Blogging for a Cure, Day Nine

h1 October 23rd, 2007 by jules

Below is the Robert’s Snow illustrator-and-snowflake feature schedule for Tuesday, October 23.

Featured here is Yuyi Morales’ snowflake for this year’s auction, entitled “Little Night: See Me Shine” (*). This snowflake is based on one of Yuyi’s new picture books, Little Night (Roaring Brook Press; April 2007), which I raved about back in August here at 7-Imp (the illustrations are beautiful).

We will be featuring Yuyi and some of her illustrations on a Sunday kicks list at the end of November. We can’t wait to see what she sends us. We’re big ‘ol fans.

Yuyi’s snowflake will be auctioned off in Auction 1, which will begin accepting bids on Monday, November 19, at 9:00 a.m. Be sure to place your bid before the close of Auction 1 on Friday, November 23 at 5:00 p.m.

Apparently, you can twist this snowflake and watch Little Night herself glow. Wow. Just wow.

Reminder that in this below schedule, the illustrator’s name links to his/her website, but click on the blog to be taken to that blogger’s snowflake/illustrator feature:

Tuesday, October 23, 2007:

Did you see yesterday’s features? I wish I had time to point out some highlights from all of them, as I enjoyed reading each one. Tricia gave her feature about Mark Teague quite the entertaining twist (she gets an A+++). Christopher Demarest’s snowflake, which you can read about here at Writing and Ruminating, is actually a beautiful sculpture piece. And Melissa Wiley’s feature of David Macaulay includes her own personal story of cancer’s dreaded appearance in her life, which — thankfully — has a happy ending.

Thanks to all participating bloggers for these fun — and sometimes quite touching — features.

As I say every single day in case you’ve missed it, don’t forget this new page here at 7-Imp, updated daily, which lists all the illustrator features thus far in one spot, and it’s turning into a handy-dandy, way-cool illustrator resource for us Picture Book Nerds.

* * * * * * *

* In case this is the first time you’re reading about the Blogging for a Cure effort, the illustrators and snowflakes that participating bloggers are featuring are only the ones that the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute had ready to go when this multi-blog event was organized. Remember that you can see all of the snowflakes at the Robert’s Snow auction site. There are many more beautiful snowflakes by more talented children’s book illustrators.

8 comments to “Blogging for a Cure, Day Nine”

  1. I ADORE Yuyi Morales. She is as kind a person as she is awesome at her craft. I’ve had my eye on this snowflake — actually went looking to see if she had submitted anything (the nerddom continues, Jules). I LOVE that it lights up. I love the character of Night. And once again, I wish I were a gadzillionaire…

  2. Me, too, TadMack (the gadzillionaire comment).

    I consider it one of my life’s greatest achievements that I had a small hand in converting you to picture book nerddom. YES! Pumping my arms in the air.

  3. It GLOWS?! Awesome.

  4. I KNOW! Don’t you just wanna see it in person, Little Willow?

  5. Awesome!!

  6. Dear, Jules, I know this is a very late thank-you note for your posting about my snowflake, Little Night: See Me Shine, but I just recently saw it for the first time. And really appreciate your effort in showcasing all the snowflakes, even those like mine that didn’t make it into the original list.
    I also wanted to comment because reading your post and some of your reader’s responses I realized that I needed to make a clarification about my snowflake! Further more, I have contacted Lauren Nash at Robe’s Snow to ask her to correct the description of my work, and she agreed that it should be done right away.
    You see, my snowflake does not glow in the dark. Instead it is a music box: You crank the base of the snow flake, and it turns around playing a melody that I made by breaking the teeth of a music box mechanism.
    I am hoping that the correct information gets out in time for people to know exactly what they would be getting if they decide to bid on my work. In order to help this clarification, I have also created a short video where I show some images of the process of making my snowflake. I have posted it both in You Tube and in my blog. Here are the links in case you are interested in looking at it:

    Once, More, Jules, thank you for all your work!
    Yuyi Morales

  7. […] please note the comment from illustrator Yuyi Morales at this older post. Thank goodness, she wants to clarify that her beautiful ‘07 snowflake for Robert’s […]

  8. […] please note the comment from illustrator Yuyi Morales at this older post. Thank goodness, she wants to clarify that her beautiful ‘07 snowflake for Robert’s […]

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