need to get caught up on my blog-reading.

    And yay, Jen, for assistants. I hope that helps with your workload.

    Adrienne, I say we go for it and ask Adam Rex for next week’s illustration.

  22. In brief:

    1. I have good friends – 5 of them – visiting for 10 days.
    2. I’m not going crazy yet.
    3. I have a few minutes alone before dinner to check mail and do various other online things.
    4. The friends visiting “require” me to take time off work to enjoy snorkeling and the beach.
    5. At this moment my son is teaching one of our guests to play ukulele.
    6. I’ve had a little bit of time to read – currently, “Millicent Min, Girl Genius”.
    7. My kids have a wonderful father that is fully involved in their lives.

  23. I’m so behind on my blog reading. I have just one thing to share this week, but it’s a doozy: my daughter Lucia is a potty-trained novice! That means the following:
    1) No more diapers during the day.
    2) No more messes (knock on wood).
    3) Lucia can wear her trousers longer because she doesn’t have to deal with bulkiness.
    4) We got to go out for sushi to celebrate.

    I’ll catch up everyone’s blogs later this week, but the first part of the week is going to be hectic, I think. Hurrah for the Summer Blog tour. Hurrah for cute-overload of kids. Hurrah for rhubarb season (as always).

  24. I’m in agreement – we’ve gotta ask Adam Rex for an illustration. I love his stuff.

    Woo, Kris, that’s a loooong visit. But you sound like you’re enjoying yourself.

    Akelda – yay, Lucia!

  25. That picture and story of Ada is just the sweetest thing EVER.

  26. […] Rex is the best thing ever (to pick up Adrienne’s favorite phrase). At last week’s 7-Kicks list, Adam’s name came up and then several of us were discussing our big, big love for his books. […]

  27. OH MY GOSH!! How funny! MY daughter (and now son too) is also obsessed with Polo! I found you by Googling “Polo doll”. I guess I’m going to have to make one myself, huh? I can’t believe They don’t make one!!

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