Poetry Friday: Leaving you with a little Bashō

h1 July 13th, 2007 by eisha

Cambridge CommonThe hardest part about leaving Cambridge, besides the excellent friends, and the ridiculously adorable preschoolers in my storytimes, and the great patrons I’ve had the pleasure of serving… besides all that, the hardest thing is that I feel like I’ve just barely experienced it at all. For most of the four years I’ve been here I’ve been working full-time, and getting my MLIS, and for a while there I had a part-time job in addition to the full-time gig. So, I’ve been busy. And now that I’m leaving, I’m suddenly aware of all this stuff I’ve never done here. I still feel like a recent arrival, not a proper Cantabridgian. And I’m a little sad about it. It makes me feel like… well, like this haiku by Bashō:

In Kyoto,
hearing the cuckoo,
I long for Kyoto.

Like I’m already missing Cambridge, even though I haven’t actually left yet. Ah well. Maybe I’ll get better acquainted with Ithaca.

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  1. I hadn’t heard that haiku before, but I can certainly see how it fits your situation. If it’s any consolation, it’s probably a universal feeling, that. I’ve moved from a few places now and still feel like I should have done more, seen more, experienced more while I was there. Not that I’m unappreciative for the things I did do of course, but still, I keep thinking about what else I’d do if I returned.

  2. How beautifully Basho says exactly how we feel. Remarkable! It sounds as though you have had a lovely four years there. I like the photo too!

  3. Eisha,

    I just met you in May and really wish I could have had the opportunity to get to know you better. I hope you and your husband will enjoy your life in Ithaca–and I hope I’ll be able to get to your bon voyage party tomorrow.

  4. Aw, punkin. You can always go back and visit, and I think Ithaca sounds so beautiful!

    But I also see what you mean . . .

    I’m not even planning on moving, and I often stop and think about how much more my family and I could learn about Nashville (well, I’ll speak for myself. My husband knows a lot more).

    Lovely Poetry Friday entry.

  5. I felt that way about DC when we left. Have fun exploring Ithaca.


  6. The poem reminds me of how often I realize in the moment that soon the moment will be a memory, and that I spend so much time with memories. (And yet, I hate it when people say, “At least you have your memories of…” Bleck!)

    Like Ford Prefect from Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, that Basho is one hoopy frood who really knows where his towel is.:)

  7. Perfect choice, eisha.

  8. Thanks, everyone. I guess it’s not just me and ol’ Basho who get nostalgic for things that are still happening and/or never really happened.

    Akelda, bless you for the Douglas Adams reference.

    And Elaine, I do wish we could have hung out more, but I hope to come back and visit often, so there’s still hope.

  9. I’m so glad you posted this, Eisha. I’ve been feeling so lame for missing Brisbane before I’ve even left. And I’ve lived here my whole life so know it pretty well! It’s nice to know I’m not the only one being pre-emptively homesick.

    (also, have hated missing the last two Sunday kicks. Thesis is in, packing going OK so I’m on track to be part of it all again!)

  10. Hey, glad you’re back, Emmaco! And I’m impressed you can even type the “p” word. For some reason everyone I talk to lately asks me how the p***ing is going and I just want to dive under the furniture when they do.

  11. So lovely. Bon voyage, but soak up the longing, too. I love that feeling. In kind of a heartsick way.
    By the way, there is a delightful kids’ book called Basho and the Fox. Have you read it???

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