7-Imp’s 7 Kicks #338: Featuring
Up-and-Coming Illustrator, Tim Miller

h1 July 7th, 2013 by jules

Meet Big Baddy, pictured above.

He comes from Tim Miller, who is visiting 7-Imp today, since it’s the first Sunday of the month, when I like to feature student or newly-graduated illustrators. Tim doesn’t have a website up, but that won’t stop me from showing you all some of his artwork anyway.

Tim calls himself a “satirical illustrator who specializes in Picture Books.” He studied at the School of Visual Arts, where he earned his Bachelor’s in Cartooning and his Master’s in Art Education. He is currently based in New York City. Wait, this illustration tells you what you need to know:

Tim also tells me that his work is rooted in an interest in creating images and stories that are both playful and absurd. In other words, he says, he’s serious about being funny.

Tim’s influences include the work of Satoshi Kitamura, James Marshall, Sergio Ruzzier, Uri Shulevitz, William Steig, David Ezra Stein, and Tomi Ungerer. Some of his other creative heroes include Pieter Bruegel, Jean Dubuffet, James Ensor, Lyonel Feininger, George Grosz, and Félix Vallotton.

Tim uses mixed media to create his artwork. “My top-secret recipe,” he told me, “consists of pen and ink, mixed with watercolor, mixed with digital hocus-pocus.”

I’m hoping we see Tim in picture books one day. Here’s some more of his artwork. Enjoy.

(Click to enlarge)

Kat & Rat

Friday Night
(Click to enlarge)

Cat Meets Toothbrush
(Click to enlarge)

World Goes Wacky
(Click to enlarge)

Gone Camping
(Click to enlarge)

An Artist in his Studio
(Click to enlarge)

(Click to enlarge)

A Cat, a Dog and a Log
(Click to enlarge)

(Click to enlarge)

When Monet is Away
(Click to enlarge)

Clouds in the Sky
(Click to enlarge)

Monsters on Ice
(Click to enlarge)

(Click to enlarge)

(Click to enlarge)


Mouse Gazing Upon his Reflection

Mouse Magic Trick

Mouse with Cheese

Mouse with Hula Hoop

All images are copyright © Tim Miller and used with permission.

* * * * * * *

Note for any new readers: 7-Imp’s 7 Kicks is a weekly meeting ground for taking some time to reflect on Seven(ish) Exceptionally Fabulous, Beautiful, Interesting, Hilarious, or Otherwise Positive Noteworthy Things from the past week, whether book-related or not, that happened to you. New kickers are always welcome.

* * * Jules’ Kicks * * *

1) The ALA conference last weekend was a wild ride, indeed. Overwhelming, but fun. (I wrote about it here.)

2) The memorial event we had for Peter was very lovely. Thanks to Stephen Barbara for making it happen.

3) I got to see Adrienne Furness at ALA, and she and I and one of her co-workers/friends, whom I really enjoyed meeting, went to this Second City show. Given that I’m a huge SNL fan and many SNL folks have been Second City alum, I was rather in heaven. And what a great show it was — and with excellent company. (People who will sit with me and rank SNL Weekend Update correspondents in order of best to worst, as we wait for the show to start, are my kind of people.)

And I got to meet regular kicker, Margie Myers, if only briefly. We met on the exhibit hall floor, which is an experience in and of itself, this place with all the books and all the people and all the talking and all the networking and all the even more talking. Whew.

4) The awards speeches (Caldecott, Newbery, and Wilder) were so good, you all. I lucked out to go this year.

5) The preconference event, all about the Caldecott and its 75 years, was downright dreamy if you love picture books, as I do. I particularly enjoyed meeting Leonard Marcus (and getting the chance to tell him how much I enjoy the work of Amy Schwartz, to whom he happens to be married). And Brian Selznick’s opening talk, which ended up being a tribute to Sendak, was very moving.

6) Our almost-book cover!

7) I gotta squeeze in some music kicks, don’t I? In fact, I’ve been listening to the great Laura Marling—old tunes and new tunes—as I type this post. That is a kick right there.

I always enjoy hearing my secret BFF, Rufus. I look forward to seeing this documentary about his late mother, though who knows when it will be available for those of us, say, not in New York City:

This Tiny Desk Concert from Laura Mvula is really so beautiful. I’ve been eagerly waiting for NPR to post that:

A new Pixies song?! A NEW PIXIES SONG!

What are YOUR kicks this week?

28 comments to “7-Imp’s 7 Kicks #338: Featuring
Up-and-Coming Illustrator, Tim Miller”

  1. What an interesting mixture of pictures today! Very cool.

    Jules, I’m so glad you got to experience all those wonderful things at the ALA. And I love hearing about regular kickers meeting up. I didn’t get around to saying so on facebook but your book cover is extremely cool.

    1. A kick that everyone here will appreciate: my colleagues gave me as a maternity leave present a signed copy of an Australian children’s picture book, and also a piece of art from the illustrator, – a lovely lino print of a mother and baby ring-tailed possum!
    2. Being in the fortunate position of receiving good maternity leave provisions
    3. A second-hand baby market yesterday – sadly not many books but some cute clothes for ridiculously low prices
    4. My dad visited and stayed the night – fortunately the sofa bed does fold out in its new home in the study, phew
    5. The visit was very short but included a family dinner, noisy and fun
    6. We took the car to the farmer’s market instead of walking, and stocked up on heaps of food including ingredients for the casseroles I want to make and freeze this week
    7. Using some of the purchases, as well as things taking up space in the cupboard, we had wild rice, kale, carmelised onion & gruyere gratin for dinner, yum

  2. What great pictures. I think the dog, the cat and the log, while simple, may have been my favorite. We have a dog and a cat and I love to imagine the day they could co-exist peacefully on a log!

    Emmaco- sounds like a happy nesting time! So fun!


    1. The first time in months I have been able to come to 7 Imp on a Sunday and truly read and participate. Finally coming up for air after our move.
    2. My oldest turns 10 tomorrow. Insert all the imagined cliches here.
    3. My mother arrives today for all the birthday festivities. It will be her first time visiting our new house.
    4. Summer peaches.
    5. Lots of visits to pools during this crazy heat wave we are having.
    6. Finally living in a house with air conditioning. See #5.
    7. My new favorite color (orange) sprinkled throughout our new house.

  3. I love the monsters skating and the cat and dog on a log the absolute MOST, and everything else is icing on the cake. Wonderful work! Now to read all the hidden kick links. Yum.

  4. Hi Jules,
    Tim’s work is fantastic! So fun.
    I really enjoyed seeing your posts on FB about ALA and I’m anxiously awaiting the launch of your book.
    I’ve been away from kicking for awhile…summer life with kids is my kick this week. Along with hedgehog sitting for a friend.
    Have a great week everyone!

  5. Those illustrations are seriously funny – made me smile before my morning coffee. Love the facial expressions and bizarre situations.

    Laura Mvula is mesmerizing, no matter which song it is! I love her faster ones, too. Her voice is so comforting and full. Thanks for posting.

    I’ve missed being here, too, on Sundays. Just keeping my head up lately, but everything is good.

    Yay for ALA and your beautiful almost-book-cover!!!
    Yay for maternity leave and a well-stocked freezer!
    Yay for birthdays and orange! (I love a good, rusty, red-orange, myself, especially when paired with blue and green…)


    1/ Saw http://twentyfeetfromstardom.com and loved it. (I never go to movies!)
    2/ Went out with friends afterwards and stayed out way too late!
    3/ Procrastinated by writing a picture book.
    4/ Walked in the cool, humid, after-dinner air in a neighborhood park full of old and new greens and rock walls and stream noises and watched my kids zip by on their bikes.
    5/Ordered stuff for upcoming book launch. Lots of blue things are on the way!
    6/ Started reading a real-live adult book – Where’d You Go, Bernadette.
    7/ Perhaps it’s cocky to put in a kick that hasn’t happened yet, but I’m a about to make Nutella crepes and coffee, and I’m really looking forward to it!

    Have a great week, all!

  6. Good morning, Imps! I hope July is treating you well so far.

    Tim Miller: Thank you for sharing your artwork. I especially liked Cat Meets Toothbrush, and Rain (the duck is so cute!) Thanks for sharing so many pieces of art and story with us. Is the mouse hula-hooping with a hoop earring, I wonder?

    Jules, Betsy, and company: The almost-cover is eye-catching. I hope the memorial brought up fond memories and reconnected people.

    Adrienne, Jules, and Margie: So glad that y’all got to meet up!

    Jules: Jane Curtin is awesome. Just sayin’. Listening to the Laura Mvula NPR concert now.

    emmaco: Sounds like your world is positive, supportive, and considerate, just as it should be. Sending you lots of healthy and happy thoughts. Have fun cooking!

    Stacey: Welcome back! Happy birthday to your munchkin. Enjoy a peach for me, please.

    Hi Jamiepeeps.

    Lori: Hedgehog sitting? Fantastic!

    Jessica: Good luck with the book launch! Nutella is tasty.

    My kicks for the past week:
    1) Family
    2) Making things happen
    3) Consideration
    4) Offer
    5) Preparation
    6) A tenacious robin
    7) Writing

  7. SO MUCH FUN!! Thank you for sharing Tim Miller’s work–Fetch, When Monet’s Away, the camping, the facial expressions on the dogs–what’s not to love? Speaking of which, I instantly ordered Laura Mvula’s music! Yay!

  8. Certainly enjoyed the uplifting, joyous artwork of Tim Miller today. My favorites are A Cat, a Dog and a Log, Clouds in the Sky and Rain.

    Jules: Meeting you at ALA, however briefly, was fantastic! You are just as I have imagined. The Exhibit Hall was enormous but exciting, too.

    Emmaco: So glad you have a farmer’s market nearby to get all those fresh goodies.

    Stacey: Love those summer peaches; waiting for some myself. Yum!

    Hello Jamiepeeps!

    Lori: Summer shared with kids is the best.

    Jessica: There’s nothing better than a walk in a neighborhood such as you described.

    Little Willow: Love that you notice the birds like I do. We can learn much from them. We now have cardinals singing everyday.

    My kicks:
    1. ALA exhibit hall for the very first time; chatting with some of my favorite authors and illustrators. Great to be able to thank them face to face for their gifts to readers
    2. Attending the Caldecott, Newbery and Wilder banquet with old and new friends. What an amazing evening!
    3. Receiving the best ever welcome home from Xena.
    4. Summer flowers blooming, lilies, delphiniums, butterfly milkweed, daisies, coneflowers, yarrow
    5. Summer breeze on a hot day
    6. Air-conditioning
    7. Walks with Xena

    Have a wonderful week, everyone.

  9. Hello, Kickers!

    Tim Miller’s stuff is awesome; his head seems exploding with enthusiasm and ideas! Big Baddy is striking a very Mr. Burns-ish pose. And my favorite, I have to say (maybe because it’s the most mysterious) is the zoom-out to the evermore fantastic atmosphere of Clouds in the Sky.

    Hey Jules: I too loved all your ALA front-line reports. It was like a really, really good “I’m now standing here with [fill in the blank]” red-carpet report from a sophisticated but unjaded observer.

    The almost-book-cover (“book almost-cover”?) design: zowie. Can’t remember if I’ve told you how much I have loved the title from the get-go. But now along comes this cover — even if tentative — with my favorite touch: the little red horizontal line, two red eyes, and red fangs which (to me) suggested both Sendak (echoing the title) and Steig… How exciting!

    Your kicks made me very happy to read, emmaco! (Although you can pretty much use the phrase “caramelised onion” in any old context to make me forget the exact nature of said context.)

    Stacey: oh, a/c, how do we love thee…

    Hi, jamiepeeps!

    Lori, I’m glad Little Willow picked up on the hedgehog-sitting reference. I think I could hear the little mini-skyrocket that went off in her head when she read it. Have fun with the kids!

    Jess, like you and Jules, I am smitten by Laura Mvula. But I can never type her name without thinking of that “Seinfeld” episode in which Jerry can’t recall his girlfriend’s name, except that it’s like a body part, and finally comes out with “‘Mulva’?!?” So I just have to shut my eyes to enjoy her music without thinking about her. Very conflicting.

    LW: a tenacious robin!

    Kicks here…

    1. Plotlines clicking into place
    2. …leaving just-so characters undisturbed
    3. Moonrise Kingdom, finally! And oh jeez did I love that movie. (Edward Norton especially. Have always thought he’s one of our best actors, but it can be SO hard to remain a “fan” of somebody so apparently determined to specialize in dark characters. A wonder to behold him in MK.)
    4. At last finished Game of Thrones to date. Will stop there, spoiler-free, but note that it’s among my kicks for the episodes themselves, not for their being over. 🙂
    5. Local fireworks display this year canceled due to weather for first time in 25 years. The park where it’s held backs up to our neighborhood, so The Pooch’s prayers to the Gods of Dogdom must’ve at last been heard.
    6. Have been reading a *lot* of good stuff lately. I think I must’ve finally learned my own tastes. Really, not a stinker in, well, months. (Although I did postpone finishing one book that went on a tad — well, quite a bit — too long. It’s hard to laugh at the same jokes told and re-told over and over and over, no matter how inventively or artfully disguised, reworded, re-cast with new characters… Especially when you’ve been reading it for a couple weeks and suddenly realize the Kindle progress bar has just barely nicked the 50% mark.)
    7. Excitement about an upcoming bloggish project.

    Have a great week, all!

  10. Hello Imps!
    Happy July!
    What a nice surprise to see Tim’s fun artwork here today.
    I will try to kick later. Right now I have nieces and nephews to get to the beach before we all melt.
    Don’t forget the sunscreen!

  11. Yay Tim! He’s a great person and runs incredible family art programs at the Queens Museum. So happy to see his work.
    Lori, I’d love to babysit a hedgehog, my daughter adores them. Have fun!
    And Congratulations Jules! can’t wait to see your book!

    My kicks:
    1) Maurice Sendak’s letters to kids at the Society of Illustrators show. He wasn’t quite as curmudgeonly as he liked you to think…
    2) Beauty is Embarrassing, the Wayne White Story
    3) My Imaginary Well Dressed Toddler Daughter
    4) Tomi Ungerer and Terry Gross
    5) Spotting an egg underneath a Central Park Zoo penguin
    6) Accidentally dying my July Fourth deviled eggs blue, and everyone eating them anyway
    7) The Aperol Spritz

  12. Well, what an entertaining Sunday post with Tim Miller’s illustrations. That Rain with all its splashes feels very rainy and I love the suspicious looks the dry folk are giving the dapper duck. My fave though is Home. It makes me want to photoshop gazing-down faces of my family into that yellow frame and then hang it on my ceiling. ha! Thanks for sharing with us, Tim. (And Jules.)

    emmaco – Your posts are always so alive with books, animals, family and food. What a colorful life your baby will be entering. Yes, have fun nesting.

    Stacey – Sounds like you’ve been New Move nesting; the right oranges in just the right places.

    Jamiepeeps – I second your Yum.

    Lori – “The Hedgehog Sitter” sounds like a wonderful little picture book…

    Jessica – okay you’ve moved 20ftfromStardom up on my doc TO SEE list. And I’m so happy for you and your arriving blues (book and launch stuff.)

    LW – tenacious willow.

    leslie b – hey there.

    Margie – I have ALA envy.

    JES – Norton is so dang EARNEST in MK; even outdid his sweetfaced turn in Primal Fear. Amazing.
    Your Seinfeld “Mulva” association made me laugh.

    Moira – Hi! Got your postcard up on my bulletin board. Love that leafy splash of yellow.

    Melissa – OMG imaginary Quinoa is priceless! THX for NPR link. Blue eggs! A new 4th tradition.

    My kicks this week involve a visitor from Peru. A young cousin of mine, who works at an embassy in Lima, sent his girlfriend up to the United States to meet the family, be immersed in English and experience an American summer. So, on the 4th of July she arrived at my house on the California leg of her journey. And you all know the phenomenon: “Showing an out of town relative/friend around your own world that makes you SEE, recall and enjoy your what’s on your own doorstep that you’ve come to take for granted?” Yeah, that happened.

    My tour kicks:

    1. Hometown parade: crepe-papery floats, boyscouts, Masons, pretty girls in convertibles, marching bands, mariachis (and those great musical laughlike yells they do), baton twirlers, horses that poop dead center of the parade route, firemen/women & fire engines, kids and their adorned bikes or dogs all done up in red, white and blue so they can be in the parade. : – )

    2. The backyard barbecue. (Friendly potato-salad recipe scuffles: onions? pickles? bellpeppers?)

    3. Fireworks over the high school football field.

    4. Disneyland. (I haven’t been to The Happiest Place on Earth in SUMMER, let alone a holiday weekend, in, well, never. Or not since childhood. We natives always go in the winter, when it rains, so we can have all the rides, shows and restaurants to ourselves. No lines.) But, amazingly, this touristy visit was fine, fun and so sweetly familiar.) I even bought a Mickey Mouse balloon on my way out (our traditional treat when kids.) Way to go, Disneyland. You surprised me.

    5. Air conditioned, raked, reserved-seat, Dolby sound, etc. multiplex theaters. Popcorn.

    6. A walk along the beach. Long Vs of pelicans over the ocean at sunset.

    7. 31 flavors! (though I nearly always get pistachio.)

    Hope everyone’s 4th of July was equally festive. Have a good week kickers!

  13. LOVE your “tour kicks,” Denise! Perfect for this holiday weekend. #7 reminded me of how I always order General Tso’s Chicken (I know, I know, I know…) if it’s on the menu. Well, unless it’s on the menu at Baskin-Robbins, I guess.

  14. I especially like Tim’s Kat and Rat and also Friday Night.

    emmaco, A baby! I had missed this. All my best wishes on the expected arrival. New babies are just the best.

    My kicks:
    1. I got to hang out with Jules!
    2. ALA was a lot of fun.
    3. And then it was very good to come home.
    4. So much excellent food is in season here right now: strawberries, blueberries, cherries, sweet peas. Yum, yum, yum.
    5. It’s also wonderfully hot.
    6. Yesterday, I took my godsons to the beach, and that was good times.
    7. Last night, I finally got to see the new Star Trek movie. I had a couple problems with it, but overall, it was pretty good.

  15. Impers, thank you for making my day! I am so grateful to Jules for giving me this opportunity to share my work. It’s such a treat to hear your thoughts and feedback. I really appreciate it!

    Jules – Cover to your book is a home run and I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy!!!

    Emmaco – Did you say gruyere gratin? If so, are there any left-overs?

    Jamipeeps – Is that your real name?

    Lori – Is Hedgehog sitting even legal?

    Jessica – I wish I could procrastinate like you.

    Little Willow – You got it right, that’s a hoop earing-a-hoop. Congrats on the offer!

    Leslie – Thank you for appreciating to finer subtitles of facial expressions. Finally, I feel vindicated. My (very sweet and loving…) mom always used to say, why do you have to make them all look like that? Why can’t you just draw them to look nice and happy?

    Margie – Summer flowers blooming painting blissful vistas in my mind almost a lovely as the thought of hugging an air conditioner in the sweltering heat.

    Jes – Mister Burns is a kind of spiritual mentor of mine. Game of Thrones so so entrancing! Eagerly awaiting the last two books.

    Moira – How was the beach?

    Melissa – Hiya! Beauty is Embarrassing rocks almost as much as spotting baby penguin eggs! Can’t wait to give Ungerer interview a listen!

    Denise – Your kicks read like beat poetry. BTW… what’s your potato salad recipe?

    My kicks:

    1. An 8 am trip to Coney Island with my street artist friend Elbow Toe & his 17 month old twin boys Barnaby & Sebastian.
    2. Hiding from the rain while visiting the LIC Flea.
    3. Shaun of the Sheep.
    4. Fireworks from the Long Island Rail Road late at night on the 4th.
    5. Taking the East River Fairy with my lady, Roshani.
    6. My cat sitting on my keyboard as I type.
    7. Seven Impossible Things

  16. Emmaco, was it a Mem Fox book? Also, how many weeks?!!

    Stacey, so glad you’re settled. That’s gotta be a huge relief. Happy birthday to your oldest! TEN! Whoa.

    Glad you enjoyed it, Jamie.

    Lori, I am all for people NOT coming to kick because they’re enjoying summer with their families. Only you all would hedgehog-sit. I LOVE IT.

    Jessica, so looking forward to your book launch. And you had a good, rich week. Yay that!

    Little Willow: Was the robin near your home? And of course you’re making things happen. You do that well.

    Leslie, glad you enjoy the artwork, too, and wow, I hope you like Laura’s CD.

    Margie, so wonderful to meet you, and you were just as I imagined, too, even if I evidently walked right by you, as I kept going back and forth, back and forth, looking for your face! I’m so glad you called my name and that we exchanged cell phone numbers.

    John: Mini-skyrocket in Little Willow’s head! I love it. And I didn’t even make that Seinfeld connection. So funny. … Your last kick sounds exciting, and I’m jealous you’re on a great-book streak. I’m not even on a novel streak at all, since my summer’s been consumed with teaching this course. I enjoy it, but come August? Oh, I have a huuuuuge to-be-read stack of novels. I’m so ready to attack it. p.s. I love Edward Norton’s roles, too. American History X? DANG.

    Moira, happy beach! Envy.

    Melissa: I enjoyed that Ungerer interview. I had to look up the Aperol Spritz. Mmm. Looks interesting.

    Denise, I LOVE EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOUR KICKS and every detail in them. SWEET! That could be a book, you know.

    Adrienne, glad you had godson-time and that your life is filled with such good, fresh fruits.

    Tim, thanks for visiting! Aw shucks, thanks for the last kick, and boy do I wish I could visit your family art program at the museum.

  17. What a great collection of kicks this week!

    Jules, I just noticed I messed up the hyperlink to the author/illustrator last night! It’s Narelle Oliver! (I am not sure my colleagues could afford original Mem Fox…but am loving Oliver’s lino print!)

    Tim, sorry, all leftovers have been allocated – and there was less than expected because it was yum! However, at least you have a cute cat on your keyboard.

    Adrienne, thanks for the good wishes! I didn’t know you lived near the beach. I always picture you in a town with snow in winter and somehow in my head that has translated to NO BEACH.

    Margie, even though I can only imagine some of the flowers you list, they sound beautiful!

    Jessica, I hope the nutella crepes and coffee were as good as I am imagining them!

    Denise, if your Peruvian visitor got to experience just some of your kicks they will have had a brilliant time in California!

    JES, I loved Moonrise Kingdom, especially as it was a complete surprise to me – a friend had free tickets she couldn’t use at the last minute, so I went not knowing anything about it. A very pleasant surprise!

  18. What a lovely gift, Emmaco! And I visited her site. I wonder if her stuff has been printed in the U.S., too, but I just haven’t seen it?

  19. Super late this week this week, but what a wealth of kicks to read!

    Love the artwork, I am especially fond of Bob – I want to know the story there. And also monsters on ice, rain, and Friday Night. Time, your artwork makes me really want to know what happens next!

    Jules – so glad you had so much fun at ALA – cannot wait to check out the music links later.

    emmaco – how thoughtful of your co-workers. Glad you had a good visit with your dad, and kick 7 sounds delicious.

    Stacey – congrats on the move, happy bday to your oldest, and orange is such a warm happy color, I have a version of it (more of a fiery umber) in my bedroom to chase the rainy blue winters away.

    Lori – very jealous of the hedgehog sitting!

    Jessica – nutella crepes – omg yum.

    LW – sounds like another great week, especially with the kicks of family and making things happen.

    Margie – the summer flowers sound lovely, as do the breezes.

    JES – love your description of LW’s reaction to the hedgehog kick. Also happy the pooch was happy on the 4th – Cole is oblivious to the noise. I will now add Moonrise Kingdom to my queue.

    Melissa – love the blue devilled eggs, and that everyone ate them – but who doesn’t love devilled eggs? So cool you saw the penguin egg.

    Denise – Disneyland! And a hometown parade and bbq sound just perfect.

    Adrienne – so happy you got to have fun with Jules at ALA, and berries – yum.

    Tim – thanks for sharing your art – and your friend Elbow Toe not only has an intriguing name, his kids have cool names too…

    My quick kicks this week:
    1) Read The Ocean at The End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman and really loved it.
    2) Started a summer project to make summer cakes.
    3) First summer cake was an Icebox Cake for a much loved co-worker’s goodby party – Blackberry Raspberry Tayberry with chocolate infused cool whip layers and chocolate drizzles on top. I invented it, and it is now a keeper.
    4) French Vanilla sheet cake topped with blueberries & raspberries for a party on the 5th.
    5) Hanging out with a good friend this weekend who was visiting from Bend.
    6) Boot camp Sunday after missing it for 2 months because of work. Ouch, but yea too.
    7) The movie Conviction. Made even better by the fact that its a true story.

    Have a lovely week everyone!

  20. Here is my very late post!
    Great Kicks Jules and everyone!!! Lots going on. Summer Cakes sound SO yummy. ALA – incredible! Summer heat – sorry. We are not having it so far in LA.
    Jules – also loved the postcard for your new book cover. So looking forward to the book.

    My news – no adoption news yet for our tiny. In a holding pattern til December (yes, long!) while biomom gets some things sorted out!

    My Kicks:

    1-7 A touchingly kind card and art in the mail from the very lovely Elisa Klevin.

    8. Going to a Red Sox game at Angels Stadium in Anaheim. VERY fun even tho’ the Sox lost!

    Have a great week!

  21. PS:
    Most importantly – cool art from Tim.
    Especially love ‘When Monet is Away’, ‘Clouds in the Sky’ and the camping cartoon. Thanks for sharing his work, Jules.

  22. Rachel: oh, man, I don’t even know what “tayberry” is but I was already swooning by the time I got to that part of the description. Just don’t tell me it’s like one of those joke flavors. Something good, right? (RIGHT???) What would it take to pry the recipe out of you?


    AHA. What it takes is no prying at all, just a quick visit to your own site. Growl. I’m there.

  23. Allison, I had been wondering if I had missed adoption news about Tiny – I was going to say I hope the months fly past for you, but then you would miss out on enjoying too much babyhood!

    Rachel, I’ve heard so many good things about the new Gaiman! I am on the holds list at the library for it.

    Jules, I’m not sure if Narelle Oliver is published in the US for most of her books, but Twilight Hunt definitely was.

  24. Bravissimo Tim!
    And thank you for the generous mention.

    The cat and the dog and the log must become a book, right?

  25. Rachel, you invented a cake! Kudos. It sounds dreamy, too. Gaiman’s book is at the top of my reading list for when I’m done teaching this course. Also, he’ll be speaking in Nashville this week, and I can’t volunteer at the event (which I had a chance to do), ’cause I’m teaching that night. Ah well, maybe another time.

    Allison, fingers crossed for all good things in December!

    Emmaco, thanks. I’ll have to look for Twilight Hunt.

    I agree, Sergio.

  26. Thanks Jules and Emmaco! Will keep everyone posted.

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  28. […] Margarash (Enchanted Lion), released last November and illustrated by today’s return guest, Tim Miller? It was one of my favorite picture books of 2016, so gloriously bizarre and altogether unlike any […]

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