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“Grandpa told us stories about when he was a kid. He used to come to this same house with his five brothers and cousins. They did tons of hilarious things together.
It was funny because it all sounded just like me and my cousins, except that back then they went swimming in the river since the city pool didn’t exist yet.”
— From Charlotte Moundlic’s
The Bathing Costume: Or The Worst Vacation of My Life, illustrated by Olivier Tallec

“The seahorses were staring. For how long, she wondered! She inked the water to hide her blushing, and took off. She wanted to get away, far from goggling eyes.”
— From Divya Srinivasan’s
Octopus Alone
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This morning at Kirkus, I write a bit about what it’s like to attend your first ALA conference, which I just did. And I share some thoughts on why this particular conference was so enjoyable. That link is here.

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If you missed it last week at Kirkus, I chatted here with author/illustrator Divya Srinivasan. And on Friday, I wrote here about Charlotte Moundlic’s The Bathing Costume: Or The Worst Vacation of My Life (Enchanted Lion, May 2013), illustrated by Olivier Tallec and originally released in France in 2011.

Today here at 7-Imp, I’ve got art from The Bathing Costume, as well as art from Divya (some spreads from Octopus Alone, released in May from Viking; some spreads from Little Owl’s Night, released in 2011 from Viking; and a few portfolio pieces from Divya).


“Papa told me about this last night and I could see that it really got to Mama. She didn’t say anything, just wiped her eye gently, pretending like she had something in it. I wasn’t very brave either, which makes sense, since I’m not used to being without her.”

“To get it over with, I’m going to begin with the jump. I concentrate as hard as I can as I walk toward the diving board. I drag my feet as I reach the ladder. The main thing is not to look up. I begin to climb, but my legs tremble and
big drops of sweat pour down my forehead.”

“”Hector climbs out of the pool holding my tooth between his thumb and index finger. We’ve done it! And I think I can say for sure that this has been
the best day of my whole life by far!”

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“Little Owl visited his friend the raccoon. As they sat in the clover,
fog rolled in and hovered just overhead.”

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“Little Owl heard rustling at the foot of his tree. Fox had come to say hello.”
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Some of Divya’s portfolio pieces

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Divya also mentions her animation work in our Q&A. Here are some of her pieces:

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THE BATHING COSTUME. First American edition published in 2013 by Enchanted Lion Books, Brooklyn. Translation copyright © 2012 by Claudia Zoe Bedrick. Illustration used with permission of the publisher.

All images from Divya Srinivasan are used with her permission.

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