Wild Things

h1 July 4th, 2013 by jules

(Click to enlarge — Hey, I never thought I’d type that about
something with my own name on it)

Because some of you who weren’t at this past weekend’s ALA conference have asked me: This is the postcard (cover anyway) that Candlewick made for distributing at this past weekend’s conference. This will not be the book’s final cover, but it’s the general idea. One of my ALA roomies—the one and only Allie Bruce, Children’s Librarian at Bank Street College Library—read the beginning portion of our manuscript (since Betsy and I were actually in the same physical space and needed to wrap up some work on it) and didn’t scream in agony. She claims to have enjoyed it, in fact. Whew.

I wish Peter D. Sieruta were here to see this cover, but the ALA event we had to honor and remember him (the primary reason I attended ALA this year) went well, and his brother, John Sieruta, gave him such a lovely tribute. Big thanks to Stephen Barbara for organizing, hosting, sponsoring the entire event.

Publication date should be April 2014!

11 comments to “Wild Things

  1. LOVE it!!!

  2. It looks lovely. Congratulations to the amazing authors and lovely pub team.

  3. So excited for your new book! My new book “Have You Seen My Dragon?’ comes out in April 2014 also!!!–great things!!

  4. So looking forward to that book!

  5. It looks great Jules! How exciting! I’m looking forward to April.

  6. Can’t wait. 🙂

  7. I didn’t realize you were the third person involved with this book. Congratulations.

  8. Can’t wait to read your, Betsy and Peter’s own acts of mischief! Love the almost-cover! Congrats.

  9. Wild indeed! So cool…

  10. Looks GREAT, Jules!!

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