Blogging for a Cure, Day 14

h1 October 28th, 2007 by jules

Below is the Robert’s Snow illustrator-and-snowflake feature schedule for Sunday, October 28 (scroll down after clicking “read the rest of this entry”).

Featured here is Lizzy Rockwell’s snowflake for this year’s auction, entitled “Snowangels” (*). I didn’t think I was familiar with Lizzy’s work, but then I saw this page at her site, which lists the books she’s illustrated thus far in her career. And, hey, I know and love this one: Apples and Pumpkins by Anne Rockwell, published back in 1989. What elementary school library doesn’t have that great book in its collection? Here’s part of her bio, straight from her site:

Lizzy Rockwell is an illustrator whose artwork can be seen in picture books, magazines, games and other children’s products. She studied art at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. Lizzy is the illustrator of over 20 children’s books by a variety of authors including her mother, Anne Rockwell. She wrote and illustrated Good Enough to Eat: A Kid’s Guide to Food and Nutrition, Hello Baby!, and The Busy Body Book: A Kid’s Guide to Fitness. Lizzy frequently visits schools to talk to young authors and illustrators about her work.”

Lizzy’s snowflake will be auctioned off in Auction 2 from November 26 to 30.

Reminder that in this below schedule, the illustrator’s name links to his/her website, but click on the blog to be taken to that blogger’s snowflake/illustrator feature:

Sunday, October 28, 2007:

Did you see yesterday’s features? I wish I had time to point out some highlights from all of them, as I enjoyed reading each one. What’s so “weird” about Julie Fromme Fortenberry’s resume (as featured by Paula at Your Neighborhood Librarian)? And what inspires Abigail Marble? (Don’t miss that feature by Josephine Cameron at Please Come Flying, ’cause Abigail shared some of her watercolors).

Thanks to each and every participating blogger for these snowflake/illustrator features.

As I say every single day in case you’ve missed it, don’t forget this new page here at 7-Imp, updated daily, which lists all the illustrator features thus far in one spot, and it’s turning into a handy-dandy, way-cool illustrator resource for us Picture Book Nerds.

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* In case this is the first time you’re reading about the Blogging for a Cure effort, the illustrators and snowflakes that participating bloggers are featuring are only the ones that the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute had ready to go when this multi-blog event was organized. Remember that you can see all of the snowflakes at the Robert’s Snow auction site. There are many more beautiful snowflakes by more talented children’s book illustrators.

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