We Need a Time-Out.

h1 July 14th, 2007 by Eisha and Jules

It’ll be just like this.We’re busy people. Eisha’s moving. Jules is a full-time mom to two very energetic girls. And we’re getting a little overwhelmed by our TBR piles. We’ve noticed a trend of people taking little blog-vacations this summer, and we think it’s an excellent idea.

So here’s what’s happening (verb!): Eisha is going on blog-break from this Sunday, July 15th, through Saturday July 21st. We’ll both tune in to do our weekly 7-Kicks post for Sunday, July 22nd, and then Jules will tap out until the following 7-Kicks post on Sunday, July 29th.

Note: We will both still do the 7 Kicks list tomorrow, and we’re excited (again) about our featured illustrator! . . .

We’re hoping that this tag-team approach will allow us to maintain the high-quality blog services that you, our valued readers, have come to expect from 7-Imp. We thank you for your patronage, and look forward to posting scintillating, thought-provoking book reviews, interviews and randomness for your continued reading pleasure.

8 comments to “We Need a Time-Out.”

  1. Enjoy your well-deserved vacations.

  2. Thanks, Little Willow. Looks like I’ll need my week off for more than one reason — I’ve now got some serious pain in my right wrist and arm. Yikes. Too much typing.

  3. By the way, who are those kids in my hammock?

  4. Let me point out something you may not have thought of: you’re setting a great example to some of us (cough) who may be a little too obsessed with daily blog postings. Maybe if you guys get to take breaks, some of the rest of us do, too.

    When you take care of yourselves, you teach others to do the same.

    If we’re not too thick-headed to get it.

    Enjoy your time off. Enjoy your reading and moving!

  5. Okay, Robin. Point taken. Will do.

  6. Ow! Are you okay? Did you get a check-up?

  7. Nah, not yet. I’m trying to make changes to my desk set-up, though, and trying to use my left hand for the mouse a bit more right now (which makes things slow-going).

    Thanks for asking, but I think I’ll be okay . . .

  8. As someone who’s currently on the road and only sporadically online, I say you two deserve to hit the hammock. It feels dang good to meander away from it for awhile. We’ll be here for you, whenever you wanna come back full tilt. ‘Cause I mean, what would do without 7 Imp???

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